Chapter 113 Part 2

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From the shade of a rock, Silverie was watching the four people who were hunting happily.

She had come to hunt the Rock Dragon and was about to move deeper into the cavern, when they just so happened to enter her field of view. Without thinking, she had hidden herself.

The reason why Silverie had moved to the Northern Continent, was because she had accomplished her goals in the Eastern Continent.

Due to her purchase of the King Nipper card from Zeph, she was already close to completing her objectives then.

When she departed from the Southern Continent, Silverie had thought that she wouldn’t be meeting Zeph anymore, so when she heard by chance that he was also in the Northern Continent, her mood improved.

However, in this current situation, her mood turned sour.

As she looked at Zeph getting along well with his comrades, dark and sinister feelings smoldered in her heart.

(Darn, how annoying.)

To vent her frustrations, Silverie punched the rock wall beside her.

She could feel that her magic was in big disarray.

If this goes on, it could become a hindrance during battle, whereas if she met up with Zeph and the others, she could end up acting weirdly again.

Even for Silverie, the Rock Dragon takes an unexpectedly long time to defeat.

For today, it might be better to not proceed further into the cavern.

Deciding on that, Silverie turned on her heels. Just then, a Rock Golem appeared before her.

Glaring at the rock without any idea of what it was thinking, she disregarded it and continued to walk forward.

「…What a hindrance.」

With a wave of her hand, a magic light pierced through the Rock Golem, and the upper half of its body was scattered away.

As too much magic was released at once, it was not well controlled. That was probably because her heart was in disarray.

(Perhaps for today, I should climb the mountain instead?)

The Cresta vast cavern was an enormous dungeon spot, so the mountain above it had turned into a dungeon as well – the Cresta Snowy Peaks.

Compared to the cavern, the mountain had stronger monsters, but at a lower density, making it an easier dungeon to fight in.

However, Silverie’s intent was different, and that was the perfect place to distract her from her emotions.

While trampling and smashing the destroyed Rock Golem to vent her anger, Silverie set foot on the path towards the mountains.

Without knowing about the things happening with Silverie, Zeph and the others smoothly advanced deeper into the Cresta vast cavern.

◆ ◆ ◆

「Uwaa… what’s that?」

「Don’t get too close, okay?」

The rocks formed a set of natural stairs which led downwards, to reach the fifth level which the Rock Dragon lords over.

At one level above it, we decided to have a strategy meeting while taking a break.

I cast Scout Scope on the Rock Dragon which was at the foot of the stairs.

Rock Dragon

Level 62

Magical Power Level

224532 / 224532

The Rock Dragon has tough skin and nails, and boasts of high attack and defense.

Its magical power level is typical of a boss-class monster, but it has sluggish movements and only a few types of attacks.

If it’s just one dragon, defeating it shouldn’t be a problem. However, a considerable number of Rock Dragons can be spotted even from afar.

The fifth level is infested with innumerable Rock Dragons which rule over the place.

That being said, there will be a need to fight with more caution than usual.

Prior to this, I had already told everyone what to expect, but unsurprisingly, seeing this incredible sight of numerous huge monsters lumbering around seems to have frightened them.

「I’ve said this many times before, but Rock Dragons are quite strong. We can estimate its battle prowess to be equal to that of Sunny Ravens. It will be impossible for us to take on two or more of them at once, so we will have to defeat them one at a time.」

「Zeph-chi will attract a large number of Rock Dragons, while I will draw one dragon out at a time, and everyone will defeat it together, correct?」

「Basically, I will be the vanguard, while Milly-san will be our firepower I guess… I feel uneasy in various ways.」

Claude seemed to be worried while she rotated her arm about her shoulder, and let out a wry laugh.

「Claude will be the key player here, do your best okay?」

「Yeah yeah ♪ We’re relying on you!」

「…Yes but, I’m still uneasy.」

Claude stood up, took out a bright red mantle from her pouch, and draped it over herself.

It was the Mantle of Flame Road.

In exchange for reducing damage from Red system magic, this armor amplifies damage from Blue system magic.

The plan is to defend against the Rock Dragon’s flame breath and magic using that mantle and Claude’s unique magic, Screen Point. Meanwhile, physical attacks will have to be evaded by her own skill.

Since other people are not able to use the nullification magic, Screen Point, this role can only be taken by Claude.

Lydia had mentioned that she didn’t need the mantle since it would impede her movements.

Well, it’ll probably be fine since it’s Lydia.

The magic consumption and power of Milly’s Blue Gale is superior, so in the case of long-drawn out battles, her average damage per hour would far exceed mine.

Even with just Milly and Claude, it should be possible to take down the Rock Dragon, even if it takes some time.

「Well then shall we get going? During the battle, we’ll mainly use telepathy.」


「I understand.」

「Right! Let’s go~」

Lydia hugged us and patted our shoulders to encourage us.

Towards the fifth level which was crawling with numerous Rock Dragons, I was the first to enter, followed by Lydia.

