Chapter 116 Part 2

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「Claude, I’ll perform an attack so try to stop its movements!」 I said

「G-got it!」


Claude curled up her body, almost like that of a turtle, and took on the Hati Bear’s attack with her shield.

A loud sound echoed and an enormous curtain of snow smoke rose.




So she used the snow as a cushion to soften the impact of the attack. Good going Claude.


「As long as the enemy doesn’t move then…!」


I aimed at the Hati Bear’s leg while it was desperately trying to crush Claude and with Divine Sword Ainbelle in my left hand and the Treasured Sword Freybrand in my right I slashed as if drawing a cross.

I cast Time Square and performed another Fourfold Spell Synthesis, creating another Tetra Ball with my right hand.

While at the same time firing off the Tetra Ball that had been absorbed by Ainbelle…!


「Double Tetra Ball!」


The two golden lights drew an ark and with a dazzling light which formed into a shining cross of light.

The Hati Bear tried to endure but failed and while staggering it fell down due to the tremendous power of the attack.

At the place where Claude had been just now a huge hole appeared.


「Claude! A-are you okay?」

「I-I’m fine!」


I heard Claude’s voice from within the hole.

Looking closely at the Hati Bear’s palm there was a mark that showed that it had been pierced by a sword.

So she even managed to counter-attack. That Claude, she’s always so thorough.

I took Claude’s hand and pulled her out of the hole.

Which then escalated into something like a hug and I found my face hitting Claude’s breastplate.


「Thank you Zeph-kun… And I’m also sorry.」

「Urgh… Don’t worry about it.」


While holding my face due to the pain I stood up and cast Safe Protection on Claude.

And while at it I also cast Scout Scope on the Hati Bear.


Hati Bear

Lv 82

Magic Power 274,356 / 1,325,354


Double Tetra Ball had caused 50,000 damage.

It was the highest amount of damage that I alone could produce.

On top of having to put in an extra effort it could also only be used on enemies that couldn’t move, however, I couldn’t do anything about it.

While staring fixedly at the groaning Hati Bear I put my arm on Claude’s shoulder.


「Six more, can you do it Claude?」

「Haha… I don’t have a choice do I?」

「I’m relying on you.」

「…I’ll do my best.」 Claude said to me with a smile after which she brandished her shield and took on a fighting pose.


I also retreated to the back and once again threw Divine Sword Ainbelle to the air.


《I-I told you not to do it! I CAN’T HOLD OUT!?GRAMPS! please forgi….》

《Time Square!》



After once again shooting Ainbelle with a Tetra Ball her screams continued to echo inside my head.





After the fourth Tetra Ball hit the Hati Bear it let out a painful roar that pierced the snowstorm and echoed in the surroundings.

The Hati Bear started towards me while I was retreating, however, Claude promptly slashed at its back drawing its attention.


「Y-your opponent is m-me!」



While Claude took on the Hati Bear I proceeded to meditate.

Both Claude and Shirushu were breathing through their mouths, their white breath showing in the air. Their expressions were showing just how tired they were.

However, we were superior.

We will win somehow.

I thought of making Shirushu transform as a last means, however now that we were fighting a boss, and not a small fry, it would be disastrous if she were to turn against us.


「Shirushu! Keep a look on the surroundings to inform us if any monsters get close!」 

「O-okay!… Achoo!」


It was probably because she hadn’t stopped sniffing while in the midst of this snowstorm but Shirushu’s nose had turned bright red.

She ended up sneezing while giving her response and her nose even began dripping.


「Ahh!? …I-I’m sorry!」

「…here, use this to wipe your nose.」


I handed over a handkerchief to Shirushu and turned around, just as I did so I could hear her blowing her nose.

While chewing on a piece of strengthened White Sage I continued watching Claude fighting.

Afterwards Claude ended up taking a number of the Hati Bear’s attacks however she managed to parry most of them with either her sword or shield.

There were times when she ended up taking the full blow of an attack, however, that was only when she had Safe Protection cast on her.

And even so, she would still fly back from the impact or land on top of the snow to soften the impact even more.

Claude had said this before.

*I’m weak. That is why I’ll do anything so as to not become a burden.*


Without going back on her words she’s holding on and doing everything she can…

 I felt that my magic power had returned so I once again turned my sight to the front.

But before that, I clenched Divine Sword Ainbelle and spoke to Ain.


