Chapter 111 Part 2

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What a coincidence.

Being extremely surprised, both Silverie and I stood rooted to the spot.

Startled, Silverie hurriedly adjusted her collar, thrust her hands into her coat, and cleared her throat.

「…T-T-to meet you here, wha… what a coincidence right, Zeph?」

Your voice is all shaky, Silverie. It’s obvious that she’s losing her composure.

Realizing that I was shocked, Silverie started to explain herself before I even said anything.

「Don’t be mistaken. It’s really a coincidence that we met here. I do have some things to do around here.」

「Ah I see. It’s quite an amazing coincidence though.」

「Y-yeah I think so too!」

What is unsettling her?

It’s just a meeting after a long while. It feels like she’s overreacting, but anyway it’s good to see that she is healthy.

「…even so, I’m glad to see you, Silverie.」

「…! G-good that you understand… but I also feel a little… y’know, that too.

While speaking, Silverie pulled her hands out from her coat and crossed her arms.

Putting her hands in and out of her coat, what a busy person.

Silverie calmed down a little.

「…more importantly, didn’t you mention that you wanted to pass me something?」

「Oh, that’s right!」

Silverie was supposed to hand me a fragment of the crystal ring so that I can initiate contact with her by telepathy.

The ring which was stuffed into Shirushu’s pocket previously has already been returned to me. Since Shirushu is already a guild member, we no longer need the fragment for telepathy.

Thrusting my hand into the pouch, I was about to return my crystal fragment to Silverie.

「Heyy, I was thinking of using this though…」

Milly’s voice was heard from behind me.

「Mm still~, isn’t that fine too? Since it’s big.」

「This one’s cheaper, and cute too. Which one does Shirushu-san prefer?」

Next were Lydia’s and even Claude’s voices.

「I’m fine with anything, Zeph-san can decide. Ah, Zeph-san.」

Last to speak was Shirushu.

The four people approached me in succession.

Seeing a frozen Silverie, they looked towards her with curious eyes.

「Oh? Is this someone Zeph-chi knows?」

「Nice to meet you.」

「Zeph, who is this?」

「…! You are…!」

Each person spoke, but only Claude seemed to be on guard against Silverie, having met her before while together with me.

Hmm… how should I go about explaining this?

「Ah that, how do I say this? About this girl…」

At that moment, Silverie abruptly turned around and walked briskly away.

「Oi, Silverie?! Where are you going?!」

Without paying any heed to my voice, Silverie teleported somewhere far away as soon as she left the shop.

Everyone was in a daze at the situation.

Just what had happened?

「…so, who was that?」

Milly was lightly tugging at my sleeve.

Umm, what is a good way to explain this…

「She’s a fellow magician I got to know before. Her name is Silverie.」

「Hmm~ but, why did she run away upon seeing us?」

「She gets shy easily.」

「Hehh~ a shy person, I see~ 」

Claude glared at me with a reproachful look.

Previously, when we defeated a boss, the drop item was taken away by Silverie. Although it was considered acceptable conduct, Claude was infuriated at that. It appears that she is the type to bear deep grudges.

「…well, I’ll introduce her again when the time comes.」

In any case, Silverie did not manage to hand me the crystal fragment again this time. Guess I’ll have to wait for her to contact me again.

In the end, we bought the tent which Milly chose, and other clothes, food and daily necessities to end our shopping trip.

We also took a look at the guild house, but it was expensive as expected. The cheapest room was said to cost at least fifty million rupees.

By the way,we currently have about five million rupees. Most of it is from the reward we received from Daville.

Well I can’t really afford it.

As we were looking around the guild house, Ain was being especially talkative, complaining about how expensive the place was and that it was more important to feed her well. Perhaps I have raised her in a weird way.

Well, even if I stop taking Ain into account, I still can’t go without earning money.

After having a meal with everyone, it was already night time when we returned to our inn.

「What’s the matter, Zeph-san?」

To enhance her magic lines, Claude and I proceeded to Shirushu’s room. There, she greeted us with a messy appearance, probably because she had just come out from the shower.

As expected, she wouldn’t wear her priestly clothes to sleep. A gown was draped over her fair, bare skin.

Speaking of which, in the afternoon, Claude had picked out some clothes for Shirushu. I wonder if this was it?

Her pale pink hair clung onto her flushed body, and her white gown further accentuated her beautiful hair.

Hmm, nice choice, Claude.

「Ah, after this I’m intending to manipulate Claude’s magic lines for her training. It’s a daily routine.」

「Is that so? Is it okay if I tag along as well?」

「Nope! It’s probably better if Shirushu-san doesn’t watch, I think…」

Claude who was sitting on the bed interrupted in a panic.