Milly and Claude would remain on standby first, and only make their move after their safety can be ensured.

Slowly, I made my way along the rocks with stealthy steps.

In such situations, it would’ve been better to have Shirushu, who has a good sense of smell, with us.

First of all, we have to move to a small room which we will use as the battlefield.

The Cresta vast cavern has a complex layout, and small rooms are available here and there.

By entering one of these rooms without being seen by other enemies, it would be relatively safer to hunt.

「I’ll take a quick look inside. Wait here for a moment.」

「Got it ♪」

Lydia gave a thumbs up. Leaving her on standby, I used Black Coat and proceeded to scout out the small room.

Once I cast Black Coat, I would be completely camouflaged in the surroundings.

To ensure that the invisibility magic does not come off, I made my way slowly.

Although the Rock Dragons nearby did not notice me yet, if I made a wrong move, Black Coat could come off. As that thought crossed my mind, I just couldn’t feel at ease.

While dripping with cold sweat, I arrived in the small room. It would seem that there were no monsters inside.

Having arrived safely, I initiated telepathy with the three ladies.

《It’s safe inside. I will attract the surrounding monsters, so everyone can begin to enter the small room, with Lydia in the lead. I will leave any necessary decision-making to Lydia.》



《Good job, Zeph! Be careful, okay?》


Alright then, before Milly and the rest arrive, I ought to lure all the Rock Dragons away from the path leading to the room.

I left the small room and walked to roughly the center of the floor, and canceled Black Coat.

At that instant, the Rock Dragons nearby simultaneously turned to face me.

Probably about seven or eight Rock Dragons stomped on the ground and kicked up clouds of dust as they commenced the attack.

「– Alright then, shall we begin?」

I cast Summon Servant, and with a flash of light, Ain appeared.

「Gramps, you called~… Eh, what’s this!?」

On seeing the thunder of Rock Dragons before her, Ain’s eyes were wide with shock.

「Sorry but I’d like you to lure these dragons. Will it be a problem?」

「It’s fine, but~…」

Ain leaned forward and spoke with a sweet voice while taking quick glances at me from below.

Jeez, this girl… she probably wants food.

「Yeah, yeah… if you work hard, I will reward you generously with food.」

「Yayy! I’ll do it I’ll do it!」

While flapping her arms about, Ain flew towards a Rock Dragon.

Three Rock Dragons noticed Ain and charged towards her.

If things get dangerous for Ain, I could just make her vanish, so well, I guess it should be fine.

Alright then, I’ll have to take on the remainder of the dragons.

When I looked towards the dust clouds nearby, I saw four Rock Dragons ferociously heading towards me.

I slowly approached them, for the sake of distancing them from Milly and the rest.

A few seconds before coming into contact, I cast Time Square, and the monsters’ movements were stopped just in time.

While time was frozen, I checked the actions of the monsters.

On the left, a dragon is about to gore me with its horns, while in the front, another is about to trample me underfoot. From slightly further away, a dragon is about to release its breath, and on the right, another is preparing to strike from overhead with its claws.

After confirming the next moves of the four Rock Dragons, I cast Black Boots twice.

The moment when time was unfrozen, wind wrapped around my feet and I dashed off.

I jumped over the horn, dodged the foot, and the breath landed at a place I had already run past.

As the claws swung down, I weaved through the gaps between the claws and emerged from behind the dragons.

I cast Black Wave at the Rock Dragons who were flustered from having lost sight of me.

The dragons noticed the sudden gust of wind and turned around. Watching them, I sneered.

「Where are you looking at, you dumb dragons?」

Even without understanding my words, they probably understood that I was provoking them.

With eyes dyed red in fury, they commenced the attack.

It’s nice and easy to have simple-minded opponents.

Alright, looks like we’re also moving according to plan over there.

While I was luring the thunder of dragons that were chasing me, from the corner of my eyes, I spotted Milly and the rest entering the small room.

All that’s left is to lead these guys away, get rid of them, and then return.

As I was bringing the dragons around while making sure they do not disperse, the sounds of the girls’ battle could be heard.

To ensure that everyone would be informed of the current situation, all members were told to communicate via telepathy.

《Milly-san! A-attack quickly…!》

《Hold on, Claude, my magic will recover soon.》

《Uwa, a new Rock Dragon is here! I will lure it and give it the slip over there before coming back okay~》

As far as I can know from their telepathy, it would seem that they’re having a pretty tough fight.

I would like to rush over immediately, but I can’t take my hands off my situation either.

To make sure that I do not lose the Rock Dragons, I’ve been maintaining a reasonable speed while running from them. Behind me, the number of dragons had increased a few times from the initial few, and they were kicking up dust clouds while chasing after me.

I have already lost count of the number of Rock Dragons behind me.

What I do know, is probably that the moment I stop running, I would likely be run over and killed.

It’s about time to escape I guess.

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