Re: Master Magic Volume 3 Chapter 82

Translator: Sorae

Hello peeps, I’m going to add a couple of images back in for those of you who have been asking hehe, Also, for those of you who have been banned, I’m using an automatic program called Blackhot for Bad bots, and it is used to keep bad bots from overloading the servers, If you were banned it may be because you had a bot that tried to automatically crawl and download stuff from the site, such as huge amounts of text. In any case, I will keep an eye on this and I may just reset the bans or I may unban specific people one by one we will see for the time being though. Please Enjoy the Chapter!




  1. Thank u always for ur great work…

    Btw, it’s not me, right?

  2. I keep getting a “You have been banned from this site” message when I try to read this chapter, and I’m not quite sure why.

  3. im banner why ? i dont do anythink please help T.T

  4. thank you very much mr translator

  5. Odd. I’ve tried to access the chapter from both my home laptop and – while I happened to be visiting anyway – the computer at a relative’s house. In both cases I can access the website (such as this page), but any attempt to view the chapter itself results in the message “You have been banned from this site.” This is even odder since I know my relative has no interest in Japanese web / light novels and so has almost certainly never visited this site before.

  6. Yeah i’m banned but I have no idea what I have that would do this. I am not a “crawler” or whatever its called.

  7. For some reason it says I am banned. I have not run any bots or the like. Just been reading it on my tablet…

  8. i’ve been banned no idea why tho

  9. Can you unban me i have to read this novel pls mercy for my craving mind pls-‘-

  10. WOW wtf how the hell I am ban I don’t even know how to use bots….. Now I can’t even read chapter 82… when I always go to this site to read….

  11. Man, Im banned T-T
    Can you unban me?

  12. I was banned and i don’t know why. was it because adblock?

  13. So saaaaddddd !!
    I am ban from this blog..

  14. So, I was MIA for awhile and then wanted to binge read from here, so I opened multiple tabs for this site, is that considered bot stuff? I am not good with computers so I don’t know. Also this site is displaying strangely for me, like what used to be a slideshow of your translated novel are plastered across the screen making it hard to see the newest updates. I’m just confused.

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