Chapter 114 Part 1

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While continuing to avoid the Rock Dragons coming at me I started moving towards the right, however I ended up encountering Ain who was running away from another Dragon.


「Grandpa I managed to run away! Wh-… aren’t there even more now?」

「That’s right. There’s quite a bit more.」

「What are we going to do about this!」

「Do not fret. I have a plan… Ain turn into a sword.」

「That’s fine and all but… Here I go.」


Accompanied by light, Ain turned into her Divine Sword form and landed in my hand.

――Divine Sword Ainbelle.

It was a sword that could absorb one’s magic power and by swinging it the absorbed magic power would be released. I had numerous ways of using it so it was one of my trump cards. On the other hand the cost for using it was quite high. Compared to her normal gluttonous state, when using this Ain ended up eating a tremendous amount of gems so I didn’t normally want to use it.

Ain addressed it as a Divine Sword but to me it was just a Magic Sword. 

Still this time I have no choice but to use it… Hya!

While cursing I activated Time Square. While time was stopped I cast Black Boots twice. Afterwards I looked at the Divine Sword Ainbelle and aimed the double cast Black Boots at it.

Divine Sword Ainbelle began to be covered in wind and it promptly sucked the magic power into its blade.

Then I once more cast Time Square.

I cast Black Boots twice more and activated it while simultaneously swinging Divine Sword Ainbelle, activating the other two Black Boots charges within it.

――Fourfold Spell Synthesis Black Boots Square.

The rising wind enveloped my body and I could suddenly feel myself become lighter. I waited for the numerous Rock Dragons to get as close as possible. To me, the charging Rock Dragons currently looked as if they had stopped.

I waited right until the Rock Dragons were about to attack. Then, in a single breath, I passed right through the middle of the crowd.




The Rock Dragons raised a howl of confusion as they lost their target.  

I entered the small shed in the back and released Divine Sword Ainbelle.  

I had escaped for now; however, I couldn’t relax just yet.  

I cast Black Coat and my figure became identical to the scenery.

…..!! Fourfold increase really does take its toll though. All of my joints are creaking.  Increasing the body’s physical capabilities with magic really puts a huge burden on the body. Combine it with increasing it fourfold and running at full throttle and it’s no wonder it’s like this.


「I don’t have time to leisurely rest… I must get to Milly and the others as soon as possible.」


While being grateful to my still creaking body I slowly headed to where Milly and the others were.  I could see the Rock Dragons scattering in the distance after they had lost sight of me.

If it was a Boss made up of an enormous amount of Magic Power, or a Mage that had Magic Power above a certain number they would have probably been able to see through Black Coat, however no matter how strong they may be, monsters that were normally spawned in a Dungeon would have no way to see through it.

It was really efficient when trying to shake off monsters.

I would even say that it was a spell that was essential when exploring through this Dungeon crawling with Rock Dragons.  

When I went back to Milly and the others they were still fighting against the Rock Dragons.  

It seemed like Lydia had also joined them after luring away and scattering some Rock Dragons.  

I cast Scout Scope at a Rock Dragon that was firing its fire breath at Claude.  


Rock Dragon

Lv 62

Magic Power 123,276 / 224,532


Whoa, it seems like they’re putting up a good fight.  


I cast Blue Wall on the entrance of the small room that I had just entered. A wall of ice then appeared and blocked off the entrance.  

The monsters from the outside shouldn’t be able to find us now.


「Oh you’re back! Good work Zeph-chi」

「ZEPH YOU’RE LATE! Don’t do this next time」


In contrast to Lydia who was carefree, Milly was casting Blue Gale with a desperate expression showing on her face.  

Well the Rock Dragons’ movement was way too slow for Lydia and Milly must have probably drained her Magic Power by casting spells numerous times.  

And Claude who was fighting with a Rock Dragon, head on, was in such a frantic situation that she couldn’t even allow herself to raise her voice at me.  


Good, if it’s like this then…


「Try to take care of it by yourselves」 saying that I leaned against a rock wall and took a resting position.


「Wh-what are you saying! Zeph, you help as well!」

「It’s not an opponent you cannot win against… Or is it that you feel uneasy when I’m not there?」 I said with a smile. In response Milly’s face got bright red and she raised her eyebrows.


「WH-!?THAT’S NOT TRUE! … Claude, Lydia we’re doing this!」  

「Ahaha♪」 Lydia responded.


What an easy to control fellow.  


And as before Claude had no chance to respond.  

After that the intense fight continued for a while after which with a loud sound the Rock Dragon’s huge body fell to the ground.  

The Rock Dragon’s body then disappeared after being defeated by the three exhausted girls 《with Milly being the most drained.》.


「Haaa…. Ha….W-we did it!」

「Phew that one sure was tough. Kuro-chan are you okay?」  [1. TL Note: Claude’s nickname which Lydia calls her] 

「I-I’m afraid I’m n-not doing that great….」 saying that Claude began falling to the ground.


Seeing that I immediately rushed and embraced her right before she was about to fall.  Looking at Claude’s face I saw that she was pale and looked extremely exhausted.


