Chapter 115 Part 2

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「Over here…」


Shirushu was currently leading us towards where a monster was.

To be honest Shirushu’s searching ability was really useful.

Yesterday as well, due to her we were able to progress to the 5th floor where the Rock Dragons were, while avoiding other monsters and were able to reduce fighting to a bare minimum.

From another point of view, it was also really helpful when searching for monsters.

Following behind Shirushu we were soon able to see the monster.

It was a Rock Wolf.

While letting out a howl the Rock Wolf looked towards us.


「Claude, draw its attention for a bit. I’ll have Shirushu switch to her beastfolk form after which I’ll let her fight it. Be careful.」




I called Shirushu close to me and strongly pressed my hand up against her chest.


「U-um… Isn’t it possible to control the Magic Power Lines through the back, why must it be the chest?」

「The thickest part of the Magic Power Lines is located close to the chest after all. If you strip, I don’t mind controlling those on your back…」

「H-Here is fine!」


I let out magic power while twisting Shirushu’s chest which made her face redden along with her hair.

This time I decided to give her a really weakened stimulus. If she was able to keep a bit of her reason like this then it would be successful.


「I toned it down as much as possible, so please try and maintain your reason.」 

「I-I’ll d-do my b-best…!」


It was happening gradually however her hair still turned bright red due to her restrained anger.

Her body shook and her nails and fangs also lengthened.



「Shirushu! Tsch!」



At first she looked like she still had a bit of reasoning left, however that was instantly swallowed up by her bestial side and she ended up completely transforming.

A failure huh. It didn’t go well after all.

Shirushu who was now dyed in bright red turned around and fixed her gaze on the Rock Wolf that Claude was fighting against.

Claude had noticed Shirushu’s roar from just now, so she was fast to jump back in retreat.





While letting out bestial noises Shirushu and the Rock Wolf were staring at each other.

Was it because it perceived Shirushu to be his enemy I don’t know but the Rock Wolf opened its huge mouth and jumped at her.

However, Shirushu was overwhelmingly faster than it!

Shirushu suddenly disappeared and then a flash of red light ran through the Rock Wolf’s body and its body dropped on the ground divided in three.

Without even realizing that it had been trisected the Rock Wolf bit down after which it turned into beads of light and disappeared.

It’s been a while since I last saw the transformed Shirushu fight, but this really is amazing.


「S-she really is amazing. That Shirushu-san…」

「Be careful Claude, she still hasn’t reverted back you know.」


I made Claude go behind me and I slowly drew closer to Shirushu.


「Now, now, everything is okay Shirushu.」



Shirushu was still bright red, and the light of reasoning was completely missing from her eyes.

In order not to provoke her I slowly got closer to her, however Shirushu dropped her body on the ground and took on a forward-bent posture.

And in the next instant I blinked. Shirushu used that slight chance in order to conceal herself.


「Oh no…!?」


I immediately traced her presence, however as if having disappeared into thin air her figure had already gone outside my field of vision.

Could she have gone to hunt another monster…? It’s not impossible. If a monster appeared and faced its animosity towards Shirushu then it’s possible that she went after it. And even I’m not able to notice a killing intent aimed at someone other than me.

While thinking that I turned back to look at Claude. Behind Claude I saw Shirushu’s hunter-like hands spread wide around her body.




Claude heard my voice and was about to turn around but Shirushu’s hands were faster than her and were already in the process of trapping her. 

――Time Square!

While time was frozen I tried to alter Shirushu’s movement with a spell, however without being able to do anything in the end I let time flow again.

That was because when I had looked closer I had noticed that Shirushu’s eyes looked like those of a puppy that was trying to play with its owner.

After resuming the flow of time Shirushu grabbed Claude tightly with her arms, holding her without letting her escape.




And like that she took Claude down on the ground while still holding on to her.


「W-what… Stop this! Shirushu!!?」


Shirushu blocked Claude’s mouth as she was trying to talk and then while waving her tail she proceeded to lick her face.

This situation… It’s the same thing that happened to me. When Shirushu becomes like that it’s hard to stop her.


「Zeph! fdsklhg! H-help m-me…」


It seems like Shirushu wanted her reward for defeating the enemy.

While looking at Shirushu coiling around Claude I let out a sigh.

If that happens every time after a fight my stamina won’t last. I need to think of a way to fix it.


「ZEPH!」 Claude yelled, asking for help.


I guess I should go and do something about it.

In order to make Shirushu lose consciousness I cast Green Wall Double and bound her, after which I once again forced magic power into her body.




The continuously raging snow storm was tramping down on Silverie’s heart and ears.

How many days had she been in this cave?

She was somehow able to close up the wound she got when fighting the Hati Bear but in return for that she got sick.

Spells were affected by a user’s health as well as mental state. Healing her wound was quite difficult and on top of that she also used Red Ball to warm herself up.

