Chapter 107: Shirushu Onslaught, First Part


Translator: Nefarian

Below Shirushu’s feet was the scattered remains of the Giant Ape which had been shred to pieces.

Her red hair was fluttering against the wind and her burning red eyes locks on to me.

Her vacant eyes suddenly opened wide and Shirushu’s body began to tremble and sway.

And then,

( This is bad!)

While backing away from her, I chanted out time square. during the time suspension effect I casted black boots twice.

At the same time, I was looking at Shirushu.

She had the same eyes when she was toying around with the Giant Ape, it was the sort of gaze that made you think she was here to hunt her prey, this was a ferocious look.

Brandishing her sharp nails towards me, she aims it towards my face.

After the time stop effect is released, the wind property is enchanted on my legs.

This was the effect of my speed strengthening from casting Black Boots twice.

(She is definitely fast, but if I know what she’s aiming for then!)

I barely avoided her claws that were aimed towards my face and her attack grazes my cheek making me spill blood.

(……. She seems to be aiming for my eyes. As expected, is she still unable to regain her senses?)

While avoiding her attack, I somehow manage to grab on to her arm and push against her chest with my back.

Then just like that I sink my hips towards the ground and swing my arms forwards to initiate a full blown throw of Shirushu!

Before she was about to crash into the tree, Shirushu spun around her body and kicked the tree to propel herself. The sound of the tree cracking under the pressure could be heard and she was flying towards me with a tremendous amount of momentum.

The tree that Shirushu kicked breaks right into two and falls apart.

Just how much power does she have in such a slim body?

A human-beast breed with both red eyes and red hair, I’ve heard stories about them before, but if I am not mistaken they are a race of beastmen known as pure breed.

Even amongst the beastmen, they are known to have very violent natures, originally when a beastmen becomes angry, their eyes will turn red as a result, but in the case of a pure breed, even their hair would turn red.

Especially, in cases where they becomeso angry that their hair turns red, I’ve heard that they lose all reason and become unable to differentiate between friend of foe.

Not only that, but the power and destruction they are capable of is nothing that can be compared to the usual beastmen…..

I avoided the head-butt from Shirushu who was jumping towards me, after I did this, she then uses both hands and feet to scrape against the ground stopping her forward momentum and changing her course back towards me.

Her fangs were bared and the growling Shirushu was exactly like the embodiment of a beast.

「Calm down…. But well even though I’m saying this, she probably can’t hear me?」


However, for some reason her eyes seemed sad, to me it looked like she was shedding tears.

「…. I’ll try not to hurt you. Just hold on for a little while longer.」

Although in the state that she is in, I doubt she can hear any of what I’m saying.

Even if I try to use a spell to put her to sleep, it will be meaningless if she cannot hear the sleep code.

Continuing to avoid her attacks, I cast time square.

While the time suspension took effect, I cast double Red Gloves.

——–Muscular strengthening magic, Red Glove.

Avoiding her attack by a hair’s thread margin, I grab her arm and this time I push her down towards the ground.

Just like that I get on top of her belly as if riding a horse and press both of her hands against the ground.

The power of the struggling Shirushu is dreadful, even though I’ve enhanced my strength it will be impossible to hold her down for an extended period.

(I need to end this quick…!)

I chanted Time square and during the time suspension phase, I casted Green Wall twice.

「Green Wall….. Double!」

Magical energy begins to surround her from the center of her body and an ivy sprouts out from the ground constricting the entirety of her being.

Even though she was raging around and struggling with her hands and feet, it was futile.

The more you struggle against this ivy, the more it will tangle around your body and constrict you.

Her whole body is soon restrained and Shirushu became unable to move.

The Green Wall double spell has a slow and narrow range of effect, but once it manifests itself in the target, it becomes very difficult to solve the constraints.

Considering that the difference between the amount of magical power between me and Shirushu is quite large, the spell becomes even more effective.

「Gaa, Ahh… Uhh….」

However, the amount of time it can restrain a person is quite short.

Leaving my left hand to hold the ivy in place, I release all of my magical energy in my right hand.

「Don’t worry, this will be over soon.」

Sticking my hand against her struggling chest, I used all my energy to disrupt her magical power line within her body.


Shirushu lets out a final groan, as her upper body started to convulse and tremble in a big way, she twitches her body until she becomes completely exhausted and crumbles down.

Because she fainted, her hair color turns from bright red to her usual pinkish color.

Even Lydia could not move for the next day when I used all my power to manipulate her magical power line.

Even if she recovers consciousness and becomes shocked, she should not be able to move her body for quite some time.

I shouldered the fainted Shirushu on my back and walked in the direction that Milly was thrown in.

――――The sun began to set and it started to get dark.

I was leaning against a tree and Milly was resting against my lap.

It seems that she fainted because of that one blow by the Giant ape, but after applying healing magic, she has somewhat recovered.

In front of me was this bon fire created for the purpose of warmth and also for the purpose of making the beasts and monsters around here avoid us.

On the other side of me, Shirushu was also asleep.


Perhaps she was awoken by the sound of crackling fire, but Shirushu slowly opened her eyes and looked in my direction.

「Have you woken up?」


Shirushu seemed to look at me with a confused expression, but after seeing how Milly was sleeping on my lap, gradually the color of her hair was becoming dyed in red.

