Chapter 110 Part 2


EDITOR NAME: Ryunakama

Capital City: Prolea.

We were dropped off at one of the several carriage stops.

The carriage will probably be heading for the port city of Izu after resting the horse for a few days.

「Much obliged」.

「I should be thanking you instead. You saved us trouble, taking us on as guards.」

I thanked the coachman and got off the carriage.

I’ve got to say though, what a tremendous crowd of people.

I suppose it can’t be helped seeing it’s the capital, not to mention I’m at a carriage stop where people gather.

「What a crowd.」

「Mhm I know right~. There are so many tall buildings too…it kinda feels all cramped~」

「The two of you are visiting the capital for the first time, right?」

「Have you been here before, Shirushu?」

「Um, I did come twice for some shopping…」

Everyone was cheerful, looking about the surroundings with curiosity.

The scenery of the capital city of Prolea, where I had spent more than half of my previous life, was almost no different from before.

I saw five towers in the distance. In each of those towers lives a mage who is a member of the Five Supreme, individuals who stand at the apex of the five elements.

The Blue Supreme, Aqua of Aqua.

The Sky Supreme, Wind of Wind.

The Green Supreme, Earth of Earth.

The Soul Supreme, Soul of Soul.

And the Red Supreme, Flame of Flame.

The reason why I restarted my life using the spell that rewinds time, Time Leap, was to reforge my sorcery, to become the strongest of them all.

Achieving that goal will no doubt involve earning the title of Supreme.

Earning it a second time over, huh. Oh, I’m itching to go at it now.

Fixing my gaze upon one of those towers—the Crimson Tower which held deep meaning to me—evoked old emotions within me, an inexpressible mesh of nostalgia and bitterness.

I knew I was failing to suppress the rising fire in me. The corners of my lips rose as mana leaked from my body.

But there’s still much to do.

The way I am right now, forget the Five Supreme, I’ll have a hard time facing one of their right-hand men.

Nevertheless, I’ll be going to meet them soon enough. Keep that seat nice and warm for me…Heheh.

「Whatcha doin’ Zeph~! Let’s get going now~!」

As I was leering at the tower, Milly called out to me.

Really now, being in such a hurry when a man’s having his moment.

I turned my back to the Crimson Tower and returned to the others.

「We should find lodging first. I’ll handle that, so the rest of you should look around the city!」

Lydia decided to find lodging by herself again. It’s her first time in the capital though. She probably doesn’t know where the inns are, so she might take more time than expected.

「I’ll tag along. I know quite a bit about the capital.」

「Count me in as well then!」

「Then I as well」

「Fufu, let’s all go together.」

…And so, we ended up going with five people.

I led the way to an inn for adventurers, which I used in my previous life back when I was a novice.

The place was a little worn out and far from the center of the city. That’s probably why the price was cheap and guests were few.

Ten years from now there would have been a beautiful girl to draw customers, but…


「Ohh, what a cute reception~ Good girl.」

Lydia slightly bent down to pet the head of the little girl who came to receive us.

The beauty-to-be in the future was very young in the present. Though she seems to be doing a splendid job regardless.

After checking in, I was guided to my room.

This time we got separate rooms. I got a room to myself, while Claude was paired with Shirushu, and Milly with Lydia.

Right now everyone is gathered in my room to discuss our plans for the future.

「Why am I put together with Lydia!」

「Because you seem the least likely to agitate Shirushu, Claude. Let me know straight away if Shirushu is about to go on a rampage.」


「S-sorry to trouble you…」


Milly puffed up her cheeks, seeming dissatisfied, but then she raised an index finger as if having thought of something.

「That’s right! Staying at an inn is good and all, but why don’t we buy a guild house!?」

「Mu…Saying the unreasonable again…」

A guild house, as the name implies, is a guild-owned house.

Guild members are bound to be together for a long time, so it’s cheaper to own a house than to stay at an inn when settling down in one location.

