Chapter 117 Part 2

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……How long has it been?

Around me I could hear the sound of the snow melting. It was getting hard to maintain the hot spring. I rose from the hot spring, and while holding on to Silverie’s body I ran back to the snow cave at a jog.  

Within the back of the snow cave I let Silverie lay on top of my coat and proceeded to wipe her wet body with my clothes. When wiping close to her chest I felt the slight bulge.

Almost the same size as Milly’s I guess…

I ended up showing a bitter smile.

Come to think of it is Milly still dealing with those documents I wonder.

While thinking that I wiped off every corner of Silverie’s body. However, due to that my clothes were drenched. And Silverie’s clothes were also wet.  

In order to dry them I took out Freybrand and hung them on it. Freybrand was slightly hot to the touch due to probably having Fire Magic Power embedded into it.




While still laying down Silverie suddenly sneezed.

She was holding her shoulders with her arms and her body was trembling. Her face was slightly pale as well. I had already cast Red Ball; however, I as well would be cold if I was naked.

 ……Guess it can’t be helped.


「……Silverie, I’ll move you a bit.」



I ran my hand around Silverie’s neck and raised her body in a sitting position, after which I hugged her white back as if trying to cover it.


「She’s cold……」


Due to our skin touching I could feel her body temperature.

This is bad…… I can’t let her cool off even…… That’s right, if I cover myself with Silverie’s coat while not letting it touch her, it should create a sort of an isolation……

Thinking that, just as I was about to let go off Silverie and go grab her coat, that was hanging from Freybrand, her hand grabbed me. My heart suddenly skipped a beat.  I timidly look at Silverie’s face, however her eyes were still closed.


「…… Don’t」

「…… Silverie?」

「Zeph…… Don’t go……」 Silverie said while at the same time shedding a single tear.  


She was apparently unconsciously calling out my name.

It seems like she’s quite fond of me… Damn it, she suddenly looks really cute.

While still being held by Silverie’s hand I stretched out my arm to try and grab the coat.


「…… Just a bit more……」 


When I distanced my body from Silverie’s even the tiniest bit I felt my hand being pulled back. I was desperately stretching out my hand, however I couldn’t get any closer to the coat. My arm was also beginning to tremble. And when finally, our bodies separated a bit, due to Silverie pulling on my hand I fell and lost my balance.




We fell laying on the side, and yet Silverie was still holding onto my arm.

I could feel Silverie’s heart beating due to my arm being squished between her small chest. I could now finally reach the coat from the position we had fallen in, so while continuing to hold on to Silverie I put on her coat.

As if finally having calmed down Silverie’s breathing became peaceful, on the other hand my heart was about to explode. While touching the naked Silverie, who had just now shown signs of coming to, my arm was further pressed against her chest.  

I began to think in order to remove these wicked thoughts. ……

Hmph, I wonder if Silverie will run away again once she wakes up. I must take measures. If I end up binding her, since it’s Silverie we’re talking about, she’ll still find some way to escape. And it’s hard for me to stay awake and continue looking over her like this. Due to fighting the Hati Bear my fatigue is at its limit so if I’m to lose focus for even a moment I’ll fall asleep. Even if I try to put her to sleep with Sleep Code, due to Silverie’s spell level being higher than mine it won’t work. Something…… There must be something……

Thinking about this helped me relax a bit. If Silverie’s chest had been bigger I would have probably already lost my mind.  

For now, I guess I’ll try some things to prevent her from running away…… Kukuku.

Due to having calmed down, various ideas flooded my mind. I was grinning while looking at Silverie sleeping peacefully.

……After taking a couple of measures I let myself nod off. And like that I ended up holding on to Silverie’s body and warming it for the whole night.






In the morning I woke myself up with my own sneeze.

The Silverie who was supposed to be in front of me had disappeared without me noticing. Last night I had bound her hands and feet with a rope and had even hid her belongings, but even that hadn’t worked.

She had run away just as I had imagined she would. What was left of her was a piece of paper and a large sum of money. I crumbled up the piece of paper which had *Thank you for taking care of me.*  written bluntly on it.


「She really is a troublesome person.」


I muttered and stood up with a smile.


《Still you didn’t realize my real aim, did you Silverie?》



Her shocked voice could be heard through the Telepathy.


《Ze-Zeph!?How in the world……?》

《I gave you a crystal ring fragment. Now I can call you as well.》

《Ridiculous…… There wasn’t anything like either in my bag or clothes……!!?》

《It seems like you noticed.》 I said with a laugh after which I heard Silverie’s trembling voice.

《I knew I felt something strange around my stomach, but……》

《There wouldn’t have been any meaning in hiding it in a place where you could have easily taken it out.》

《Zeph……! Y-yo-you bastard!》


Silverie’s blushing face and trembling voice appeared inside my imagination. After all, in this as well as in the previous world I’ve had Silverie run away from me numerous times. I did think it was a bit cruel, however if I hadn’t done this she would have escaped. The experience from my past life finally bore its fruit.


《Well then, I’m free until my friends get here. Would you be so kind as to chat with me until they do?》

《…… D-do what you want!!》

《I’ll take you up on that offer then. Kukuku.》 I said while laughing.


Using the memories of the time I had been her student I recalled topics that Silverie liked. Stories of foreign countries, efficient hunting methods, linking of spells and so on…… Sometimes Silverie responded coldly, however judging from her voice, she wasn’t displeased.


《By the way Silverie, it’s best if you don’t eat too much of those Portable Foods. It’s not good for your health.》

 《……What I do is my problem.》

 《I’m worried about you.》

 《…… You idiot, I didn’t ask for it.》


We continued our conversation until evening. Then, while I was waiting at the entrance of the cave, I saw Shirushu running at me while waving her hand, signalling that she had found me. I was a little reluctant to part with Silverie, however I could now talk with her whenever.


《Well then, until next time Silverie.》

 《……Yeah. Until next time.》


Silverie was cold until the end, however she still ended up saying *Until next time* 

Tsch, she should be more honest with herself.

I raised my face with a bitter smile and waved my hand back at Claude and Shirushu.

Well then, I guess it’s time to go back to the capital and meet up with Milly and Lydia.

I began walking towards Claude and Shirushu feeling cheerful.

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