「…. Claude, you did great.」

「Th-thank y-you…」 she said.


I proceeded to cast Healing on her which seemed to lift her a bit.  

The other two also had a look of accomplishment showing on their faces.

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to produce the Rock Dragon Fangs that we had set out to get but being able to defeat such a monster without me should have raised Milly and the others’ confidence.


「Everyone, good job. You did great.」 I looked towards Milly with a smile

「Hmph… O-of course we did!」 she replied while turning her blushing face.  


She really is easy to control. Still that’s one of her good qualities.


「What are you grinning about!?」

「Nothing.」 I said while putting my hand on Milly’s head and stroking it so as to try and dodge the question.


Afterwards, I suddenly got a call from someone while I was joining the girls in fighting three Rock Dragons.


《Zeph-san? Where are you?》


I clearly heard Shirushu’s voice. It seems like she had finally woken up.


《Oh Shirushu. You’ve woken up I see.》

《Y-yes…S-so, where is everyone?》

《We’re hunting. I think we’ll be back soon, so it’d be great if you could prepare something for us to eat later.》

《I understand; I’ll get to it right away!》


After I finished my telepathy with Shirushu I turned towards everyone.


「…So that’s how it is. We should go back soon.」

「You’ve got a point. I’m hungry as well♪」

「I’m also tired….」 said Claude

「You did well today Kuro-chan」 Lydia said to her.


And with that today’s hunt was over. Unfortunately, not a single Rock Dragon Fang dropped, however everyone’s level went up and it also became precious battle experience so it wasn’t in vain.




「Everyone, great job!」


When we got back to the tent Shirushu was there to welcome us, wearing an apron.


「Dinner’s ready」


It seemed like she had prepared dinner for us, just as we discussed beforehand. Milly let out a faint smile because she probably still couldn’t forget the strange taste from the other day.  

Even so she couldn’t refuse Shirushu’s kindness so in the end she lifted up the pot’s lid.  

The inside was filled with vegetables and noodles and a pleasant aroma drifted from the pot.

…Well it does look tasty.  

As if having thought the same thing everyone swallowed their saliva.  

We received bowls full of food from Shirushu and when our gazes met we fearfully put the food in our mouths.  

It was then that Milly suddenly jumped up and yelled at Shirushu.



「I agree. It’s completely different from yesterday’s meal.」 said Claude, agreeing with Milly.  


Shirushu’s meal was way better than yesterday’s… Rather it was actually tasty. Everyone’s eyes went round due to the change.


「Fufu. Thank you everyone. I tried to make it according to the recipe I got from Lydia-san.」

「It looks like it went well Shiru-chan.」

「Wh-, hihihi…」


Lydia got close and stroked Shirushu’s head with one hand, while her other hand was fondling Shirushu’s breasts.  

Shirushu apparently felt bad about running away after she had gotten Lydia’s help so she just stood there with a red face, while letting Lydia do whatever she pleased.


「Lydia, leave it at that won’t you?」 I said while grabbing Lydia’s hand and pulling it away from Shirushu’s body.


「You’re so meaan. Don’t you do the same thing all the time Zeph-chi.」

「That’s true Zeph, you’re not one to judge.」

「The reason I do it is to help Shirushu train to control her animal nature.」 I said while bringing down a hand-chop over Milly’s head. Afterwards I moved my chopsticks towards the food Shirushu had prepared.  

While eating we reviewed today’s hunt as well as made plans for tomorrow.


「Isn’t it possible to have Shirushu stay close to the room’s entrance and have her notify us whenever monsters draw close?」 proposed Claude

「If we do that, then she’ll just end up staying there by herself. Isn’t it way too pitiful…」 Milly disagreed with her

「I-I’m okay with it….」 Claude seemed to be on the logical side, while Milly took the emotional.  


Shirushu also didn’t look like she was that intent on fighting.


「Rather, why don’t we have Shiru-chan go out of control and bring the monsters to her?」 Lydia proposed

「It’s not a bad idea, however apart from spells, normal attacks don’t work on the Rock Dragons. Even in her beastfolk form it would still take a lot of time for Shirushu to take care of them. And there’s no guarantee that she won’t go after us.」

「That really is scary…..」


Milly and the others were looking at me and Lydia with cold gazes, because of our discussion just now.

Guess they can’t take a joke.

I looked at Lydia and shrugged my shoulders.


「…Well I guess it’s fine if we have her take on the lookout and healing role. The Rock Dragons are certainly strong so having Shirushu with her good hearing will allow her to figure out where the monsters are coming from.」 I said, to which everyone nodded.

「I-I’ll do my best!」 Shirushu said while clenching both her fists.

Well then it seems like we’ve come to a conclusion. We have to get up early so it’s best if we go to sleep.  

It would be troublesome if Shirushu ended up turning like she had yesterday so I decided not to perform the Magical Power Line strengthening today.  

After saying that I wouldn’t do it until we managed to acquire the Rock Dragon Fangs Claude looked at me with a sad expression.  

Could she actually be enjoying it quite a bit?

She somehow does seem to like it when I do it. 

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