Chapter 111 Part 1

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「Well, well, isn’t it okay?」

A familiar voice.

As I turned around, I saw the owner of Silver Coin store, Adrei Sombre.

He is a capable merchant, but as a lolicon in love with Milly, he was a somewhat dangerous person.

「I can guarantee their abilities.」

「Even if you say so, if something happens…」

Looking at the persistent Claris, Adrei nodded in deep thought.

「Okay then, how about this? If they can successfully complete the task I entrust them with, then they shall officially be accepted as members of the guild.」

With a scowl, Claris looked down and brooded for a moment.

「…I understand. If Adrei-san would go so far as to say that…」

Claris has reluctantly yielded. As expected, it is disadvantageous to go against Adrei.

Adrei grinned broadly at the outcome.

Hmm, I didn’t really want to meet this guy, but I didn’t expect him to be of timely help to us. I’m getting some mixed feelings towards him.

「It has been a while, Zeph-dono… and the others whom I am seeing for the first time. I am called Adrei Sombre. Pleased to make your acquaintance.」

Shirushu bowed her head politely and took Adrei’s outstretched hand.

「I am called Shirushu Onslaught. Are you perhaps acquainted with Zeph-san?」

「He is my life’s savior, as well as an important friend… Hm, could milady be…」

Adrei who was cheerfully speaking to Shirushu had a subtle change in his facial expression.

Did he discover that Shirushu was a Beastman… as expected, you can’t let your guard down around this man.

With eyes as perceiving as Adrei’s, poorly-hidden secrets would probably be easily discovered.

Especially so for this guy, it wouldn’t be surprising if he even realized that Shirushu was pure-bred.

Pure-bred Beastmen were a rarity. If this major businessman learns of it and accidentally made it public knowledge, it could get troublesome.

I spoke to Adrei in a hushed voice.

「Shirushu is a Beastman. She’s keeping it a secret, so please keep it to yourself.」

「Ahh, I see. Being a lady and of that species, it’s common to keep it hidden… pardon me.」


As I was feeling relieved after managing to avoid the issue, Claris spoke to Adrei.

「…so, what is Adrei-san’s request?」

「Hmm, about that…I have a few requests, but for Zeph-dono and the rest… I would like them to retrieve the tooth of a Rock Dragon. How does that sound?」

「A… Rock Dragon…!?」

Claris raised her voice in shock, while the rest of us didn’t show much of a reaction.

Milly asked Claris in return.

「What is a Roc-ku Do-ra-gon?」


Claris was speechless as her glasses slid off her nose. Her reaction was natural. Rock Dragons were the North Continent’s highest-leveled monsters, of the Dragon species.

Claris straightened her slanted glasses and began her explanation to Milly.

「The Rock Dragon is of the Dragon species… it is a monster of the highest class. It resides in the middle section of the Cresta vast cavern, which is located further up north from the capital. Its hard scales can repel magic, and its tough teeth and claws can even tear apart rocks. Pretty much in a different class from normal monsters, it uses overpowering magic, and even casts status effects of the binding type, it is extremely strong… 」

「We’ll do it! 」

Milly responded, interrupting Claris’s speech.

My, my, deciding it on her own… well, it’s not like we don’t have a way of doing it, and there’s no reason to stop us I guess.

However, it seems like I should punish her later.

As I was sighing, I looked in Claris’s direction.

「Of course, other than accepting our guild membership, we will also be receiving rewards, right?」

「Requests are commissioned through the Adventurer’s Guild, therefore appropriate rewards will be given…」

After Milly and I exchanged glances, Claris seemed to have an idea of what we were thinking and she nodded.

「…I understand. However, please make sure not to over-exert yourselves! 」


Seeing Milly respond with such enthusiasm, Claris could not say a word and had a complex expression on her face.

It was not really recommended for children to become adventurers.

However, I guess Claris has an unexpected preference for children. She must be worried about Milly. 

Even so, Milly was not just any kid. When this request is completed, Claris would probably come to realize that. Hehe.

「Alright everyone, please do also come to support the Silver Coin Shop. We welcome you with open arms… of course that includes Miss Milly too.」

「Only if we feel like it.」

Though, I’ll probably never feel like it in this lifetime.

When I glared at Adrei, he showed a slight smile as he proceeded to enter an inner room.

「Milly, don’t get too close to that guy.」

「Eh? Umm… well that’s fine I guess…」

Milly had an incredulous look on her face. Wasn’t it your aim to always keep a carefree image?

Together with Milly who was staring blankly, we began to make our way back.

「Thirty days for the subjugation of the Rock Dragon, and five million rupees for each of its tooth huh…」

The next day, as the contract from Adrei had arrived, we took the opportunity to gather everyone for a strategy meeting in my room.