《Three more times. Let’s go Ain.》

《Ugh… I don’t care any moooooore!?》


I fired off a Tetra Ball at Divine Sword Ainbelle and rushed towards Claude.


「Claude! Are you okay?」



 Claude’s clothes were a mess and there were even some bloodstains on them.

It doesn’t look like she’ll be able to hold on much more. Magenta Coat’s effect will soon run out as well, I should let her fall back for now.


「…Claude, fall back for a bit. I’ll somehow take care of the rest.」


「You did great Claude so it’s fine, fall back.」

「…I understand.」


While nodding her head perhaps the thread of tension had finally snapped but Claude exhaled and made a relaxed expression.


「Shirushu! I’m leaving Claude to you!」



While flattening the snow beneath her feet Shirushu ran towards us.

In order to draw the Hati Bear’s attention towards me, I waved Divine Sword Ainbelle that was shining with golden light.

It was the same golden light that had already struck its body a number of times. The Hati Bear responded to the light and stared at me with caution.


「That’s right… Come here.」


I waved Ainbelle to provoke the Hati Bear while at the same time getting further away from Claude. While being guided by the light the Hati Bear began to cautiously get close to me.

Trying not to be noticed I looked towards Claude out of the corner of my eye. She had already joined Shirushu.

Afterward she would somehow get well with the help of the elixirs.

I returned my gaze to the Hati Bear and because I probably wouldn’t be able to use Freybrand in a one versus one fight I put it back in my bag.

That was the sign that signaled the start of our battle.




While raising its voice the Hati Bear charged at me with an intimidating air that even sent shivers down my spine.

It will be hard to dodge its stout arms when my body is covered by fear like this. I won’t be able to dodge these wide-area attacks with just a simple hop backward. To think Claude was receiving these kinds of attacks… It’s impossible for me.


I cast Time Square and just right after that with a roaring sound a curtain of snow dust rose to the air.




I heard Shirushu shouting from afar.

Naturally, that attack just now had been a miss. In order to counter-attack, I once again cast Time Square.

Due to the curtain of snow, I wasn’t able to see that well, but I was aiming at that giant body after all. I would probably hit even if I shot randomly.

I cast Black Sphere and Green Sphere while time was stopped.

Double Spell Synthesis Gravity Sphere.

I aimed at the place where the Hati Bear was supposed to be and the gravitational sphere made from magic flew, sucking in the snow dust, clearing up my line of sight in an instant.

At the same time, the Hati Bear’s roar echoed through the area.




The scenery cleared up and the Hati Bear stood before me, covered in snow.



「Your full-force attacks don’t work on me.」


Just when the Hati Bear had attacked I had launched a Burst Sphere at the ground beneath its feet, blasting off the snow there.

Now its whole lower body was sunk in the hole that was created during that impact and the Hati Bear couldn’t move.

I stood right next to it while brandishing Divine Sword Ainbelle.



「This is the end.」


I coldly looked down on the groaning Hati Bear and slashed down with Divine Sword Ainbelle and then… I suddenly stopped.

Now that I think about it I still haven’t tried that out.

I had still to try and mix the Spirit Magic type While Ball into the Tetra Ball.

I hadn’t tested out the Fivefold Spell Synthesis.


「…well without further adieu. Let’s begin the experiment.」


While swinging down Divine Sword Ainbelle I simultaneously cast White Ball.

At the moment of impact, a final color mixed itself into the Tetra Ball and a fivefold synthesised spell landed on the Hati Bear’s neck.

Right after the golden-white light collided and illuminated the whole area a sound akin to that of ice cracking echoed out.

The light subdued and before my eyes, the Hati Bear’s head was cut off cleanly right where I had struck. And the place that had been a snowfield until just now had a diagonal cut across it that made it look like a cliff.

Did I just cut the snow field with that spell….!

Powerful magical attacks can sometimes damage and change the terrain of Dungeons.

Unique spells like a Boss’ attacks and my spell synthesis are some of them.

But even so, the only ones who can leave behind traces of destruction are only bosses of the highest class like the Satan Wraith which I fought way back at the City Ruins of Wanarta.

Fivefold Spell Synthesis… This spell is way too dangerous. And if I can create something like this by synthesising five Ball spells, what will happen if I synthesise five Crash spells? I ended up creating something terrifying.


「For now I’ll call it Platinum B… or rather I guess Slash is more appropriate.」 

Platinum Slash, it has tremendous power but I should refrain from using it.

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