Chapter 118 Part 2

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Like that, I brought everyone towards the stalls situated at the plaza.

The Stall Plaza.

I was walking through the crowd while dragging everyone behind me.

I held Milly’s hand so that she wouldn’t get lost, but despite that she ran here and there, being drawn in by the various stalls.

What a dangerous fellow. This is why I still treat you like a kid.

「It seems like there are more stalls than usual today.」

「It’s usually like this during lottery days.」

「So they’re selling items just so that they can draw the lottery again huh…… Ahh… why are people so dumb……」 said Shirushu with a cold gaze



Claude didn’t respond and just made an expression that showed that Shirushu’s words had just struck home.

Judging from her appearance it seems like she’s bought quite a bit of tickets…… Claude’s addiction seems to be a problem.

Within the crowded plaza numerous stalls had unusual items put up on display. Those unusual items were limited lottery items.

Their price range was ridiculous and some ranged from a 100 rupi to upwards of 300,000 rupi.

After walking around the plaza, overflowing with unusual items I finally started to get a general grasp.


Gargant Ring ――


An accessory that increases the owner’s physical ability in return for slowly draining his stamina. Its effect is good, however for one to use it he would constantly have to be healed. It was also possible for one to die from overusing it.

It seems like there aren’t a lot of good items in these stalls. And the prices are high as well.


Cloak of Aqua Road ――


A cloak that reduces damage taken from Blue type magic. On the other hand it increases the damage taken from Red type magic. Still, if you didn’t misuse it, it was a powerful item.

The Cloak of Flame Road that I used during our battles against the Rock Dragons comes from the same series of cloaks. I was able to buy it at a decent price due to it being drawn up in last month’s lottery. There were a lot of items around the same price range and with just a glance I managed to spot over a hundred in the nearby stalls.


Flower Bomb ――


A disposable magic bomb that explodes several seconds after being thrown. It was apparently created as a means of attack, but due to its firepower being too low it didn’t have much use. It was treated like thrash and was usually sold as one, for only 100 rupi per piece.

These were the three new items that were introduced to the market during the last lottery. Lydia put her hand on her jaw and her eyes sparkled. It seems she had figured out my intentions.

「I see. You’re planning to resell items using the money.」

「That’s right.」


Due to the items being newly introduced to the market, their price was yet to be fixed. Their market price will be decided based on the buying and selling of the items in the next couple of days.

My plan was to buy a large amount of cheaply sold items and resell them for a higher price later when a shortage of stock forms. It would take a bit of time, but it was possible to earn money with little to no risks.

In other words, it was a scam.

And Lydia was already used to going around and looking at stalls due to being a merchant in Beruta. She was definitely good at this.

「Lydia, can I entrust this to you?」

「Of course! Leave it to your Big Sis♪」

「Do it however you see fit. I’m leaving the money with you, so do your best to increase them.」

「Fufufu. Since you’re entrusting this to me I guess I have no choice but to go all out!」 said Lydia with a smile.


She’s way too reliable!

Lydia put the money I gave her into her bag.

「Well then I’ll be borrowing Milly-chan!」 saying that Lydia grabbed Milly and began walking.

「W-WHY ME?! Wh-…… Zeph, HELP ME?!」


Because the bag’s capacity was decided by the owner’s magic power, Lydia, who had low magic power, wouldn’t be able to store a lot of items inside. That is why the most optimal decision was to have Milly be the bag carrier.

So that’s why she took her.

「Ahaha…… There they go.」

「You’re right.」


While seeing off Lydia and Milly, I saw a kid playing with a Flower Bomb, that it had probably gotten from an adventurer. It seemed like the plaza really was more lively than usual.

 Come to think of it, isn’t it the time for that? I thought of steadily making money through reselling, but I might just be able to earn a lot at once. I might especially be able to use those Flower Bombs……


 「So, what should we do?」 asked Claude.

「Don’t worry I have something for us as well. … Come with me.」


Along with Shirushu and Claude I began walking towards the outer area of the Stall Plaza. The place where people gathered to purchase their desired items. The Trading Plaza.

There I put up a signboard and wrote something on it.

When I put it up Shirushu read it out loud for me.

「*Buying large quantities of Flower Bombs! 100 rupi each* …Huh?」

「We’ll begin by buying as many Flower Bombs as possible. Both of you, I’m leaving it to you.」

「No problem.」

「I-I’ll do my best! I used to take care of the fundraising stall for the church before!」


Shirushu and Claude began preparing in high spirits.

Especially Shirushu.

Come to think of it, sometimes the church used to put up cheap bazaars. I remember that instead of donating I would buy holy water that would repel monsters. But still…… Hmm.

