Chapter 103: Belzel Disease


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We’re lead to leave the big parlor room, then Shirushu stops in front of a gorgeous door.

「It’s here」

Inside of the room, stuffed animals and dolls are scattered around the room. There’s a child sleeping in the center of the bed. The child seems to have lost consciousness due to her high fever. Beside her is Davil who is accompanying her whilst holding her hand. He seems to be quite a doting parent.


Shirushu greets him. Davil looks at us with a grim face.

Although he can leave it to his butler, he chooses to take care of his daughter with dedication. He looks really tired…….

「Shirushu-dono……? Do you need something?」

「This person is…… Zeph-san, he might know something about the disease and he might be able to understand something after he examines her」

Introduced by Shirushu, I take a step forward, then Davil jumps to me and grabs my shoulder.

「Ohhh! Is that true!? 」

「……It hurts.」

「Ah……I’m sorry.」

「I understand that you’re worried.」

Davil separates his hand from my shoulder and then I walk to his child. I sit down sideways from the bed and place my hands on her forehead. Then I touch her neck, chest, and stomach one by one in that order. Looking at the situation from behind, Shirushu looks worried.

(Her internal organs are swelling and there’s strange noise…… as expected it is indeed Belzel disease)

Fortunately, it’s still in the initial stages, she’ll get better quickly after drinking medicine. Standing up, I report what I’ve found to Davil.

「I know the treatment to this disease. She’ll recover after taking some medicine.」

「Really?!…… Then the medicine is ?」

「It should be fine, it can be made by boiling Mil herb and drinking it. I think it’s growing inside Goliath’s Forest. I’ll pick it up tomorrow.」

「Ohhh…… !」

Telling him how treatment is possible, Davil grabs my hand and his eyes start to moisten up. He grabs my hand tightly with great strength.

I’m telling you, it hurts!

「Thank you very much…… Thanks you very much……!」

I want to complain about his iron grip but seeing Davil thank me while crying, I was taken aback.

「Calm down, you can thank me later after she’s completely cured…… Also I’m just saying this but I’ll be expecting a reward for this.」

「Yes! Of course……!」

「The old man will give us money ? Can I eat a lot ?」

Ain suddenly appears, her eyes are sparkling and then she comes closer to my face.

Oi, read the atmosphere.

「……Just get back for the moment! I’ll let you eat later! 」


Ain cheerfully appears and gleefully disappears. I got a feeling that she’s growing up in strange direction. Restricting her diet might be a mistake.

「Umm…… The one from before is……? 」

「……Don’t mind her」


Because of Ain, the serious atmosphere is gone. Well, recently I’m running out of money, it’s a nice time to earn some extra cash. I was sent off by Davil who thanked me many times, and left the mansion behind.

The townscape is dyed in orange; Milly began to talk to me.

「Nevertheless you know a lot about the Beruz…… disease? I never heard anything about it」

「It’s Belzel disease. ……Well it’s because East Continent didn’t have much illness」

「Hmm…… Rather how did you know about that?」

「It’s something I learned about in the past.」

「I think that explanation is unreasonable……」

In response to my excuse, Milly made a scornful look with her eyes.

「How come the East Continent doesn’t have much illness ?」

「Beast people is the source of infection for Belzel disease. Incubation rate is not that high though and the person who’s infected usually immediately dies before the ship crosses to the other continent. That’s why since there isn’t many beast people in the East Continent the disease has remained undetected」

「Like I asked before, how come you know all of this……?」

Damn, I talk too much. Shirushu is walking side-by-side with us and hears our conversation, her face turns pale. I really made a slip of the tongue.

「Is that…… So……?」

「……Well, something like that」

Shirushu asks while scratching her head. Yeah, Since Shirushu takes care of the young beast people I’m sure she won’t talk about the disease in front of them. Furthermore, Shirushu has a strong sense of responsibility towards the beast children, that’s why it seems that she received a big shock hearing all of that.

「……Well, don’t worry about it. I know the treatment; I’ll quickly heal them」


Shirushu looks worried.

She’s uneasy.

Don’t tell me she thought about looking for the Mil herb by herself.

「I’ll say it in advance, don’t do something dangerous」


She seems to be brooding about it.

It seems that she may really go overboard……. It can’t be helped. I slap Shirushu’s butt who’s looking downward and make *bashin* sound.


Shirushu lets out a cute voice while jumping, then turns toward me.

「……Wha, what are you doing?! Zeph-san! 」

「It’s because you don’t properly respond. Don’t do anything reckless! 」

When I glared at Shirushu, she seems to falter and nods a little.

「……I understand……」

Shirushu answers with low voice while sending us off. After that we head back to the Inn. Along the way, Milly pinches my cheek and looks at me with a disapproving gaze.

「Zeph, let’s stop with the sexual harassment okay?」

「……It can’t be helped, I think that it was necessary.」

――――Back to the Inn, Claude and Lydia is still lying in bed.

It seems this morning Lydia is putting a brave face and force herself to move, afterwards she immediately crawls into her bed.

When I come inside the room, both of them turn their face toward us.

「Ah……Good morning Zeph-kun, Milly-san……」

「I’m very hungry you know~ please buy something for us~」

Their face looks miserable. Particularly Claude, who’s still gasping for breath. I wonder if she’s alright.

「Just in case we bought you something……. It’s already cold though」

I took out a long bread from the bag, then I divide it by half and give it to both of them. Then they eat it quickly, and although they just eat, their face looks like they still want more.


