Re: Master Magic Volume 3 Chapter 76

Translator: Yitoku (woopsies, I gave credit to the wrong translator, so sorry Yitoku! thank you for the hard work >.<) I placed it as Sorae

Editor: Stesira

TLC: Nefarian

Hey guys, a little bit of announcement, first I need to say Thank you to Remy.V for donating to Himekishi, as I said I would start during the weekend, but since it actually reached enough for a sponsored chapter I will do 2 Himekishi Chapters after another (During the weekend) so that I’m not ripping you guys off >.<~ But yeah, This Chapter is actually edited by a New comer Stesira and it actually helps quite a bit speeding up the TLC process! In any case, I hope you guys Enjoy this Chapter!



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