Chapter 118 Part 1

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I, Zeph Einstein, am a magician who Time Leaped to a time when I was a boy in order to master magic. At the Port City of Izu we made a new companion under the name of Shirushu Onslaught, after which we headed to the capital of Prolea.

The first thing we did when we got to Prolea was to have the Guild Hunters of the Blue Sky, launched by our companion Milly, be officially recognized. In order to do that we had to complete the task of taking down the high levelled monsters, the Rock Dragons, which live in the Cresta Great Snow Mountain’s caves, and bringing back their fangs.

Before that we had already tried applying for the guild recognition once; however, due to most of the members of the guild being girls we were refused. That is where the shrewd merchant Andrei came to our help, and made a deal with the receptionist which stated that as long as we completed his request of subjugating the Rock Dragons, we would get our guild recognized.

We were able to safely complete the quest, but in the middle of that my master from my past life, Silverie, found herself in a predicament within the Cresta Great Snow Mountain. 

Around the same time, I had already returned to the capital with my guild mates, it was then that I was made aware of Silverie’s situation via Telepathy and immediately rushed back to the mountains.

With the help of Shirushu’s excellent nose we managed to find, and safely rescue her.And while at I also forcibly gave Silverie a piece of crystal ring fragment. With that I would now also be able to call her with Telepathy.

Currently I was still at the Cresta Great Snow Mountain with my guild mates Shirushu and Claude.


「At one time I really was worried.」 said Shirushu

「It’s great that everything went well.」


Hearing my words Shirushu nodded with a smile.


「You really did great Shirushu.」

「Thank you♪」


While stroking Shirushu’s head I could see her tail waving sideways in excitement. Now that Silverie’s rescue had been taken care of there was no other reason for us to stay here.

I didn’t want to worry Milly and Lydia by staying here any longer so I used Teleport to return to the capital with Shirushu and Claude. After separating from us Silverie apparently headed towards a farm village called Garnek Park, that was situated close to the capital.

So that’s one of her hideouts. Guess I’ll go visit her when I’m free.

「Still to think that she left without even saying a word of thanks to you Zeph-kun… She really has no manners.」 said angrily Claude just as we were about to depart.

It seems like she had been pretty pissed off at Silverie’s impoliteness. It was unbearable for Claude who was brought up as a Knight since she was young.


「Don’t worry about it that much. That’s just how she is.」


While I tried to cover for Silverie, Claude looked at me with a menacing look.

「…Zeph-kun you seem to take her side quite often.」

「I-Is that so?」

「That’s right!」 said Claude while vigorously drawing closer as if she were about to grab me.

Now that she mentions it…

「S-Stop! Fighting is not good!!」 said Shirushu while forcing herself between me and Claude.

「We’re not fighting. Isn’t that right Claude?」

「…… Right. I’m sorry for making you worry Shirushu-san.」

「It’s okay!」


Looking at Claude reluctantly backing down, Shirushu let out a sigh of relief.

Phew, I’m saved somehow.


「Well then everyone let’s go back to the capital!」 said Shirushu with a loud voice while trying to shake off this heavy atmosphere.


While finishing up our return preparations Claude whispered out to me.

「Zeph-kun… I guess it goes for Lydia-san as well, but do you want someone stronger?」

「Hmph, well I guess that nothing beats being strong.」

「…… I’ll do my best.」 whispered out Claude after a long pause.


Within her eyes I could see a strong fire of determination burning.

「Zeph-san, Claude-san, be careful! I can smell a monster!」 yelled out suddenly Shirushu.

「Understood! Shirushu-san, Zeph-kun, please get back!」 saying that Claude rushed in alone.


「W-what wrong with Claude-san… She’s really pumped up……」



Without seeming like she needed our help, Claude began slashing at the monster that had just appeared. There was no room for us to help due to that devilish momentum of hers. Shirushu was completely overwhelmed by that pressure.

Could it be that Claude is trying to compete with Silverie. …… Well, it’s good that she’s pumped up. I’ll just leave her until she’s satisfied.

Afterwards, Claude took care of all of the monsters that appeared on our way back.