She had drained her magic power due to using spells simultaneously, and now due to not feeling well her magic power regeneration was slowed down as well. In the end it seemed like it would take her quite the considerable amount of time before she would be able to restore herself.


「I’m h-hungry…」 whispered Silverie.


Without showing any signs of stopping the snow storm only grew worse.

The Portable Food that she had had with her had also run out two days ago.




The cold and the hunger were draining Silverie’s strength and willpower.

While her consciousness was growing dim Silverie was calling out Zeph’s name.  Next time I’ll give him a proper crystal rin….





While looking at Shirushu, who had returned to her senses, apologizing to Claude I noticed Silverie’s quiet voice that was buzzing in my head.

It was Telepathy. And judging by the state of it, it wasn’t normal.


《Silverie? Hey! Silverie!》



 I immediately called out to her, however there was no response.

Am I imagining things…? No, this just now was definitely Silverie.

As if having noticed that something was up with me Claude approached me.


「Zeph-kun, did something happen?」

「Yeah… I’m sorry but could you wait for a bit.」


Without paying attention to Claude who was nodding her head I continued to try and talk to Silverie.


《Silverie? Silverie!》


… However it was to no avail.

There was no response.

Perhaps Telepathy, itself, just now was due to some desperate situation… She might have also done it unintentionally.

When I think about it I met her once when we were at Cresta’s Great Cave the other day.

Could she still be there…? No, if I think about it, the voice that I heard through Telepathy just now somehow felt like it was trembling due to the cold. Could she be at the Cresta Grand Snow Mountain…?

It was possible.

Silverie had the habit of venting by hunting down monsters that were nearby when she got angry.

When I met her at the cave she already seemed angry, and besides there was no way that she’d freeze inside the cave.

Which meant, it best to think that she was at the Cresta Great Snow Mountain.

There were times in my past life where I had travelled with Silverie. Thinking back to them she wouldn’t bring a tent and rather slept in the open air.

It was entirely possible for an accident to have happened in that snow mountain.

If that really is the case, then isn’t this really bad…?

A vicious snow storm was currently raging at the Cresta Great Snow Mountain.

If a disaster happened there, then…

At that thought shivers ran down my spine.

Considering Silverie there was no way she’d ask me for help.

There was no doubt that Telepathy just now had been in a desperate… no, rather close to an unconscious level.

Silverie was currently in a situation that had pushed her to that degree.

I was currently in the capital. It would take me a day by Teleport to get to the Cresta Great Snow Mountain. and if I were to begin my search then it would probably take a couple more days.

There was no time to hesitate.





I grabbed Shirushu hands and she looked me with a look of surprise.


「A person that’s really dear to me may be in danger. Could I ask you to lend me your strength Shirushu?」


I couldn’t think of a good way to explain the situation to the both of them.

That is why I expressed my honest feelings.

Both of them were confused at first, however they appeared to have understood that it was a situation that couldn’t be delayed so after exchanging looks they both nodded.


「I-if I can be of help then gladly…」 answered Shirushu

「I-I would also like to help…」 Claude said as well

「…thank you」


I showed my gratitude towards the two of them and then took their hands and began teleporting towards the Cresta Great Snow Mountain.

While drinking magic power restoring medicine I continued to teleport at full speed towards the Cresta Great Snow Mountain and by the time we got there it was already night time. The surroundings were devastated by the snow.

It’s worse than the other day… We don’t have time to leisurely look around.

I cast Red Ball and while the ball of flames that appeared began raising the temperature of the surroundings, we headed towards the mountain.

Normally it would be reckless to try and climb this snow mountain considering the raging snow storm, however since I could use magic it wouldn’t be that hard.

However, I still had no clue as to where Silverie was.

That was where it was Shirushu’s turn to shine.


「Shirushu, do you remember the woman with the black coat in that general store? Could you try to remember her smell? The one that needs help is her.」

「Hmph… I’m sorry but I can’t quite remember it… If you have something hers then I might be able to remember but…」Shirushu said while crossing her hands in front of her and groaned.

Now that I think about it there’s that.

I rummaged through my backpack and took out the crystal ring fragment that I got from Silverie before.


「Will this work?」

「Hm… Zeph-san’s smell is pretty strong, however that person’s smell is certainly mixed into it as well! I can slightly smell the same smell coming from that direction!」 Shirushu said while pointing her finger at the end of a mountain road just above the Cresta Great Cave.


If she had used the road after meeting us at the cave, then it was entirely possible.


「Thank you Shirushu! Can I ask you to lead us by following that smell?」

「O-of course! …But a lot of time has already passed so I might not be able to meet your expectations…」

「You’re our only hope at the moment.」

「…I understand.」


Her tail stood up and Shirushu got on all fours. She then began moving her face closer and then further from the ground.

It appeared that she was having a hard time finding the smell. Shirushu was doing her best in searching the area.

After all 10 days had already passed since that time. I couldn’t blame her.

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