Chapter 115 Part 1

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Around the same time, Silverie was going down the mountain in the middle of a snow storm.

She didn’t have a lot of food left and there wasn’t anyone that would be able to help her since Silverie had no friends.

She had decided it would be better to get down as much as possible before her physical strength gave up on her.

Her field of view was limited, but it was still better when compared to walking during the night.

Surrounded by the warming coat made with magic she was feeling warm, however the melting snow touching her skin wasn’t a pleasant experience.

The endlessly stretching and monotonous pure white scenery, accompanied by the fatigue from the long journey had stolen Silverie’s ability to think.


《《Why did something like this happen…》》


She tried to work her already fatigued mind however everything inside it just felt like it was in a haze.




It’s his fault.

I started going crazy around the time I met him.

Ever since then I haven’t been myself.


《《Damn it. What is this feeling….!》》


Silverie frowned and ground her teeth.

The control over her spell was disturbed and the heat inside the coat rose up to a point that made her feel hot.




Suddenly she felt like the snow mountain in front of her had just moved.

And it wasn’t just her imagination.

The snow began letting off squeaking noises as the snow mountain grew bigger.

What appeared from within the tumbling snow was Cresta Great Snow Mountain’s boss, Hati Bear.

Its height was comparable to that of a standing Rock Dragon and its fur boasted a high defense.

Hati Bear curved its mouth and eyes while fixing its look on Silverie.

It was the expression of a hunter having found its prey.

However, Silverie had the same expression. She was looking at the Hati Bear while showing a faint smile.

If this isn’t just the perfect opponent to take my frustration out on.

Is what she thought.




Silverie flicked her coat and began to refine her Magic power while glaring at the Hati Bear who was letting out a roar while raising a curtain of smoke with its charge at her.




While unconsciously saying that name Silverie got into a fighting pose.




「Zeph what’s wrong?」



Is it just my imagination? I just left like someone called my name…  

After obtaining the Rock Dragon Fang we returned to the tent and were currently eating the food Shirushu had made for us.

On the outside a snow storm was raging.

Even Milly wasn’t able to enjoy herself like she did in the morning during this snowstorm, so she had also entered the tent alongside us.


「The amount of snow is amazing♪」

「It really does make your heart beat, doesn’t it?」

「It doesn’t snow that often in the East Continent so this really is a new experience!」

「Everyone seems so excited for some reason… I can’t seem to understand it…」


The first time I came to the North Continent and saw a huge amount of snow I was in high spirits as well so I could understand their excitement.

Still was I really imagining that thing just then…? For some reason it sounded like Silverie’s voice…

We finished with our meal and after everyone went to bed I began to fiddle the crystal ring fragment that I had gotten from Silverie.




I said in a quiet voice so the others wouldn’t hear, but as I had expected there was no response.

Around the time when everyone fell asleep before I could even notice it I let go of my consciousness as well.




The blood was flowing along Silverie’s arm and was dripping on the while snow, painting it red.

She had been able to inflict a serious wound on the Hati Bear, however she had also been wounded in the process.

After entering its Berserk Mode, the Hati Bear had driven her up a cliff where she slipped and fell down to the bottom of the gorge.

It was then that she suffered the wound.

While hearing the distant roar Silverie created a cave inside the snow so that she could rest.

After supporting the insides of the cave so that it wouldn’t collapse she slowly dragged her body and sat in a corner.


《《I underestimated it…》》


The hardship of fighting during a snowstorm, a first in a long time encounter with a boss from the North Continent, the danger of the mountain.

She was currently in such a state due to underestimating all of those things.

She cast Red Ball and produced a ball of flames on top of her hand, however the flames were really unstable and looked like they would disappear at any moment.

Normally controlling her spells wouldn’t be a problem.

However, she currently couldn’t do it. That was how weakened Silverie was. Both physically and mentally.


《《It’s cold…》》


She cast Healing on her hand, however the wouldn’t didn’t close up.

She could feel her body temperature dropping.

After she cast the Enchant Spell Kuro wrapped itself around her arm.

Was it due to not being able to control her magic properly, but even Kuro’s form was a bit distorted as well.




She called out the black snake’s name, however it didn’t respond.

She felt even sadder and cut off the Enchant Spell.

When she hugged her knees and buried her head between them a sudden drowsiness enveloped her.




While taking in the sound of the raging snow storm and saying Zeph’s name out loud Silverie fell asleep. 


In the end, after that we continued hunting for a couple of more days. After obtaining a total of three Rock Dragon fangs we returned to the capital of Prolea.

The girl at the reception of the Adventurer Guild, Claris, was completely surprised to see us having completed the task in half the time that was given to us.

Looking at Claris’ surprised expression Milly laughed boastfully.


「Hihi♪ What do you say? Amazing, aren’t we?」

「…you really are. It appears my eyes have gone bad. I apologize for addressing you as kids.」

「It’s fine as long as you understand.」 said Milly while throwing out her chest at the apologizing Claris.


Claris may be stubborn but she had impartial eyes.

Milly’s getting way too carried away…

I brought down a hand-chop to the back of her head.


「Ouch! What was that for Zeph!」

「That’s because you’re acting like an idiot… So, are we going to be recognized as an official Guild now?」

「Yes. As long as a person is capable we are gladly going to welcome them… Should I presume that you are the Guild Master?」

「No, it’s this short one over here.」

「Who’s the short one! …I’m Milly Reyad the Guild Master of the Hunters of the Blue Sky!」

「Understood. Well then Ms. Milly Reyad would you please sign these?」 saying that Claris took out a large amount of papers from under the desk and left them in front of Milly.

Milly shrunk back at the pile of documents that was as tall as a mountain.


「Start by signing here. And after that you will have to attend the 5th period class, when that is over with your Guild will be recognized.」

「Do I really have to do all of t-that!?」

「Yes. If there’s anything you don’t understand feel free to ask me. Is that okay Miss Guild Master?」


After being handed the documents by Claris, Milly was left lost for words.

Due to being uneasy about leaving all of the documentation to Milly alone, Lydia decided to stay and help her.

After all Lydia was good with those kinds of things.

Milly was saying things along the lines of 「I can do it by myself!」, however no matter how one looked at it, it was impossible. After telling her off she reluctantly agreed.

And for me, I was currently on my way back to the inn with Claude and Shirushu.


「Zeph-san you look like you’d be good with those kinds of things. Why didn’t you stay and help Milly-san as well?」 Shirushu asked me.

「Zeph-kun hates troublesome things you see.」 said Claude while looking at me and laughing.


I felt like Claude was gradually starting to figure out my character.

I had already been with Claude for a long time now and compared to Milly she’s pretty clever so I guess it was normal.


「Well then there’s something that the three of us have to take care of as well.」 I said while patting their backs in order to deceive them.


The thing that we had to do… That was Shirushu’s training for controlling her beastfolk transformation.

I guess it’s fine if I have her fight some weak monsters in order to have her get used to it. After all, if she became able to freely control her transformation she’ll turn into quite the valuable asset. And Lydia and Milly will probably take a lot of time before they’re done with those papers. Without them our fighting power drops significantly and we won’t even be able to hunt properly. In which case having Shirushu get used to her animal nature is the most efficient.


「Ugh… I’m scared but nonetheless I’ll give it my best…」

「It’s going to be fine. And once you get used to seeing it, you actually look really cute like that Shirushu-san.」 Claude said to her

「I-is that true? I have mixed feelings about that…」


After leaving our bags at the inn the three of us headed outside of town. 




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