Chapter 106:  Giant Ape, Final Part


Translator: Nefarian


When she lightly swung her hand, the arm of the Giant Ape got torn apart and flew across the sky, after a long flight it landed on the bare earth with a thud.

Both the Giant Ape including myself was just watching the arm rolling across the ground with blank surprise.

I was doing my utmost to just understand what was happening here.

The Giant Ape was supposed to be holding on to Shirushu’s hand but it suddenly got shredded and torn apart….. Now it was rolling across the ground…..?

I turned my glance away from the arm that Shirushu had torn apart and I noticed that she was staring directly at the Giant ape with a pair of white fangs baring it at the beast.


From the appearance of her showing her fangs and the way she grumbled, you wouldn’t be able to associate her with the previous Shirushu.

Shirushu’s hair was originally supposed to be light pink in color, but it was now bright red. Her eyes changed from black to red as well.

Her beast ears that was being concealed by her priest hat were now visible above her head and was restlessly moving around as if she was searching for prey.


I certainly thought that there was no way an ordinary human from the port town of Izu could travel all the way into the deep woods by herself, but to think that she would be a beastman.

Thinking about it properly, it had always been strange that she was always able to find where the children were eating and how she was able to travel in the Goliath Forest which was filled with monsters all by herself.

Moreover, she doesn’t seem to be an ordinary type of beastman……

Nevertheless, Shirushu doesn’t seem to be paying much attention to me, she turns towards the Giant Ape and places her hands down casually.

Taking a stance like a four-footed beast she bends forward and kicks off the ground to propel herself.


Shirushu shouts out like a beast and rushes towards the Giant ape which only had one arm remaining.

The beast was at least three times her size but along with her bestial roar, she launches a vigorous punch towards the belly of the ape.

Taking such a brutal impact, the body of the Giant Ape slightly floats up in the air before scraping itself across the earth to stabilize itself. The Giant Ape tries to retaliate by striking back at Shirushu who was close to its chest.

However, it only hit the empty air.

Shirushu dodges the blow with ease and was already behind its back throwing another punch right at it.


The beast could not react to Shirushu’s erratic movements in the slightest.

Just with that one blow, the Giant Ape’s huge body was staggering to a fall, but Shirushu doesn’t even let it fall to the ground in peace.


Shirushu’s fist was swung so fast that you could barely see it, she was repeatedly launching a barrage of blows.

The more this continued, the sound of flesh receiving a heavy impact started to resound within the forest.

The beast began to screech and Shirushu was howling at it, receiving blow after blow, the Giant Ape could not even perform any sort of counter attack.

(So strong!)

It is true that a half-beast, half-human race possesses a higher amount of physical strength in comparison to a regular human being, however, who would of guessed that it would be to such an extent…..


Shirushu’s kick pierces its belly and the Giant Ape collapses on its knee.

Blood was dripping down from her fists like raindrops and even though she was breathing quite rapidly she still had eyes that were filled with fighting spirit as she looked down commandingly towards the Giant Ape.

Finally, just as she was going to wield her hand which was covered in blood to deal the finishing blow to the kneeling Giant Ape, the Treant Ape launched an attack.

It must have been liberated from the Blue ice wall after the spell expired, this was to be expected as I hadn’t really paid attention to it for a while now.

But even the surprise attack by the Treant Ape was not able to faze her and she immediately reacted, after swiftly evading the attack, she sneaks behind the Treant Ape and chops off its neck sending it flying.

The Treant Ape has a Magic Value of 7200, yet it died in one blow?

When I looked closely, Shirushu’s finger nails were very beast-like, they were long and very sharp.

I can’t really tell from such a far distance, but I can also feel some sort of magic in play. It kind of feels similar to the time when Lydia’s father negated my magic in our fight.

At any rate, I can feel terrifying offensive attack is about to be unleashed….. This is bad.


When the Giant Ape howls towards the sky, I could sense that the surrounding area around the woods began to shake and rustle.

This is the special ability of the Giant Ape, when all the surrounding Treant Apes are defeated, it will begin to re-summon a new batch of Treant Apes.

Soon after numerous Treant Apes appears out of the forest in order to surround us, but instead Shirushu floats a warlike smile as she glances at the enemies around her.

(She’s just like a crazed beast.)

Slowly raising her arms, the edge of her mouth rises and it seemed like she could not suppress the destructive impulse within her any longer.

For a Beastman, it is quite common for them to let their brutal beast-half of their being take over, in doing so most of them lose their sense of reason and completely submerges themselves in the midst of battle.

I’ve seen a couple of beastman battle in the past, but I’ve never seen anything like this…

(At any rate, I should use this opportunity to recover…)

While casting healing magic on myself, I also casted Safe Protection on to Shirushu.

She’s not easy to hit while in this condition but it’s just more of a precaution.

Without even giving me a glance, Shirushu kicks off the ground and started to attack the Giant Ape again.

Her kick which was as strong as a whirl wind, connected directly with the head of the Giant Ape and its huge body was rolling across the ground while raising a cloud of dust in its wake.

All the Treant Apes who rushed towards Shirushu in order to protect their master, was without exception: smashed, cut in half or crushed to the ground and instantly died.

While trampling the crushed remains of the Treant Apes, Shirushu calmly walks towards the Giant Ape.

The Giant Ape tries to open its mouth once again in order to call for more reinforcements, however…


It’s mouth could not make any more sound after that.

Shirushu plunged her hand into its mouth grabbing its tongue that was as long as her own hand.


No matter how much it tried, it just couldn’t create the right sound, the Giant ape was struggling as if it had already gone mad and Shirushu returns a smile as she ripped the tongue out from its roots.

The unpleasant sound of its tongue detaching resounded along with the pained howl of the Giant Ape.

While looking down at it, Shirushu casually throws the tongue behind her back.

The tongue that was writhing around soon stopped moving all together and the Giant Ape who was watching its tongue, was filled with anger and directed its gaze right at Shirushu.

Kicking the ground, the Giant Ape shows a surprising swiftness that had not been seen before as it launched itself towards Shirushu.

Shirushu slowly spreads out her arms, and…


That was the end for the Giant Ape.

The body of the Giant Ape was cut into four pieces as it falls to the ground in a pitter patter.

After easily eliminating the Giant Ape, Shirushu slowly turns her gaze towards me like a beast that had just found a new prey to toy around with.


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