(She’s going to go crazy again…..?)

Although I immediately readied myself, it would seem that she didn’t lose her reason this time around or have any intention to attack me, instead….

「I’m so very sorryyy!」

Bowing while pressing three fingers of each hand on the floor, Shirushu rubs her head against the ground.

If I looked closely, I could tell that the color of red in her hair was much paler than before.

It would seem that as long as she didn’t become seriously enraged, she wouldn’t go on a rampage.

Nevertheless, even though I’ve fully stirred up her magical power lines, it would seem that her body is capable of moving without any issues?

Even Lydia was out of commission for a full day after but…. Is this also because of the high physical abilities of the beastmen race?

「Don’t worry about it….. Though I suppose you aren’t going to forget about it that easily huh.」

「Yes….. I’m so very very sorry…..」

I was watching the trembling Shirushu who was repeatedly apologizing to me.

Entering the forest by herself causing us trouble, then not listening to my instructions to stay put and ending up getting caught by the Giant Ape, finally going on a rampage and even going as far as to attack me.

She probably didn’t even know how or what to apologize for anymore.

While prostrating herself on the ground, the ears growing out of her head was shivering and trembling.

It seems that beastmen were prone to acting emotionally just as they are known to act on instinct.

Letting out a sigh, I came over to sit next to Shirushu who was unwilling to lift her head from the ground.

「I understand. You can’t forgive yourself…… You want me to give you some sort of punishment to ease your guilt right?」

「Yes….. I will do anything… !」

Still prostrating herself, she was like some sort of criminal awaiting her punishment as her body trembled.

Because Shirushu had such a high sense of responsibility, it was likely that she was unable to forgive herself.

When dealing with these type of people, it’s best to just give them what they want.

Standing behind Shirushu, I turned over her clothes as she remained in kneeled on the ground when I did, it revealed a pair of black tights that wrapped around her ass.

She lets out a small voice and her body was twitching in fear, but she didn’t show any signs of retreating.

Just as she has stated, it would seem that she planned on being properly punished.

Grabbing on to her protruding butt,

――――I struck hard with the with the palm of my hand.


There was a good slapping sound along with a small scream, but Shirushu still remains prostrated on the ground.

The more I struck and slapped with my hands, the more Shirushu’s body would tremble.

By the time I finished beating her butt several times, she was breathing heavily expelling a lot of air.

Her buttocks were swollen and it was shaking little by little.

My hands were also tingling.

「… It’s over. Raise your face Shirushu.」

「Haa…. Haa……. Yess…….」

She answered  me with a tiny voice as she raised her face and I could see that both her hair, eyes and cheeks were bright red.

It probably hurt a lot, her eyes had tear marks to indicate where the tears flowed.

While waiting for her to settle down, I sat next to her side.

「Shirushu are you a beastmen purebreed?」

「……Yes, it would seem that way. it’s something I heard from the reverend….」[1. Nef the reverend just for clarification is the priest dude who took her in as a child.]

Although it looks like she has settled down quite a lot, she still hasn’t looked at me for some time.

Or perhaps she was really embarrassed about what happened just now.

Her face is still red.

「Have you ever went berserk and ended up like earlier today?」

After listening to me, she twitched a little and answered in a very small voice of acknowledgement.

「When I was a child, I was picked up by the church, but back then I was a roughneck that was out of control, so the reverend-sama used his special magic to seal this dark part of me away.」

Indeed, if you were a priest in a church, it would not be so strange to be able to use one or two sealing type magical arts.

「But since the reverend passed away, time has continued to weaken the seal unravelling it. Seeing that Zeph-san and Milly-san was hurt due to my own failures, my heart felt like it was going to burst…… and my eyes were filled with red…..」

Saying this, she started to hang her head down in shame again.

It seems she really minds about her own mistakes.

「I don’t think I can stay in that church anymore…..」

「…… It’s probably for the best」

Being a person who can became a crazed beast just from anger, indiscriminately hurting anything in her sights… I don’t think someone like that could live in a town in an upright manner.

Especially in the church she lived in, there were plenty of children in it.

「What do you plan on doing from now on?」

「Hmm….  So I’m thinking of living as an adventurer like Zeph-san and the others. If I use that power, it seems like I will be able to fight. As for the children….. Do you think it would be alright if you told them that I died in this forest? Even without me there, they still have Rui and all the children are surprisingly tough. Even without someone like me over there….. I believe…. that they can do…. well…uhn」

She was doing well to say this much, but her eyes started to drop down tears.

At the same time, her hair which was gradually returning to her pinkish hue once again started to be dyed in bright red.

「Eh…..? Uhm? Aha…… W-Why are…. tears……uhn.」

Large droplets of tears were flowing down her face and I hugged Shirushu’s head against my chest.

「……Don’t push yourself.」


Although Shirushu was bewildered with the sudden embrace, she soon accepted it as her body trembled and she wrapped her hands around my back.

My clothes were becoming more and more wet with Shirushu’s tears.


「Didn’t I already say not to mind it?」

While becoming sopping wet with her tears, I embraced the sobbing Shirushu and until she fell asleep, I continued caressing her red hair telling her that it would all be alright.


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