Chapter 108: Shirushu Onslaught, Second Part


Translator: Nefarian

I must have fallen asleep, before I knew it the surroundings were completely dark.

I continued stroking Shirushu’s head for quite a long time, but it seems that I fell asleep midway.

Because I slipped out of the blanket, Milly seems to look really cold as she wraps herself around the blanket.

I stood up and looked around and I noticed that Shirushu was nowhere to be found.


She doesn’t answer and there is no sign of her either.

It would seem that she was not anywhere nearby.

I tried to use telepathic communication and there was no response.

(Don’t tell me she got done in by some monster!?)

It’s not something impossible.

Just a little while ago, she was feeling extremely guilty as she blamed herself.

If she sensed a monster approaching us, she may have thought to attack them herself in order to not draw any attention to where we were sleeping.

(For the time being, I need to focus on finding her)

I used Black Coat on Milly who was still asleep.

A cloak of air conceals Milly and her body integrates itself with the background environment.

I stood up slowly and looked around the vicinity.

(But seriously, where are you?)

If only I had a spell that could detect other people, that would be really useful.

But well, asking for something I don’t have is just asking for the impossible.

There’s definitely monsters around here, so I should probably stop shouting out loud in order to look for her.

Unexpectedly when I looked at the ground, I found footprints that belonged to Shirushu.

As I followed her footprints, the smell of water faintly drifted into my nose.

(I think there’s a river?)

If I’m not mistaken I certainly remember there being a few rivers passing through this Goliath Forest.

The footprints were becoming more fresh. The destination will be reached soon.

Dividing the clump of bushes, I opened my way towards the river, in that moment…

――A half-naked Shirushu came into my field of view.

Realising that I was approaching she probably panicked and reached out for her clothes.

Holding her clothes with both her hands, she barely managed to cover her exposed breasts by a narrow margin.


Shirushu’s face was dyed red in the colour of shame and her hair was also turning into a hue of red.

Useless thoughts like “Wow, I didn’t know her hair could become red as well from something like this” passed through my mind.

「…… I’m sorry.」


Speaking in a low voice, I immediately crouched down and turned my back as I apologised to Shirushu.

I could hear the rustling of leaves as she began to change into her clothes behind the clump of bushes.

In its own way these sounds…

are thought provoking even more wild delusions from me……?

「…… It’s fine now. Zeph-san.」

「huh, ahh.」

When I turned around, Shirushu was wearing her usual clothes.

But perhaps because she was in a rush she was slightly out of breath and her clothes were a little disordered, she looked kinda sexy.

When I continued to stare at her, Shirushu diverts her gaze away from me.

「Emm, Zeph-san, why are you over here…?」

「Ahh well…… When I woke up, you weren’t anywhere to be found and I was worried because you didn’t respond via telepathic communication, but I never would of thought that you were taking a bath.」

「After entering that state, it isn’t easy for me to revert back…… Besides Zeph-san was asleep so I thought I would go for a bath to calm myself down.」

「I see.」



She cried her heart out a little while ago and this was probably adding to the awkwardness of the situation for her.

On our way back towards Milly, we were both staying silent.

The first person that was unable to bear the silence was Shirushu as she opened her mouth to speak.

「Now that I think about it, long ago the reverend father told me, that “Shirushu, you are too overly concerned with many things”.」

「Oh? But aren’t you still the same even now?」

I was laughing slightly and Shirushu’s eyebrows turned to a frown.

「Even when I was trying to help out at the church, he told me not to worry so much about helping him and just to live out my life the way that I wanted to, but in the end I couldn’t follow his advice…..」

「He says pretty similar things to what I say doesn’t he?」

「He resembles Zeph-san a lot. ….Like how he sometimes comes to peep at me at coincidental times.」

「…… In my case, it really was a coincidence.」

「Fufu, that’s exactly the same excuse the reverend father made.」

Covering her mouth Shirushu was giggling.

It seems that she calmed down, her hair that was red before had now become a light pink color.

