Chapter 101:  Return it Tenfold


Translator: Nefarian

After that we looked around the other shops for a while and we purchased an armor to replace Claude’s broken gear. Similar to the last time she went shopping, she bought a plate armor that covered her entire chest.

The Knight Card I previously bought and kept in reserve was assigned to her new armor and Lydia was the one who helped attached the card to the armor.

Claude’s breasts were being pushed down by the armor and when I was looking at how the shape was being tightly compressed in that tight space, Milly stood behind me and pinched my back.

Ouch, ouch that hurts…

「But you know~ Clau-chan if you’re wearing that kind of boorish armor again, won’t you be mistaken for a boy again?」

「Umm…… But if I wore equipment that made it harder for me to fight in, I would slow everyone down and I don’t want that…… Even at the best of times, I’m already the weakest out of us so…」

Ahaha, Claude laughs to herself and Milly flares up with emotion.

「That’s totally not true! Claude! Everyone here always relies on you!」

「Milly-san….. Thank you very much.」

「That’s true, besides, Don’t you guys think that Milly’s actually weaker than Claude?」


Milly’s eyebrows frowned and she was glaring at me. When I tried to avoid meeting her eyes, I could see that Shirushu was looking at our group with a gentle gaze.

「Everyone gets along so well with each other, don’t they?」

「Well, I would say it’s not too bad.」


Muu, she laughs as if she’s seen through us…. By the time we exited the shopping district and headed towards our inn, the sun had already begun to set.

After escorting Shirushu back to her own church, we headed off to the inn.

It wasn’t possible for us to go hunting today either, so right before dinner, I found a vacant area behind the inn and had we had a sparring session with Lydia.

With Lydia as our instructor: Me, Claude and Milly took turns to participate.

First we started by throwing light punches towards her, and finally she would always end by avoiding the blow and approaching us from behind to hug us tightly, then she would move to the next person.

Why did she need to do such a thing? Only Lydia knew the answer to that question.

For Lydia, it didn’t really matter who her opponent was, she easily bested us and it didn’t seem like it was hard for her to do so.

Repeating this many times, we started to become really sweaty, but Lydia didn’t even seem tired.

Hmm, even though I wasn’t using any reinforcement magic, for there to be this much difference between us……

「Alright, then Zeph-chi will be partnered up with Clau-chan, I will be Milly-chan’s partner, okay?」

「Eh~?! But why am I paired with Lydia~?」

「Mnn~ Well that’s because I thought that Milly might find it hard if she was paired with the other two and besides I can go easy on you…. and also do plenty of other things♪」

「Hiii……」 [1. Nef: Hiii is just  an expression of fear like eeeeek.]

Lydia was grinning as she smiled and in response Milly trembled upon hearing her words.

Unlike before she completely changed her stance and was taking a really serious posture. Don’t tell me, Lydia was aiming for this moment….? That can’t be true can it?

While I was watching Lydia who had the really eerie smile on her face, Claude approaches me from behind and tugs at my sleeves.

「Shall we also get started?」

「I guess so, but just wait a moment.」


Claude was waiting for me whilst a little confused, I picked up two wooden sticks from the ground and I threw one over to Claude.

「The truth is that I kind of want to learn how to wield a sword. Would you mind teaching me?」

「Ohh! Yes! Of course I don’t mind it!」


Normally she doesn’t have a chance to teach anyone else, so it seems like she became really excited.

Claude proudly beats the armor that we just bought for her.

She comes running towards me and stands next to my side, she then holds up her wooden stick to her own eye level.

Claude’s posture seemed to be very poised like an expert and it seemed like she’s trained for a long time so I couldn’t spot any weaknesses in her stance.


The sword was swung down at the same time she released her breath.

A sharp slashing sound of the wooden sword cutting the wind resounded and it was enough to make my hair shake.

I looked at her repeating this several more times, but then it seemed that she got a little tired as she took a deep breath and wiped the sweat from her forehead.

「ーFuuu、Alright then Zeph-kun, please try to do it as well.」

「I understand.」

Although I tried to mimic Claude’s movements repeating the slash several times, even I could tell that my movements were sloppy. The sound of the wind being cut is completely different from when she does it.

As expected, this is quite difficult.

「Well…… It’s a little off….」

「I’ve never trained with a sword before so…」

Holding her hand against her own chin, Claude scrutinized my form by watching from several different angles.

…….Somehow this feels embarrassing.

「From what I can see, your grip is loose. If you hold it like that it will slip out too easily. I think that’s why the strength of the swing feels awkward.」

「Should I hold it like this?」

「No…. Separate the hands from each other a little more…. No not like that….」

She was trying to explain it in her own words, but seeing as she wasn’t getting her message across, she became impatient and so she stood behind me and grabbed the wooden stick from behind me, placing her hands on top of mine.

Her thins fingers were wrapped around mine, and she was guiding me slowly.

「…… Like this.」

Claude lets her face lean on my shoulders and I could feel her breath against my ear. Milly who was distracted by us, showed an opening to Lydia and she was immediately embraced by Lydia from behind.

