Re: Master Magic Volume 3 Chapter 83

Translator: Kristina

TLC/ Editor: Nefarian

Ok Guys, I heard your comments, it seems my banning program is pretty haywire, in any case I have removed the program so most likely everyone has been un-banned. Sorry for the inconvenience, and hopefully this fixes things up, also thank you for those who did not comment rudely it made me want to resolve the issue ASAP.

This Chapter of Re: Master of Magic is awesome omg! Our new translator Kristina has done really well, and I’m very excited about the showdown that’s about to happen!! Also update on status of images. Volume 1 of Himekishi is now complete with images, once again if you need to see the rest of the images, you can always visit my pinterest account for now, they are all there in gallery format.

Please Enjoy the Chapter!


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  1. Thank u always for ur great work…

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