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Special Announcement: Hey Guys, This will be the second Chapter of the week or third if you count one on the Sunday. so thanks a lot Cheatnanodesu for translating, as always reading it for the first time instead of being the one to translate it yourself is really fun hahahah~ this time around Zeph acquires a very crazy item, I won’t go any further than that but I’m excited about the prospects of said item huehue ~ (Someone mentioned this was a creepy laughter but I kinda like it hue hue). Also I need to thank FeomatarSG for sponsoring Himekishi ga Classmate, I am really grateful for the support all this time thanks buddy, I will be working on it as soon as I finish one more Chapter in queue for The Man who Would be King, expect it to be released within 48 h. I just wanted to say it is not my intention to wait for a donation before translating, so as proof I will do another Himekishi Chapter  after the sponsored Himekishi Chap 😀 ~ hopefully the Himekishi fans reads this Announcement. Anyways enough rant, Please Enjoy the Chapter!

Translation Credits: Cheatnanodesu

Editor/TLC: Nefarian


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Thanks for doing this chapter?


Thank u always for ur great work…