Chapter 104: Giant ape, First Part


Translator: Nefarian

Milly and I were standing in front of the entrance to a dense forest as we looked up at the trees.

This was the Goliath forest which was both large and deep.

This looks like it will be a hard task and Milly seemed to think so as well.

Putting her hand on her waist she was saying “hmm” and seemed to be thinking deeply.

……So, how do we find it?

But then she delegates the task to me completely.

Tsk, this girl……

Well naturally I have already prepared for it.

Just watch and learn. I have an idea. …….For the time being cover your ears.


While looking at me curiously Milly listens to me as she covers her ears.

And then I proceeded to use my telepathy to get in contact with Shirushu.

(Shirushu, can you hear me?)

(Y-Yes. I can hear you!)

(I will send you a signal now. Please look up at the sky)

(The sky? Okay….)

Hearing Shirushu’s befuddled response, I raise my hands towards the sky.

Aiming into the far distance at the maximum range of the spell I chanted out Burst Sphere.


―――― The atmosphere shakes along with a thunderous sound and the trees rustle.

Milly was crouching down as she strongly holds her ears.

(………Did you see that?)

(~~ Umm….. Yes. In the south-west direction there was some kind of terrible explosion. ……it seems to be quite a far distance from me though)

This means that I will arrive to where Shirushu is located if I walk northeast.

Let’s go Milly, the monsters here hides themselves and attacks while concealed. If you ever find any of them make sure to immediately cast scout scope on them.

Understood! …….By the way, what are you planning on doing?

I was thinking of making a path.

Holding my hands in front of me, I cast Green Sphere.

The green magic ball that appears creates a path by shoving the trees out of the way and cuts a road open for us to travel.

It’s an emergency situation right now, besides its much faster to just go straight to our destination.

Milly was looking at me with an amazed expression.

You’re really going all out aren’t you…..

It’s a state of emergency. I will create a path for us, Milly please repel the monsters that come.


While we avoid the trees blown by the spell, I advanced forwards as I meditated.

Walking straight ahead.

Sometimes Treant Apes would appear but they would be defeated by Milly’s Blue Gale.

In a single blow.

Even though it’s a great spell, Blue Gale’s power is supposed to be low, however her spell has the same amount of power as when I combine my spells together.

Milly’s rapid growth rate is truly terrifying.

(Shirushu, we are heading towards your location, can you see us approaching?)

(Yes. Sometimes I can see a tornado rising up. Is that you?)

(That’s right, is it fine if I just keep advancing forwards in this direction?)

(I think so…… Umm, I’m really sorry about causing so many inconveniences)

(I told you not to worry about it, didn’t I?)


It seems that the Blue Gale was pretty good as acting as a sort of signal.

When I advanced straight like this suddenly the presence of monsters thickens unexpectedly.

When I strained my ears, I could hear the breathing of a beast somewhere nearby the vicinity.

This is……

……..We’ve been surrounded.

Zeph acted rashly so I guess we stood out too much?


Multiple Treant Apes surrounded us, moreover there was such bad visibility around this area so if they attacked us all at once it would be troublesome.

Let’s make the first move, Milly get ready.


Chanting out Time Square, I cast both Red Wave and Black Wave during the time suspension and let it loose.

Pyro Wave.

Along with my words, an explosive flaming wind violently blew over the surroundings.

The flame burns out the trees and the wind blows away the leaves.



Milly’s skirt was lifted up and fluttering because of the wind and she was trying her hardest to pin it down so as to not let me see.

At the same time, the monsters around her which were hiding in the vicinity also started to scream.

Soon the flames created by my magical power disappears and the only thing that remained was the aftereffects of the destruction caused.

Cough, cough….. Zephh……

She may have inhaled some smoke, her eyes were watery and she was in a coughing fit.

After the vicinity became charred and burnt, three silhouettes of Treant Apes and a huge shadow three times the size of the apes appeared.

Covered by the drifting smoke it had thick arms, the ground shook as it walked across the field, this was the boss monster of Goliath Forest, it was the Giant Ape.

It had sharp and fat fingernails and fangs, large bristled hair and fiery red eyes. It was staring at us with hostility.

Along with the fact that this fellow was scowling at us, the atmosphere around us was starting to tremble.

A severe sense of intimidation, even Milly seems to have noticed this.

This was the feeling you usually get when a boss enters its enraged mode and seals the use of teleportation within the area.

The boss monster in the north continent has something akin to the same effect that it can use before it actually enters its enraged mode.

Is this Oppression Magic…..?! I don’t think it’s entered it’s enraged state yet, right?

Amongst the Northern Continents this type of this happens quite often. Because it is very difficult to deal with, please be careful.


However, facing the Giant Ape in these circumstances…. it looks like this will be quite the troublesome foe.

It’s probably better if I notify Shirushu for the time being.


(What’s the matter Zeph-san?)

(Sorry but, I’m going to be a little late)

(Eh? Umm…..?)

Saying my part to Shirushu, I cut off communications and completely focused my attention to what was in front of me.

Gently slapping Milly’s back who was still gasping, I tried to clear her cough.


The Giant Ape raises a roar and the moment it attempted to disappear into the shadow of a tree I quickly cast Scout Scope on it.

Giant Ape

Level 71

Magical Power Level: 359112/359325

The Giant Ape hid itself into the forest on the other hand, the three Treant Apes rushed head on towards us.


Wait Milly!

I caught Milly’s hands which was about to immediately shoot off a Blue Gale and turned it to the side.

The tornado changed trajectory from the center of the three Treant Apes and moved slightly so that it only crushed two of the apes.

