Chapter 117 Part 1

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I dispersed Divine Sword Ainbelle and reached for my bag to check the amount of gemstones. The large amount that I had prepared previously had shrunk by quite a bit.  

I ended up using Spell Synthesis a number of times after all.  

From my previous test I felt that if I were to imbue a strong spell within Divine Sword Ainbelle, Ain’s appetite would increase accordingly…

That gluttonous girl…

I took a deep breath as I watched the Hati Bear disappear slowly. When it disappeared I saw that there was something shining within the hole where it had just been.  

They were gauntlets.  

When I got close and tried to grab the gauntlets my hand was repelled.

Now that I think about it Silverie should have the rights to the item since she did the most damage to it. And because she still has the authority over the item means that she’s still alive.

While feeling relieved I waited a bit for the authority over the item to disappear and when it did I picked up the item. [TL/N: Typically, in games whenever an item belongs to another player you can pick up that item after waiting for a bit, despite the other player still having ownership over it.]

The gauntlets were woven with thin magical silver and had a plain symbol of a moon engraved into them.


「So it’s the Moonlight Gauntlets.」


The Moonlight Gauntlets that dropped from the Hati Bear were a magic item that had the ability to use the Steal spell.  

Steal was a spell that allowed one to directly take out the items from a monster’s body without having to defeat it. Using this one can easily obtain Rare Items, but it does take some time to do so.


「We’ll be able to make money a bit more easily now.」


I put the Moonlight Gauntlets into my bag and crawled out of the hole that the Hati Bear had been in just to see Claude and Shirushu running towards me. After waving my hand at them they showed a relieved expression.


「Heave ho…!」 Just as I put my leg on the edge of the hole, and was about to go out the ground shook, and I found myself at the bottom of the hole once more.  

The shaking continued and I couldn’t exit the hole. Looking beneath my feet I saw that the ground was beginning to split.

This is… bad…




「Don’t get close! I’m fine!」


「It’s fine so just stay there!」

The earthquake didn’t show any signs of stopping so while telling both of them to stop I took a defensive pose.  

The snow mountain must have lost its balance with the Platinum Slash just now and is about to crumble. And if they both end up falling inside of here as well it’ll get really troublesome.

I curled up my body and waited for the impact. In the middle of the booming noises I couldn’t differentiate between top and bottom any more. It was then that the hole opened up and I fell even further down. 


After being hit against the surrounding snow numerous times the impact finally subsided and I found myself covered in snow, almost unable to move at all.




While trying to move my aching body I looked around, however as I should have expected, the only thing that entered my vision was snow.

For now, I should first get out of here.  

But before that I meditated to restore the magic power that I had lost in the fight just now. After finishing my restoration, I put my hands forward and cast Red Crash.

With a boom a wide hole opened up before my eyes.

Ahead there was a cloudy sky covered with dancing snow. After somehow crawling out, right above me I saw the cliff that I had created just now. From here you could clearly see the sharp cut left by Platinum Slash.

It really is a fearsome spell. Now that I think about it Claude and Shirushu must be quite worried.


《Claude, Shirushu, can you hear me?》


《I’m glad that you’re fine Zeph-kun.》


After sending a message to them via Telepathy they responded with relieved voices.


《Of course I’m fine. Who do you think I am!》

《Haha, you’re right.》

 《I’ll wait for you both to get down here. Shirushu, you should be able to follow my smell with your nose. Still, it’s already dark so first rest a bit until the sun rises.》


《Claude-san let’s dig a hole! A hole!》

Shirushu’s tension skyrocketed for some reason.

Now that I think about it, the dog that I had in the past also dug holes in the snow and hid inside. It seemed to like it quite a bit. Well then I should find somewhere to spend the night as well… It should be fine as long as I return here in the morning.  It’ll be bad if the hole is surrounded by soft snow though, there is a chance it might collapse after all.

I continued walking, searching for a place with dense snow when suddenly a cave like hole caught the edge of my eye.

What a fine place. I guess I’ll go there.

Getting close I noticed that it was a snow cave that had signs that it was made by a person.

It seems like someone was here before me.


「Excuse me.」 I said, after which I entered inside.


And as expected a person’s shadow could really be seen in the back. The person was sitting at a corner inside the hole, hugging his legs. He was wearing a black coat that complimented his short black hair.