The armor wearing knight-like Claude and Shirushu who wore priestess clothing. …… Setting aside Shirushu, Claude’s clothing was a problem.

「Claude, could you turn around for a sec.」 「Hm? That’s fine but…… YIII?! ZEPH-KUN?!  WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!」

「You won’t be able to gather people dressed like that. Who do you think will come to a stall run by a handsome boy and a handsome girl? At least remove your armor.」

「WHO’S THE HANDSOME BOY?!」 yelled out Claude while I was removing her armor.


As the upper part of the armor was removed, Claude’s big chest that was hiding underneath shook.

Claude held on to her chest and sat down, as her face got redder and redder. However, she wasn’t able to completely hide them, and the male adventurer’s gazes instantly became fixed on the part of her breasts that was showing through the gaps in her arms.

Seems like it worked spectacularly. Her clothes are a bit plain, but since it looks similar to Shirushu’s priestess clothing it’s just perfect.

「Well then I’ll leave the stall to you.」

「Ugh… Okay……」

「Zeph-san, are you going somewhere?」

「Didn’t I tell you? Who do you think will come to a stall run by a handsome boy and handsome girls? I’ll just be a hindrance.」

「Hahaha, guess you’re right.」


When I took my leave from behind me I could slightly hear Claude’s dry laugh. At the same time, I also heard Shirushu’s quiet voice.

「Is Zeph-san perhaps a really confident person……?」

「That’s a good as well as a bad quality of his……」

Hey! At least make it so that I can’t hear you when you talk behind my back.

I turned back to glare at them, but as I did that both of them had already averted their gazes. Afterwards everyone continued their individual tasks until evening. We all returned to the inn, and after washing off our fatigue in the bath we gathered in my room to present the results.

Milly and Lydia had used half of the money in their possession to buy 5 Cloaks of Aqua Road and a Gargant Ring. After that they apparently bought a number of items, at a price that was way lower than the market price.

Claude and Shirushu also did well by buying several thousand Flower Bombs.

「See? It went well, didn’t it Claude?」

「T-that’s true but……」

 「What’s this about?」

「Me and Claude being handsome boys.」



Milly was left completely dumbfounded. I was laughing while Claude, on the other hand, had a sullen expression.

By the way, it wasn’t like I was just forcing things on others and not doing anything by myself.

I had my own things to do as well. The more ways we had to make money the better after all.

「Of course our plan stays the same. We focus on hunting and money gathering. We’ll earn starting tomorrow!」

「Yeah!」 said Milly, after which the remaining three nodded as well.


Afterwards, in order to perform the Magic Power Line strengthening on Claude, I went over to Claude and Shirushu’s room.

Magic Power Lines were lines which were spread throughout the body and were used to carry magic power. By stimulating the lines, it was possible to raise the power of one’s magic.

Claude invited me to the bed with a serious expression on her face.

「Can you do it harder starting today? …… J-just like you did that time……」


It seems like she was talking about the time, before we came to the capital, where I did the Super Magic Power Line Strengthening back at Port Town Izu.

Even Lydia had been out cold for a whole day after that, and Claude couldn’t even walk properly for a couple of days.

「But that takes a huge toll on your body……」

「It’s fine. I’m already used to it hurting.」 said Claude with honest eyes, however I still couldn’t make up my mind to do it.


I knew she wanted to become strong, but if we were to go overboard it would only cause unnecessary burden on her body, which would then require her to rest a couple of days to, and in the end the efficiency would drop.

I was still hesitating when Claude did another push.

「I want to become stronger! Strong enough for you to be able to rely on me Zeph-kun!」 「Claude……」

Come to think of it, the other day, she did say she wanted to become stronger. If she’s that serious then I can’t just turn a blind eye to her request. In that case I’ll go as hard as possible starting today.

「Okay. Lay down Claude.」

「Thank you!」


Hearing my words Claude responded with a smile. Afterwards she turned around, took off her clothes and laid on the bed.

「……Please take care of me.」

「Of course.」

「A-and what about me……?」 asked Shirushu, while pulling my sleeve somewhat timidly just as I was about to sit next to Claude.

Come to think of it I did forget about her.

However, it was still too early too early to perform Magic Power Line Strengthening on Shirushu. If Shirushu’s bestial instincts were to be stimulated by anger or pleasure she would end up going out of control and losing her reason. And I’m completely vulnerable whenever I’m operating Magic Power Lines so if she were to suddenly go out of control I wouldn’t be able to react immediately.

She became bright red and almost when out of control when she watched me and Claude do it last time after all. …… At least I can get her used to it for now.

「Okay. Then Shirushu you take this……」

「T-this is……!」


Within my hand I held a rope, which I then began to wrap around the bewildered Shirushu.

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