Major guilds tend to have a large guild house in each of their respective base cities.

The capital city of Prolea, in particular, is home to many guild houses, which Milly showed interest in.

Getting a guild house isn’t a bad suggestion.

「That might be a good idea since we’ll be in the capital for a while」


Milly slapped my back enthusiastically in approval.

She looked very happy indeed. Perhaps coming to the capital has gotten her hyped-up.

It’s not so easy getting a guild house, though. Lydia also seems to be considering the matter.

「Mmm but you know, guild houses are quite expensive, and it involves going through bothersome formalities.」

「There were some guild houses in Bertha too, but they were quite expensive, right? I wonder how much it’ll cost in the capital…」

「If I remember right, it’s necessary to get officially certified as a guild at the guild registry. The leader has to go through a rather tedious procedure.」


Milly was rendered silent by it all.

I haven’t experienced going through the process of getting a guild house before, but the leader of the guild I was a member of—in my previous life—said that it took several days, from morning till night.

「I expect the procedures will take a few days to complete.」

「W-well, let’s take things slow! Take it as the goal for the time being!」

「Hm. Then shall we at least officially register our guild?」

「Eh, errm…isn’t it a bother though?」

「In any case, it’s a necessary step to buying a guild house. Besides, it’ll be easier to earn money once we’re certified as an official guild since we’ll be getting all sorts of client orders.」

「Money! Food-food!」

Ein appeared suddenly and clung to my neck.

She’s become a complete money-monger lately. I’m in a dilemma, what’s with her trying to get me to work at every opportunity.

Upon careful reflection, I might have done a bad job in raising her.

「Making money is important! Milly~♪」


I placed a hand on Milly’s slumped shoulder for comfort.

「I’ll be coming with you.」

「……「Mm, thanks.」

「Will you come with us as well, Lydia? You’re good at matters like this.」

「Hn, OK~!」

「I’ll go too.」

「Fufu, then let us all go together.」

…And so it was decided for all of us to go in the end.


A big building can be seen in the center of the city.

The Adventurer Guild, Prolea Branch.

Adventurer guilds are usually found in big cities, but the scale of it is on another level when it comes to the capital.

You can get huge jobs which you can’t find in ordinary cities, and even large undertakings by the country. It’s the top of adventurer guilds, so to say.

The guild in the capital is a big hand alongside the Mage’s Association when it comes to handling all sorts of jobs.

「Woah~, so many people~」

「It’s because non-adventurers are coming to put in orders. We’ll be lining up for a long while at the reception.」

「…I’ll go and buy meals for everyone. We haven’t had lunch after all.」

Claude left to buy food.

We’re at the reception, waiting…waiting…waiting.

We got our lunch from Claude who came back and ate together. Afterward, we went back to waiting.

Around about the time when Milly took a nap and woke up, what we finally got to hear from the reception was…

「Your registration didn’t go through.」

…A “no”. Milly lashed out in response.


「First of all, I find it questionable that a girl so young as you is a guild master. Moreover, the rest of your members are all children as well. Adventurers are always exposed to danger. Death is another concern. If we were to approve the official registration of your guild but your group ended up dying, we’d be the ones held responsible. It won’t matter if you’re going to work part-time, which is what I would recommend…」

I chuckled in the middle of her talking, causing the reception lady to stop to glare at me.

「…What is it?」

「No, it’s nothing…heheh.」

The name of the lady is Claris. She’s the one who registered me as an adventurer in my previous life.

She was a hard worker prone to putting on airs and was rather cheeky at the time, but she’s the same in the present.

She seems to be a rookie right now, but the way she speaks is completely unchanged. I couldn’t help but laugh.

「…Back to the point, your registration won’t be approved. Please come again.」

「Boo~ Can’t you do something about it, Zeph?」

「Even if you were to ask me…」

Claris was famous for being inflexible, if I recall.

It’s not that there’s nothing I can do about it, but…

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