Chapter 112 Part 2

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After some time, we began to see huge, snow-capped mountains.

The foot of those mountains would be our destination – the Cresta vast caverns.

Nearby, snowflakes danced gently as they descended.


Milly sneezed and her whole body shook.

This area was on the North side of the continent and is pretty cold. Time to change into the thick clothes we bought.

「Wow~ it’s cold, isn’t it~」

「You’re saying that, but you’re dressed quite lightly huh, Lydia-san.」

A white trail of breath left Claude’s lips as she spoke to Lydia, whose neckline was exposed.

According to Lydia, it’s easier to retrieve items from her pouch when her neckline is exposed, but it makes me feel cold just by looking at her.

「Sure it’s cold, but it’ll be harder to move around when wearing thick clothes, I feel~ I’m not referring to Clau-chan, but I don’t want to be a burden too.」

「Uu… what a snide remark, Lydia-san…」

「Ahaha ♪ Sorry sorry.」

To appease her, Lydia hugged Claude from behind…

…was what I initially thought, but instead, she thrust her hand under Claude’s clothes.

「Hii!? Wai-… It’s freezing you know! Lydia-san!」

「Ahaha~ it’s fine it’s fine ♪ Haa~ so warm~ 」

「Also… where are you… touch… ing…!」

With a red face, Claude twisted her body and tried to escape, but Lydia stopped her plans by putting both hands under her clothes.

…Come to think of it, my hands are freezing too.

As I was pondering and looked around, I met Milly’s gaze.

Immediately, Milly hid her chest and was on guard towards me.

She probably thought that I would do the same thing as Lydia huh. It’s regrettable that she thinks that way.

In the first place, Milly doesn’t look that warm.

But anyway, my hands are cold.

When I moved my gaze again, what entered my view was Shirushu who was wagging her tail, seemingly in high spirits from watching the snow.

Usually, she would hide her tail under her clothes, but away from the city where there are fewer people, there is no need to do that.

Shirushu previously had her tail cramped within her clothes, but now she was wagging her tail to her heart’s content.

…That looks really warm.

Perhaps having realized that I was eyeing her tail, Shirushu looked at me with fearful eyes.

「Wha-what’s the matter, Zeph-san?」

「Shirushu, I’ll be borrowing your tail for a moment.」

「Eh? Kya!?」

I caught Shirushu’s tail which was covered in long fur, and buried my hands in it.

It was warm inside the hair of her tail, and deeper within, it was considered hot.

When I grabbed hold of the core of her tail, Shirushu let a small voice leak out, and helplessly sat down.


「Hm? Are you okay, Shirushu?」

「No… if you grab my tail… I lose all my strength…」

「Oh, is that so?」

「That’s not it, please stop doing that!」

Milly retorted with a loud voice, while I was getting all warm and cozy.

「But, this is really warm you know?」

While saying that, I pulled on Milly’s hand, and together with mine, buried it into Shirushu’s tail.

「Wow, it’s true. So warm…」

「I know, right?」

「B-both of you please stop…」

Shirushu stayed seated for the time being, while we were getting warmed up using her tail.

Nonetheless, we can’t possibly do this all the time.

「Milly, it’s about time to set up the tent.」

「Ah, you’re right.」

Milly removed her hands from Shirushu’s tail, and rummaged through the pouch, taking out a long zip. This was the tent.

Milly set up the tent against the cavern’s wall.

A small-scale protection barrier forms around the tent, so that monsters cannot enter, ensuring a safe space within.

By pulling down the zipper and entering the tent, a wide space spreads out before you.

The Cresta vast cavern was one of the largest dungeons, even in the Northern Continent.

When using its massive amounts of magic to create a tent space, a space wide enough to easily allow ten people to sleep in is created, which is more than sufficient for the five of us.

「I mean, oh man~ I’m hungry already~」

「Please wait for a little while. I will make something.」

Seeing Lydia who was holding on to her tummy, Shirushu promptly began to take out the cooking tools from the pouch.

After taking out the pot, water, ingredients, as well as a kitchen knife and a cutting board, Shirushu put on a white apron and tied its strings behind her back.

「I will help too.」

「Here! Me too me too~!」

「Hmm then, me too…」

Everyone put on identical aprons and began to cook.