「……I know, I’ll quickly buy another one」

「Yayy~I! I love you Zeph-chi~」

Lydia spread her hands and beckons me to come closer, when I did she hugged me really tightly. Although she can’t really move, she still wants me to come to her. Then from behind me Claude pulls the hem of my clothes.

After I’m released from Lydia, I decided to go to downtown along with Milly to buy meals again. Lydia is trying to come along with us, but when I see her trying to get up from bed unsteadily, I decide that it’s impossible and stop her. Claude could not even get up from her bed, she has been shivering for a while, after which she collapsed on bed.

「……I leave the rest to you……」

「……Well……Don’t push yourself Claude」

Looking at them who can’t move, I headed together with Milly toward the downtown area in the evening.

――――And then the next day, the thing I worried about really occurred.

「It’s bad! Onii-chan!」

Morning, on the way back to the inn after my hunting session, a young beast person stopped me. He’s the boy from Shirushu church, Rui. His expression is frantic and he grabs me with both of his hands.

「Shiru-ane is gone! Yesterday evening…… I see her going somewhere…… I thought that she’s going to toilet but…… she’s nowhere to be seen! 」

「…… Calm down, for the time being let’s talk inside the Inn」

I invite Rui who’s flustered inside my room, I served him a lot of water but he drinks it in one gulp. After the boy calms down a little, Claude asked.

「Is Shirushu-san missing…….?」

「Yes…… In the evening I see her going somewhere, then in the morning her smell is completely gone…… nowhere in this town」

Rui clasps his hands together into a fist and looks pained as he trembles. Just as I thought, it’s become like this. Taking preventive measures is definitely better than being unprepared.

「I have an idea where she might be.」


Looking from yesterday situation, it seems like she’s looking for the Mil herb by herself.

「For the time being let’s ask her」

「Ask her?」

「Yeah we can ask her directly.」

When everyone looks at me curiously, I show them a crystal ring. What I had is the thing that I wanted to give to Silverie. Yesterday, when I noticed that Shirushu was brooding, just as a precaution, I put a fragment of this crystal in her pocket. I never thought that it will become useful so soon. I put my hand near my ear, then I picture Shirushu’s face in my head, then I talk in my head.

(Shirushu? Can you hear me, Shirushu)


(Oi! Shirushu!? Oi!)


An unpleasant idea crosses my mind. Don’t tell me……


(Hiyaiiii !?)

Together with *kii~~n* noise, I hear Shirushu scream. Apparently her thought seems cloudy.

……I wonder if she’s sleeping.

(Ze…… Zeph-san!? Eh ? But you’re not here……)

(Right now, there’s a crystal inside your pocket. I’m talking to you with telepathy using that)

(Uh uh…… That……)

It seems like she just got up and she’s still confused. I’ll ask a simple question.

(Calm down…….Where are you now?)

(………In Goliath’s Forest)

After being silent for a while, Shirushu answers me quietly. I didn’t expect it but it seems that she was asleep inside a dungeon where monsters spawn. Certainly, there’s some location where monster didn’t spawn inside dungeon. But doing so is still an absurd thing.

(Shirushu, listen well. You are probably in a place where monsters don’t spawn inside dungeon. I’ll save you right now. Absolutely do not move away from that place)

(No but…… I can’t trouble you any longer……)

(Don’t worry about it, after all I’m planning to go there to pick Mil herb. it’s like killing two birds with one stone)

(But! It will be troubling to look for me and also there’s monsters here……)

(I’m used to defeating monsters and looking for missing person. So it’s fine for Shirushu to wait there)

(But, but I will be troubling you……)

Letting out a sigh *fuu*, I take a deep breath.


「That’s enough! Stupid!」

Suddenly raising my voice, everyone in my surrounding jumps back, surprised.

――――Everyone, including Shirushu became silent, then I speak slowly to Shirushu.

「……Humans, as long as they live, they will cause trouble to other people once or twice, it’s something that can’t be helped. The important thing is not to worry about being a nuisance to others but rather how much we can help each other, right?」


「I’ll give you a signal when I enter the forest…… Until that time, wait there. Understand?」

(……Yes…… I understand……)

This time Shirushu answers gently and cut the telepathy, for now we can take a breather. Truly, what a stubborn person she is. Beside me who’s speaking with rough voice, Rui draw closer.

「Oh man~ Onii-chan, to be able to persuade Shiru-ane that fast……」

「Certainly, Shirushu is really stubborn」

「Hmm……. Yea, yeah! That’s how she is! She’s so troublesome isn’t she?」

「……? Yeah」

「I entrust Shiru-ane to you! Onii-chan!」

「Leave it to me」

For some reason Rui seems to be really happy as he gave me a side long glance, in any case I made preparations to leave. Milly also panics and begins to prepare.

「I, I too will go!」

「It’s been a while since the fight with the monster on the ship, be careful」

「I too will go…… awawa!?」

Claude is trying to stand up, but she falls down while grabbing my back as her balance is crumbling, then both of us fall down. I hit my face hard against the floor. It’s painful…… but, because something really soft is brushing against my back, my anger is shaved off.

「I, I’m so sorry Zeph-kun……」

「Don’t force yourself. It’s because we overdid it, you won’t be able to stand up for at least another two, or three days.」

「Mn, That’s how it is Clau-chan. We should obediently lie down for today」

After saying that, Lydia helps Claude up as she was on top of my back. As expected of Lydia, compared to yesterday, where she wasn’t even capable of moving she can already get up to this extent. Having said that she’s still not back to her usual self.

「Well then, today I’ll be together with Milly」


Milly answers cheerfully and we head out towards Goliath Forest in order to rescue Shirushu.


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