「My name Shirushu Onslaught, is a name that the reverend father gave me. Apparently Onslaught stands for being ferocious and or aggressive and things of that nature, the point of it was that when I lost self-control of myself due to the anger, I would be able to use my name to remind myself to remain in control……. But even until now, I haven’t been able to achieve such a thing.」

「Do you have any memories of when you were younger?」

「Yes, well since as far as I can remember, the reverend father, the children….. and also Rui, listens to me probably because they know of my other form.」

「I don’t think that is the case.」

As we talk while we walked, we came across the light of a bonfire in our field of view.

I sat next to Milly who was sleeping and Shirushu sat across the bonfire.

Although a while ago Shirushu told me that she wanted to be a solo adventurer, to be honest, I don’t think she is cut out to become an adventurer.

Especially if she intends to go out alone. If I left her alone like this, she would no doubt run into danger and surely perish.

And just judging from her kind personality, there is no way she would be willing to continue putting her children at risk, so she won’t be able to remain in town.

Shirushu Onslaught.

In many a variety of ways, she is a really dangerous girl.

It’s probably most efficient for me if I just turned a blind eye….. but.

「Shirushu, how about you come along with us?」

But I cannot abandon her.

I feel bad for awakening her beast form and I’ve already been involved to this extent…

I should look out for her, even if it’s only a little bit.


「Shirushu is too weak. …….It’s impossible for you to become a solo adventurer.」

When I looked straight at her as I said this, she looked down anxiously.

She probably understood it herself.

「We are going to head towards the capital. At such a place, it is likely that we can find some sort of priest or reverend that will be able to seal your ferocious side like it was done in the past.」

「B-But! What if along the way I lose control again and… and I end up hurting Zeph-san and the others……?」

「When that time comes, I will be the one to suppress you. …… Just like I’ve done before.」

「But, but…… I’ll be an inconvenience….」

Haa, I breathed out a huge sigh, Shirushu was speaking hesitantly. I grabbed her hands and squeezed them with my full strength.


「I already said that you shouldn’t speak about yourself in that way, haven’t I?」


「If you speak like that again, I’m going to punish you, you know….? Just like last time.」


I could tell that Shirushu’s hands were trembling.

I hold her hands firmly in order to stop the trembling but on the contrary, she shakes even more.


「Come, Shirushu.」

「That’s right!」

Suddenly, a cold feeling over the back of my hand is felt.

Before we knew it Milly was awake, she climbed on top of my back and placed her hands over ours.

「My guild, the Blue Sky Hunters are always on the lookout for new members!」

Showing her white pearly teeth, Milly bares a grin towards Shirushu.

Shirushu becomes surprised and her eyes go wide in wonder.

And then her eyes gradually narrowed as tears streamed down her face.

「Zeph-san…. Milly-san…. T….Thank you, so much…..uhh」

「Wai….. ehh? You don’t have to cry like that….」

「Shirushu’s is deeply moved.」

「Uu…… Fueee…..hik」

Along with my words, Shirushu starts bawling out in tears.

Her hair was also turning red and Shirushu tries to conceal it with her hands but I wouldn’t let go of the firm grasp I had on her hands.

After being distressed for a while, her face falls towards the ground and her priest hat falls freely, her beast ears could be seen popping out.

Red hair and dog-like ears trembling, shrinking in a ball she really seemed like some small animal.

(Red Fox…..)

Suddenly those words crossed my mind.

Milly was surprised momentarily but she soon extended her hand from behind my back and pats Shirushu’s hair.

「…… What beautiful hair.」


Each time Milly’s small hand lightly brushed against the tip of her ears, Shirushu’s ears would twitch a little.

Meanwhile, I was using telepathic communication to speak with both Claude and Lydia to explain full details of what occurred.

(….. So that’s what happened)

(…. As expected things would turn out like this… No well, it’s fine though….. hahah….)

(It’s just as I expected jyan! he’s done it again hasn’t he Clau-chan! Of course, I also don’t mind it♪)

( Wait! Like I said, please don’t hug me Lydia-san! My body is still hurting so much~)

The two girls were talking happily.

It would seem that they consented willingly to our new member.


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