It can’t be…




I was sure. That was definitely Silverie. I immediately got close to her and shook her shoulders.


「Silverie! Silverie!」

However, there was no response. Silverie’s body was as cold as that of a dead man. Her face was pale and devoid of blood.  

It can’t be… I didn’t make it in time!?

I brushed off the worst case scenario from my thoughts and took off my coat to give it to Silverie. I cast Red Ball and controlled its heat output so that it wouldn’t melt the snow cave’s walls.


「Damn it. She’s soaked to her bones…」


I took off Silverie’s coat that had probably gotten wet due to the surrounding snow. And underneath it I saw the white, thin shirt that Silverie usually wore. I was lost for words at her carelessness.  

She underestimated the snow mountain…

Even though a magician could use spells as a form of heating she had still been too reckless.


「Hey Silverie, you’re alive right…」


I drew my ear close to her lips, however I couldn’t hear her breathing. While calming down my worried heart I opened up the buttons of Silverie’s shirt around her chest area and directly placed my ear there. It was faint, however I could hear her beating heart.


「Phew, she’s alive somehow…」


I calmed myself down. I looked at Silverie. Her skin was as white as that of a dead person and her body was so thin that even her ribs were showing. She also had faint scars on her sides that looked like they had been carved out with claws.  

They’re still new… These scars, she must’ve gotten them when fighting against the Hati Bear. I presume that in order to heal the wounds that she got from fighting the Hati Bear, she hid herself here, however her food eventually ran out and while losing her physical and mental strength she eventually passed out.

Looking around I could see containers of Portable Food scattered around.  

For god’s sake… I’ve told her numerous times to stop eating Portable Food because it’s not good for her… Wait, I actually said that in my past life.  

Either way, I would be sure to tell it to her once again when she woke up.


「First of all I must warm her up…」


Silverie’s body was still alive, however it was terrifyingly cold. With spells you couldn’t warm up the body to its core.

What should I do… That’s right!

I thought of a good idea and left Silverie lying down while I went outside. I faced the ground and cast Black Shot. The wind bullet flew a bit and then disappeared.

Great, the snow here is dense.


「This will work.」


This time I cast Red Sphere and slowly drew it closer to the snow field. The fire ball melted the snow and steam rose up. A large amount of hot water appeared within the hole that was opened up in the snow field.  

It was an improvised hot spring.

I stepped on the ground to harden it and create a stairway after which I dipped my hand in the hot water.

It’s a bit too hot…

I had heard that it was dangerous to suddenly submerge a cold body in really hot water.

Well since there isn’t a heat source it will gradually cool down due to the surrounding snow.

I returned to the snow cave and after taking off my clothes I put my hands on Silverie.


「Silverie, I’m taking it off.」



Silverie didn’t respond and I proceeded to try and take off her clothes without looking. After that I embraced her deathly cold body and brought it to the improvised hot spring.  

Still, she’s light… She’s originally quite slim and now that she hasn’t eaten it’s only even more so… Damn it.

While holding on to Silverie’s body with all my might I felt her let out a slight breath. I dipped my feet in the hot water.

It’s quite a bit cooler than just now. It’s perfect. It should be fine like this.

I submerged myself in the water and following that I slowly started submerging Silverie’s body, starting with her feet. After submerging her whole body, I cast Red Ball inside the water in order to warm up the now lukewarm water.  

If I just keep warming up her body like this…

Silverie let out a long breath as I held her.




She had yet to regain consciousness, however her body was slowly starting to regain its color. Nonetheless, her body was still cold so the situation was still uncertain.  

Tsch, you pushed yourself way too much…

I gently clutched onto Silverie’s slender body, as if handling a fragile object. Our skin touched while submerged in the hot water and I felt her slightly hard, trained muscles on my body.


「Still… I’m worried about where I should look.」


I was holding onto Silverie’s naked body and our skin was touching as well. Due to looking up to Silverie as a master I felt a kind of longing for her, so I couldn’t but think about those things.  

And now that it had already entered my mind it only continued to grow, and I noticed that I was responding to the feeling of Silverie’s body in my arms.

In order to hide my embarrassment, I completely submerged myself in the water. I exhaled within the water while still holding on to Silverie’s body.



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