I was also about to give assistance, but Milly warned me to stay seated and wait obediently.

Well, it would be inefficient to cook with this many people, I guess.

But still, I’m a little bored.

「I’m going out for a while. I’ll be back before mealtime.」

「Okay, see you.」

Claude replied in a hurry. It seems that everyone is absorbed in cooking.

As I unzipped the entrance and stepped outside, the sun was almost setting and it was getting dark.

「Guess I’ll briefly take a look inside the cavern?」

I exited the tent, zipped it back up and hid it with some grass, then made my way into the Cresta vast cavern.

The Cresta vast cavern was quite deep, and the Rock Dragon appears around the fifth level, if I’m not mistaken.

Since I don’t have much time anyway, guess I’ll just go around the first level.

Due to the dimness in the cavern, it was difficult to use Teleport.

As I was slowly walking about, I sensed a monster’s presence.

Straining my eyes, I saw a huge rock moving slowly, at a distance away.

It was a giant made of rock, of around three times my height – a Rock Golem.

Upon finding it, I immediately cast Scout Scope.

Rock Golem

Level 48

Magical Power Level

12538 / 12538

After I identified the Rock Golem, the large eye in the center of its face started to glow as it glared at me, and its colossal form shook as it approached me.

I took out the sword Freybrand from my pouch and assumed a fighting stance.

The Rock Golem may be tough, but its movements are sluggish.

It seems like the perfect enemy for target practice using quadra fusion magic.

When the Rock Golem swung its fist at me, I dodged it while slipping close to its body, and I steadied my breathing.

–Calm down. Panicking will only lead to failure.

Its actions are slow, and besides, I have Safe Protection already.

Something like that shouldn’t be a threat to me.

「Phew-… alright, let’s go.」

After sufficiently calming down my nerves, I brandished the sword Freybrand.

A Red Ball was produced as I swung my sword, and I cast Time Square simultaneously.

During the stop in time, I cast Blue Ball, Black Ball, and Green Ball.

–Quadra fusion magic, Tetra Ball.

Alright, this feels like the correct sensation. Looks like it’ll succeed.

As the sword swung downwards, it drew a gold-colored trail, and the Rock Golem’s surface was cleaved.

With one leg sent flying, the Rock Golem lost its balance and half of its body touched the ground, but it was not destroyed yet.

On one knee, the Rock Golem used both arms to counter, while I dodged with Back Step.

To initiate another attack, again I stepped closer to the motionless Rock Golem.

I calmed my mind and focused.

Be it the sword or with magic, the crucial factor is the same.

If one’s mind were in disarray, he will not be able to invoke magic nor wield a sword well.

If I swing my sword with the same state of mind as when I use magic…!

Together with my slash, the gold-colored light erased the Rock Golem… was what I had thought, but the earlier sensation wasn’t felt.

What is going on…?

I thought it was strange as I lowered my sword, and from behind the disappearing Rock Golem, I saw a familiar silhouette.

That is… Silverie?

The person also seemed to have noticed me, as her eyes were wide with surprise.

Silverie’s hands had traces of magic left behind.

The person who gave the Rock Golem the finishing blow earlier was probably Silverie.

Although by accident, I got my kill stolen, but if it’s just this much then I don’t really mind.

「Silverie! What a coincidence. What are you doing?」

「…Of course I’m hunting. Can’t you tell?」

When I ran up to her, Silverie instantly showed a displeased expression.

Her sharp gaze was terribly intimidating.

Hmm, Silverie has been acting weird ever since we met at the general goods store.

Perhaps because Milly and the girls were around, so she didn’t like it?

Nah, even Silverie wouldn’t be that petty.

As I was still speculating, the rock behind Silverie moved slightly.

Is that… a Rock Golem!?


The moment I shouted, the sound of an explosion drowned out my voice.

The Rock Golem fell apart and crumbled into pieces.

In one hit, Silverie had slaughtered the monster. She turned back to look down at me with cold eyes.

That’s kinda scary, Silverie.

「…Are you angry about something?」

「I’m not angry.」

While saying that, Silverie teleported away.

Isn’t she angry, no matter how you see it?

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