「Milly-chan, even if you’re jealous you shouldn’t lose focus you know~?」

「Wha……. I-I’m not really jealous….. Eh, please don’t nibble on my ears!」

「Mnn… Puha…… Then can you do this seriously?」

「I will! I will, so please stop blowing into my ears!」

Passing our time in this manner, both Claude and I, and Milly and Lydia continued with training until it got dark.

The way that Claude taught me was both thorough and logical, it was extremely easy to understand.

When I asked her about it, she told me that she used to train in the sword since she was a child.

I guess it’s something you would expect, considering she was brought up in a Knight’s family.

Eating dinner at the inn, and at the moment I got out of the bath and entered my room, a soft feeling wraps around both my arms.

When I look to the left and the right, both Claude and Lydia were clinging to my arms.

Both of them carried me to the bed and pushed me head first, down on to the bed.

When I looked up, both Claude and Lydia were smiling.

「……What on earth is going on?」

「Well~ Normally Zeph-chi is the one doing whatever he wants to us, therefore, sometimes us girls also want to be in control~」

「Milly-san seems to want to return the favor for yesterday.」

「What do you mean by return the favor, uwah!?」

I couldn’t finish my sentence as I got the feeling of something landing on top of my back. The one squirming around on my back is…. probably Milly?

「Milly……. What are you trying to do?」

「Nihihi♪ Even if I look like this, I’m actually really good at giving massages.」


Saying that Milly takes off my garments, and she started to touch me across my back with her small hands.

Her cool hands were pushing against my back and it felt like she was caressing me, so I let out this strange voice.

T-That really tickles! Oi?!

Perhaps she found my reaction interesting for having being tickled? But her body that was on my back was swaying enthusiastically.

Milly’s butt was moving across my back and it became even more ticklish.

Darn itt, I’ll make sure to repay you tenfold for this laterr…..

Feeling Milly getting off my back, I got up slowly and pushed Milly down on to the bed from behind her.

「Okay, that’s enough for today~ Eh!?」

「…..Wait a second Milly. Now it’s my turn isn’t it?」

「Noo…. I don’t really need….」

She was twisting her body and trying to run away from me, but I wasn’t going to let her get away. leaning on her back slightly I held her firmly in place with my feet.

Milly’s face seemed to be afraid as my hands got closer to her back, and then I opened up her Magical Power Line.

「I’m telling you I’m fine, Eh, bahahahaahaha Ahhyiii~!?」

「Kuku, you don’t need to hold yourself back. Hey come on, stop trying to escape, Milly.」

I opened her Magical Power line and tickled her, so Milly soon becomes unable to breathe and she goes into convulsions and faints.

Confirming that she was passed out, I turned my gaze towards both Claude and Lydia.

「……Now then, who wants to go next for today?」

「N-No~ I’ve got something to do….. Clau-chan you can go first?」

「Lydia-san was the one who said we should go with this plan, wasn’t she! Please take responsibility~」

「I don’t really mind doing both of you at the same time you know?」

Saying that I pushed both the girls down on to the bed, and chanted out Time Square.

In the time suspension, I cast Green Wall twice and after releasing the time stop I was smiling.

「Green Wall Double.」

The bed that the two girls got on were being wrapped around by a large amount of vines, entangling both of their bodies to the bed.

「Wait…… I-It’s cheating if you use magicc…..!?」

「Mnn~! Uhnn~!?」

The two of them desperately tried to break free but the more they struggled, the tighter the ivy vines would wrap around their bodies. Soon enough the two girls were unable to even more a muscle.

They tried to speak but soon the vines enter their mouths and even started to twine around their tongues, it seems they could no longer speak…

Their soft bodies wearing night gowns were being wrapped by the magical vines very tightly.

「~Uu! Mmph~!」

When a wall type magic is casted twice simultaneously, it increases the durability of the magic but reduces the effective time and range of the spell. It was normally a spell that already consumed a large amount of magical energy so the spell had limited usage.

However, the effect rises to quite a big extent and normally this spell was only enough to slightly hinder a monsters movements, but right now this Green Wall Double was completely restricting the movement of the girls.

「The effective time of this spell will be quite short, so although it’s bad of me to do this, allow me to get a little rough.」


The voice of two people crying, resounds within the inn. I started to release all of their Magical Power Lines to open it up to the fullest.

Normally I would slowly open their Magical lines and go easy on them, but today I went full power.

The Green Wall spell exceeded its time limit very quickly, but by that time, the two girls were already so exhausted they couldn’t let out their voices, the best they could do was breathe out wildly.

「I…I can’t take anymore….」

「P-Please forgive me….Zeph-chi…」

The two girls were petitioning me with watery eyes, and instead of replying, I gave them a grin.

Perhaps they understood my intentions, but the two girls let out a small scream and they both looked like small cute animals who were frightened.

In the end, I continued to fiddle and strengthen their Magical Power Line until they fainted. When it all finished, they were pretty much almost completely naked as the three lay face down on the bed sleeping as if they were dead.

………Maybe I went a little too far?


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