It was fine for her to be pumped up, but I was still somewhat worried about her overdoing it…… Claude wasn’t the type of person to take care of herself so I needed to make sure that she didn’t go overboard.



And like that, we came back in the morning on the third day since our original departure. Milly and Lydia were waiting for the three of us outside the inn. Lydia was a merchant as well as our guildmate.


「For god’s sake, where were the three of you! You just left the troublesome things to me and Lydia and left!」


It seemed like the registration process had gone smoothly during the time we were gone. However, probably because of the procedures being way too troublesome, Milly looked quite dissatisfied. In order to show my appreciation, I stroked her head which cleared up a bit of her dissatisfaction.

「Sorry. We had a lot going as well.」

「Ahaha. Zeph-chi, having a lot going on is nothing unusual for you after all.」

「That’s right…… It’s always like that with Zeph.」 said Milly with a sigh, agreeing with Lydia’s remark, while at the same time striking a pose which seemed to say *dear me!*. 

Having Lydia act like that didn’t bother me, but Milly’s attitude triggered me for some reason. I used the hand that was just stroking her head and performed a chop.

「Auch!! What are you doing?!」

「So then Lydia. Were there any problems with the guild being approved?」

「They told us that it was fine since we’re strong, so there weren’t any problems.」

「Hey! Don’t ignore me!!」


Who ignored you, so disgraceful. That’s what you get for being cocky Milly.

Still with that out of the way, now that our guild was officially recognized it meant that we could finally purchase a Guild House. But of course, we wouldn’t be able to buy it if we didn’t have the money.

「How much did the Rock Dragon Fangs sell for?」

「Give me a sec…… Around this much.」 said Lydia, taking out 17,000,000 rupi.


Originally the agreement was that each fang would cost 5 million, however there was 2 million extra.

「I negotiated and sold them for a bit higher♪」

「Great job.」


Lydia was really essential in these kinds of situations.

Nothing less from a merchant.

If a proper party was to hunt a monster such as the Rock Dragon, they wouldn’t go through so much difficulty. And due to fangs also not having that many uses, originally they would sell for around a 1 million rupi. However, apparently due to this being an urgent request, Andrei had ended up buying them for quite the high price. Or rather, he may have just given us more because of Milly.

I feel bad for having received a favor from that lolicon bastard. Still, we should now be fine with this money.

「I’m planning on increasing this money tenfold. Starting today I’m thinking of focusing our efforts on obtaining money…… We’re buying a Guild House!」

「Do you have some sort of plan?」

「Of course.」 I said with a smile to Claude, who was looking at me with eyes filled with expectation.

「Did you know that there’s a lottery starting today.」

「Yes. An Item Lottery right? …… Actually, I ended up drawing one just right after we came to the capital last month.」

「Claude…… You sure have a thing for items don’t you……」 said in shock Milly, to which Claude just laughed bitterly.


The Lottery is an event that’s jointly hosted by the Adventurer Guild and the Magician Association.

The tickets are quite expensive, with ten of them costing 10,000 rupi. However, the prizes differ a lot, starting from boss cards with various effects, to super rare equipment and so on. …… And it is not generally known, but the Magician Association used this even to get rid of their failed magic items. It was a dumpster that used rear items as bait.

「So Kuro-chan did you win something good?」

「No, nothing……」

「That’s not good Claude-san. You can’t expect to just gamble your way out of hardships.」

「Yes…… I know……」 answered Claude to Shirushu’s scolding.


Even though 90% of the lottery’s tickets are misses, there are still some people that bet everything on turning it around with a single win.

And like that they fall into the sandpit. When they run out of money they resort to selling their items so that they can buy more tickets.

It’s a nasty event that stirs up one’s passion for gambling. There were also a number of my acquaintances that ended up getting hooked and going bankrupt because of it. But even so, this was still a chance to make money. If we managed to use it well, becoming rich fast, wouldn’t be just a dream.

「We’re going to the stalls at the plaza.」

「Ah! He came up with something bad again……」


Damn Milly, even though I tell her not to be so disrespectful.

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