As for the final Treant Ape charging at us, I grabbed Milly’s body and dashed away to avoid it.

Just like that I rolled and tried to get my body back up and Milly who was underneath me struggled to lift her face.

Ow~……. Geez! What are you doing, Zeph?!

I forgot to mention this but when you defeat all the followers of the Giant Ape it will summon another batch of monsters. Not only that it will summon even more than before. Therefore, it’s necessary to leave one alive.

S-So that’s how it is…..

Yeah, therefore from here on out we need to aim at the Giant Ape.

…..And so, how were you able to know such a thing?

I looked away from Milly who was staring hard at me and answer her.

It was something, from my past.

Like I said before, that kind of excuse is unreasonable!

……We’re in the middle of battle, come on.

Uuu. That’s no fair….

I helped Milly to stand up even though she was still complaining and chanted out Blue Wall to the Treant Ape who was trying to charge at us again.

The wall of ice wraps around the Treant Ape and seals its movements.

With this we can finally concentrate on the Giant Ape.

….So, what are we supposed to do?


Neither Claude or Lydia is here.

The Giant Ape will be a considerably tough opponent if we are force to only use magic against it.

――――Well, winning is still possible though.

A thick branch flies from the forest but we had plenty of time to avoid it.

Milly, can you see the Giant Ape?

Yeah! Clearly!

After about 30 seconds the effects of Scout Scope will disappear. Before that happens don’t forget to recast the spell to update it.

Just like I told her she listened to me and recasting Scout Scope.

the Giant Ape likes to leave the direct attacks to its follower apes and it is the type of boss that will conceal itself whilst launching long distance attacks.

Inside this deep forest, no matter how many Treant Apes we manage to defeat there will be an endless stream that can replace it. Using these smaller apes as a meat shield the Giant Ape would normally be a very difficult monster to face if you fought it via normal means.

However, the surrounding trees have been burnt with my Pyro Wave and the field of view has been widened, this creates a more favorable environment for us. Moreover, even though the monster was hiding in the forest, because of our ability to determine its location with Scout Scope, it’s almost like it’s revealed in plain sight.

If we know the source of its attacks we can more easily avoid the projectiles it launches, especially because we received Lydia’s special training, doing something like this was a piece of cake.

Just in case though, I also chanted Safe Protection on both Milly and myself.

In the next moment, a stone is launched toward Milly’s direction.

Should I help her? Is what I was thinking but then again, Milly should be able to dodge this level of attack with ease.

Although I don’t want to sound like Rui, pampering a person to much will do them no good.

While thinking about such things, I pulled my hand that was going to grab Milly back to my side and Milly was able to avoid the danger without problems.

Phew, I let out a breath of relief and Milly looks at me with a pout on her face.

…….I can totally handle that level of attack okay?

Did she find out about the fact that I was going to help her out for a moment back there?

Wow, did she really see through me that easily?

Milly has really grown up.

…….That’s true, I’m sorry, my bad.

Saying that I patted her head and Milly seemed to have somewhat recovered her mood slightly.

A gigantic tree flies towards us and both Milly and I dodge to the left and right respectively, Milly starts to prepare a Blue gale and I coordinate with her and chant Time Square.

Casting two Blue Gales within the time suspension effect, I released it at the same time as Milly’s spell.

「「 Blue Gale Triple!」」

Both of our voices harmonize together.

It seems that Milly saw through the fact that I would cast a triple combination spell.

She probably wanted to assert the fact that she’s already become a full-fledged magician.

When I looked towards Milly’s direction she showed me her pearly white teeth as if to ask: How did I do?

Well, well, that arrogant side of her still has much to learn to be honest.

Our tornadoes mixed together to create a huge tornado and generates smaller ones as it travelled towards the monster.

It managed to deal 47,000 damage, there is nothing to complain about its destructive power.

Before it starts to enter the enraged mode, the Giant Ape will only perform long distance attacks. Let’s continuing shooting at it while we meditate.


In saying this casting Blue Gale, especially using Time Square and casting double costs a huge amount of magical energy.

Even if I was completely recovered I would only be able to shoot this magic twice, so I really need to conserve my energy.

After all, I can’t forget to maintain the Blue Wall to continue trapping the movements of the Treant Ape.

Meditating and building my magical energy, both Milly and I continued to fire countless number of Blue Gales towards the Giant Ape.

Avoiding the rocks thrown at her, Milly’s Blue Gale scatters the leaves around the area.

The Giant Ape has a remaining Magical Power level of 133,245.

The value is about to reach about 1/3 and it will soon enter its enraged mode.

……It’s going to happen soon isn’t it?

Milly seems to understand this fact as well.

The moment the Giant Ape enters its enraged mode; it will begin to challenge us with close quarters combat.

We were planning on whittling it down with two more Blue Gale Triple’s.

After that we should be able to defeat it by throwing a barrage of magical attacks.

I left Milly to continue launching magical attacks at it while I was concentrating on Magical Recovery.


I still had some Magical Recovery Medicine that was given to us by Andrei but I wanted to save them in preparation for emergency situations.

Zeph! Any time now!

I know, I’m also good with my preparations over here.

Matching Milly’s magic casting time, we launched a Blue Gale Triple.

A huge tornado is generated in the forest and the shout of the Giant Ape could be heard throughout.

Pishi Pishi, a sort of cracking sound resounded.

It was entering its enraged mode.

Milly was gulping down her breath beside me and we both concentrated out sights on the rustling of leaves.

――――And then the thing that appeared from within the thicket of bushes was the person that was supposed to be waiting deep within the forest…..


Milly small voice reverberated in this silent forest.


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