Chapter 102: Goliath Forest


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Midnight, while I’m awake the other 3 are still sleeping. Milly is snoring, sleeping peacefully, Claude and Lydia is sleeping like they’re dead. I put my ear close to their face to make sure they are still breathing.

……Just as I thought, I was too excessive yesterday.

Tampering with their Magical Power Line strongly is sure to take a burden on their bodies. Although this would mean that their magical level is strongly reinforced, if I did it carelessly, they might not able to walk for three days. Well, at this rate they won’t be able to get up for a day it seems. I left the Inn while reflecting on my actions.

Planning to go outside of town, I head towards the gate. Despite being in the middle of the night both of the gate keeper is standing still, keeping their guard up while having a conversation. I cast Black Coat so they can’t notice me, and get out from town.

「If I’m not mistaken, there’s several dungeons near Port Town of Izu」

Was it to the east?

Despite not knowing the exact location, I teleported away to search. I keep using teleport for about 30 minutes, after which I finally arrive at this dense forest, called Goliath Forest. Goliath Forest is a forest where various medical herbs can be retrieved and I can make quite the sum of money if these herbs are sold in the store. Thinking about Ain’s food expenses, I need to earn money as much as possible.

Inside the big forest, there are several roads which adventurers usually pass through, I choose one among those and go deeper into the forest.

The sky is dark. This forest is too thick so light can’t get through, therefore, it’s completely dark in the night. I chant Red Ball and make it float in the air to light my surroundings. I’m completely visible to monsters, but I don’t mind. After all, I’ve come here to hunt.

For the time being I’ll go deeper, and head to where medicinal herbs grow en masse. When my destination is just a step away, I feel the presence of monster.

I cast Red Wave. A Heat wave is spreading around me, with me at the center, burning the invisible monster nearby. I rush out to approach the monster, it’s a monkey with dark green fur, called Treant Ape. After confirming the appearance, I cast Scout Scope.

Treant Ape

Level 48

Magical Power Level: 7132/7200

Knowing that I’m approaching it, the Treant Ape immediately runs to hide in the forest. But it’s futile, I can see it clearly from my position.

The Scout Scope’s confirmation letters is moving around me. Once Scout Scope is cast, confirmation characters will remain displayed for 30 seconds. Even if it’s hiding behind an object, the letters will follow it. This tactic, is highly effective against a monster that is hiding itself.

Nevertheless, even if I can see confirmation characters, there’s still an issue.

Treant Ape’s magical power level is 7,200, if I don’t use a combination of magic, it will be hard to defeat it with one shot. But gravity sphere and pyro sphere’s area of effect is too small and it’s hard to aim.

Still inside of the trees, I take aim at the letters in front of my eyes and cast time square. While time is stopped I cast Red Sphere and Blue Sphere; aiming at quite the distance away, I released the spell.

「Burst Sphere」

Instantly, I see small amount of light within the darkness, followed by a thunderous roar that shakes the forest. Then many trees are blown off due to big explosion.

I protect my eyes from flying branches and clouds of dust with my both arms. When red and blue magic is combined, it will cause a big explosion. The area effect of the spell is too wide, so if I cast it too closely to my own body, I’ll damage myself, another thing is that the power of this spell is inferior to the other spells.

Before my eyes, fallen trees are scattering around. The letters disappears…… umu, looks like its dead already.

「It might drop something but, it’s too troubling to look for it」

Therefore, I didn’t feel like picking up the loot and continue walking. At any rate, I advance while relying on Red Ball and being cautious of my surroundings.

After advancing for a short time while defeating monster, I’ve come to where medical herb grows en masse. A large amount of medicinal herb is growing in the vicinity. It seems I’ve come here before other adventurers.

I was lucky.

The herb that grows here are growing because of the dungeon magical power, it will completely grow back after being plucked several days later. This is probably the same reason why inside a dungeon, trees and buildings that are destroyed will revert back to its original state in few days.

The main raw ingredients required to create recovery medicine are the medicinal white plants, so I stuff those in my bag. For the time being, I cram as much of the ones that’s growing around here and then I returned on the same path I came from.

If I sell this in a stall, it’s probably going to be about 10,000 rupi.

When I approach the exit, the sun began to rise, and the night become dawn.

「I suppose it’s time to return」

I cast teleport as I return and it’s already morning when I arrive in front of the Inn.

「It’s bad! It’s about Claude and Lydia! 」

When I arrive back to our room, Milly’s expression is pale, then she drew closer to me. Usually the two always wakes up before Milly but they haven’t gotten up yet, I began to worry.

「What should we do…… Even if I call their names, they won’t get up…… perhaps they’ve caught a severe illness?」

「ah…that…… They will probably be fine」

After Milly fainted yesterday, she continued to be in a deep sleep so Milly did not know of the circumstances that occurred afterwards.

But, if they are still not getting up then…….


Behind the teary-eyed Milly, we hear a small moan. Milly quickly turns over, heading to where the voice is and rushes over to Lydia then shakes her shoulder.

