Re: Master Magic Volume 2 Chapter 46

KITAAA, BOSSU FIGHTO! Guys, this chapter is getting really heated up, get ready to rumble! Thank you Weslykan for the brilliant Chapter~ Please Enjoy the Chapter!



  1. Hmm…can we get some of the lesser LNs, liked Maou no Hajimekata or Himekishi? I feel like it is always Remaster all the time…

    • The reason for this is I have started translating this novel for Nefarian. Nefarian is kinda busy right now….and he’s trying to do the 4 other novels on the site. But RL is a killer.

      • Oh, i see. Yeah, i totally get the RL stuff. I hope all will go well for him. If he wants to, he should take his time, i can wait, even if it would take eternity for one chapter.

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