Certainly, it could be as Claude said.

The stimulus is strong, and if poorly done, it could go out of control.

「…you’re right. Sorry Shirushu, can you wait in my room?」

「Eh~ but I’m curious…」

「Go on, move along!」

After chasing out the discontented-looking Shirushu, Claude laid down on the bed.

As expected, it was not possible to do such things in a coach, so it has been quite a long time since the last session.

「Mm… then, please go ahead, Zeph-kun.」


I took off Claude’s coat, and inched my hand towards her fair back.

I gathered magic in my hand, and traced my finger along Claude’s back, from the nape of her neck to around her shoulder blade.



Claude’s shoulders twitched and trembled, and she let out a tiny sound.

As I was moving my hand, the room resounded with Claude’s muffled sounds.

Perhaps because it has been awhile and Claude couldn’t endure it, her voice gradually grew louder.

As I was about to move my hand lower, the room door was thrown open with a bang.

「Wha-wha-wha-what are the two of you doing!?」

「Eh…? Shirushu-san?」

Her hair, eyes, face and the rest of her body was red and she was clutching on to the door as she trembled in anger.

The door was creaking as if complaining under the stress.


 I jumped away from above Claude’s back, quickly grasped onto Shirushu’s shoulders and chanted Sleep Code. 


Letting out a small sound, Shirushu lost consciousness and fell down.

Before coming to the capital, we did a few tests, and it seems that apart from being angry, whenever Shirushu’s hair turns red, she becomes unable to control her strength well.

Even though she does not lose her reasoning and start to rampage, it would still get troublesome when she loses her composure like what happened a moment ago, therefore I immediately put her to sleep.

「Phew, that was dangerous.」

「There are cracks on the door now though…」

「…we have to fix it I suppose. I’ll go over to Lydia’s place to borrow the toolbox.」

「Haha, I’ll help too.」

Claude put her clothes back on, and we repaired the door which Shirushu had destroyed.

It was late in the night when we were done with the repairs. As I stretched out on the bed in my room, I recalled about Silverie who parted from us at the general goods store.

In the end, Silverie never contacted again huh?

Nevertheless, I can’t believe that Silverie ran away from that situation.

I knew that she hated people in general, but even so, that was over exaggerated.

Even when she was talking to me, she was somewhat unsettled. It would seem that the current Silverie had a bigger communication difficulty as compared to the Silverie in my past life.

The next time we meet would probably be when she forcefully intrudes again… I suppose.

I kept the crystal fragment I was fiddling with, and fell asleep.

◆ ◆ ◆

「Alright, from today onwards, I’m thinking of officially starting the countermeasure to deal with Shirushu’s beast transformation.」

The next day, from early in the morning, I made my way to outside of the city, with everyone in tow.

Milly was still sleepy, and yawned with her mouth wide open.

Before coming to the capital, I had investigated if Shirushu’s everyday life was ever put in dangerous situations, and it turns out that whatever happened, she had never transformed into a beast out of fury.

However, probably because of a disposition which makes it difficult for her to defy her beastly instincts, there were instances where Shirushu turned all red and pinned me down when I touched her body too much during the investigation process.

I had immediately put her to sleep, but if I had a choice, I would prefer a less thrilling method of investigation.



When I called, Shirushu stepped forward nervously.

I would’ve let the church in the capital take a look at Shirushu, but it seemed like the people who could use curse-sealing magic were not around.

It appears that curse-sealing magic was not converted into scroll form, and can probably only be used by high priests who have spent years in training and amassing experience.

Until then, Shirushu’s beast transformation ought to be controlled to some degree.

I was acquainted with one Beastman in my past life, who I had accompanied to go through intensive training to improve his control. Now, I will be trying the same methods.

「Lydia, help me.」

Saying that, I took a rope out from the Pouch, and handed it to Lydia.


Together with Lydia, the two of us bound Shirushu with the rope, tightly restraining her.

The rope was eating into Shirushu’s body, and perhaps due to fear or pain, sometimes her body trembled.

「Mm… it hurts…」

「Endure it.」

「Hehe~, I’m good at things like this right~」

Lydia was binding Shirushu’s body with rope, but she was using strange binding methods, as if forming a tortoise’s shell pattern.

The bound Shirushu appeared lewd somehow. 

「It’s done~」

「L-Lydia-san. That binding method was circulated to a foreign country…」

「Oh? You know about it, Clau-chan?」

「I-I don’t know!」

For some reason, Claude was blushing furiously as she looked down.

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