「Are you alright!? Lydia! 」

「Ah… … Umm… … Milly-chan… …?」

Lydia is looking somewhere vaguely, the moment she looks at me, her face become bright red.

「Ze,…….Ze, Ze, Ze, Zeph-chi!?」

She panicked and she backed away as if trying to run away from me, then she falls down from the bed.

Normally, even in that position, she’ll land safely just like a nimble cat, but just as I thought she can’t even stand up properly after ‘that thing’ yesterday. I walk to Lydia, and reach out my hand.

「Are you alright Lydia ?」

「Ah, ahaha……」

While giving us dry laughter, Lydia takes my hand. Feeling a little hesitation from her, I think it’s ‘that thing’ yesterday side effect.

「Well~ I’m also at fault…… But, Zeph-chi was just too intense.」

Lydia cheeks are blushing while she says that. Moreover, she can’t stand properly yet, so I help her by holding her back she walks unsteadily and then she sits on bed.

It’s an appearance that I don’t normally see. Lydia looking like this is really quite rare.

Alternating looks between me and Lydia’s red face, Milly glares at me.

「……Zeph, what did you do to her yesterday?」

「You’ll have to guess.」

「Ahaha, I’ll go take care of Clau-chan, so the both of you should go out for today. I too won’t be able to move for the time being」

Being sent off by the weakened Lydia, I went outside of the Inn with Milly.

「So, what should we do now, Milly ?」

「Eh ? Umm…… how about, breakfast? 」

「Yeah that’s right. It will be hard for both of them to walk today, besides I need to buy something too」

「……Seriously though, what did you do? 」

Trying to avoid answering Milly who’s glaring at me, I gently stroke her head and even though her cheeks were puffing up, she became docile.

By the time we arrived to the downtown and finished eating, Milly’s mood is slightly better, we also bought Claude and Lydia breakfast then leave.

So she won’t get lost again, we held hands, then suddenly Milly stops walking, it seems that she found something.

I look at where Milly is facing, suddenly we see the figure of Shirushu running with her long skirt fluttering. She doesn’t have her usual relaxed face, she seems really frantic.

Milly who senses that, pulls my hand and runs in Shirushu’s direction.

「Something must be wrong! Let’s go! Zeph! 」

「Ha!? Wait! Milly」

Oi oi, what are we going to do with their breakfast.

……Well Lydia more or less cannot walk, and it’s not like I can just ignore Shirushu who seems to be in distress. It’s obvious that something is wrong, I suppose I might be able to help her.

We chase after Shirushu while Milly keeps pulling my hand, towards the wealthy people district. Because she usually chases the children, Shirushu ran with considerable speed, while she reached a stop at one of the houses, we were still running.

“Davil Kilhail” is written in the mansion nameplate, it’s the town mayor’s name, the one we met yesterday.

Milly is panting *haa haa* while still holding my hand and then she calls out to Shirushu.

「Hey, Shirushu」

「Zeph-san! Milly-san too!」

「Ha-…… fu-……」

Milly is trying her best to catch her breath, then continues talking.

「What’s wrong ?」

「Ye, yes…… Davil-san’s child, is complaining about her stomach ache…… so since I can use restoration magic I was called in. What about Zeph-san? 」

「Milly saw you and was really worried so we chased after you. That’s why she’s in this ragged state. We’ve come to help」

I shrugged my shoulders said teasingly, but Shirushu doesn’t have any time to laugh. Immediately after ringing the mansion bell, the attendant appears.

「Welcome, Please come inside Shirushu-dono…… These people are? 」

Shirushu bows to a man wearing black clothes, then he looks at us.

「We’re Shirushu’s acquaintance」

「Is that so. Well then, would you two like to wait inside? 」

How should I put this, I don’t mind it even if we just returned home to Lydia and Claude.


I tried to refuse but the man brought Shirushu and Milly inside. Well, I guess it’s okay, let’s just wait and see.

Shirushu is guided to a room and we are drinking served tea in the parlor.

Mu, this tea looks expensive.

There’s two butlers standing in the parlor, they sometimes come and offer tea to us.

A short time after Milly and both of them chat around, the door is open and Shirushu comes out. [1. AquaTide: Milly butler harem xD]

Her face looks terrible.

She walks to us with unsteady footing and lets out a big sigh.

I call out to Shirushu who seems low-spirited in a whisper.

(……How was it ?)

(……I, it’s probably impossible for me. That is probably the Belzel disease……)

Shirushu’s face become pale at finding out that it was the Belzel disease, but I feel like I’ve heard of that name before.

For a long period of time, it was the disease that afflicted people on the North Continent. It causes intense abdominal pain and high fever that will lead to the patient’s death in about one week.

Because infection rate is low, it’s not really well known, hence treatment isn’t discovered before a long period of time passes.

――――However in the future, treatment for Belzel disease is found, and I know how to treat it.

(Can you please tell me more details about the child?)


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