Apart from the above-mentioned terms, the contract had included a few other agreements.

In short, the guild would not be held liable for any deaths, and the penalty for forfeiting the request would be a tenth of the reward – equivalent to five hundred thousand rupees in this case.

Incidentally, if one were to take up an official request, the Adventurer’s Guild also determines the rank of the request and provides the respective allowance to cover preparation costs.

This time, we have an A-ranked request, so we have received five hundred thousand rupees.

「Yaaay! Moneyyy!」

Ain suddenly appeared, grabbed hold of the bag of gold and swiftly wrenched it out of my hands.

That’s our preparation money. It’s not for the likes of you, you know.

「Lydia, help me to catch her.」

「Okay~! Ain-chan, I caught chuu~♪」


Lydia hugged Ain tightly from behind, leaving Ain trapped as we continued with the discussion.

「Originally, it is not impossible to win a Rock Dragon.」

「I’ve heard that the Dragon Clan belongs to a rather strong category of monsters.」

「Hmm but, we can win, right?」

Claude had a serious expression on her face. On the contrary, Milly was resting her chin on her hands with a carefree look.

What an optimistic fellow, as usual.

Speaking of which, Milly had already gone ahead to accept the request from Adrei.

Guess I’ll need to talk to her about it.

「…Milly, earlier you had immediately accepted the request. Although you are indeed our guild leader, you shouldn’t have decided before discussing it with everyone. Especially for official requests from the Adventurer’s Guild, there could be instances where making promises without due consideration would lead to troublesome situations.」

Glowering at Milly, she cowered slightly.

「Uu… I’m very… sorry…」

「It’s fine as long as you understand.」

I patted Milly’s lowered head.

It’s a good thing to be full of vigor, but Milly has a bad habit of moving ahead without thinking.

Having about half of each quality would be just about right. It’s probably up to us stop her when the need arises.

「…Let’s get back on topic. Rock Dragons are powerful monsters, but there are no boss-ranked monsters above it. It does not have a berserk mode, so Coercion magic would not be used as a result. It may be tough, but it’s also limited in long-ranged attacks. As long as we exercise caution while fighting, we should be able to defeat it with our current abilities.」

「If that’s the case, then things should work out somehow!」

Shirushu put her palms together before her chest, seemingly relieved. 

「…that being said, the drop rate of the Rock Dragon’s tooth isn’t really high. We might have to battle a few of them.」

「I-Is that so…」

「Ahem… therefore, naturally that would take up some time. From here to the Cresta vast cavern where Rock Dragons reside, it would take a day of travel using Teleport. I think we could set up tents there, and temporarily use that as a base for our hunts. As it would be cold and we need winter clothes, shall we go shopping?」


Milly stood on the bed, placing her hands on my head.

Oi stop it you dumbass. You’re messing up my hair.

「Alright then everyone, let’s go shopping!」


Milly thrust her index finger towards the ceiling in enthusiasm, and everyone agreed with her.

As we had decided, we made our way to the general goods store in the central street of the capital.

The aim is to purchase a tent.

The tent is a magic item invented by the Magician’s Society. It functions on a similar principle as another magic item by the same society, the Pouch.

While the Pouch uses the user’s magic to create a storage space, the Tent uses Dungeon magic to create an indoor space.

As a result of using powerful dungeon magic as the source, there will be a fairly big space secured within the tent, making it possible for approximately ten people to camp overnight in it. 

I’m fine with whatever as long as I can sleep in it, so I left the choice to Milly and the rest, while I looked around the shop on my own.

As I was absentmindedly looking at products in a case, I heard a voice from within my head.

(Zeph, can you hear me?)


It was Telepathy from Silverie.

Ever since we spoke at Izu City, she contacts me sometimes.

(Are you available now?)

(Ahh, it’s a great help that recently you have been contacting me at normal timings.)

(…hm, don’t mention it.)


Silverie mostly contacted me by Telepathy either late in the night or early in the morning. After telling her to consider the timing first, she now contacts me in the mornings or evenings only.

In my previous life when I was her disciple, she did not have much common sense and had to be taught several things. She would complain, but listens to what I have to say anyway.

Compared to my previous life, the current Silverie seems to be more obedient.

(More importantly, Zeph, where are you now?)

(I am at the general goods store in the capital. Did something happen?)

(Really? Actually, I am also…)

Halfway through, Silverie’s telepathy got cut off.

At the same time, a figure in a black coat appeared before my eyes.

Her short, black hair gently swayed, and her narrow eyes were rounded with surprise – it was Silverie.

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