Chapter 119 Part 1

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「Ugh… Ah!… Kii…」

Claude’s voice could be heard within the room. 

I was currently tampering with Claude’s Magic Lines at three times the usual power output. Claude, who usually managed to hold back her voice, had turned bright red and was sweating. She was putting up with it with tears in her eyes.

She held her pillow with both her hands and tried to hold back her voice by vigorously biting the sheets. But even so her body still ended up moving from time to time which shook the bed.


「Claude. Don’t push yourself too much.」

「O-ok-okay…」 Claude said as a bead sweat appeared on her face and she tried to hide her anguish with a faint smile.

She’s struggling quite a bit after all.

And Shirushu on the other hand was just watching all of this with a bright red face.

I had tied her up with a rope so that she wouldn’t go wild like before. After all, I first had to get her used to just watching. If we continued doing this she would probably get used to it eventually.




Claude raised her voice while her face was still buried within the pillow. Each time I moved my hands her body would shake.

The stimulus is probably too intense for her. This is precisely why I didn’t want to do this.


「Claude, I think we should stop…」

「I-I’m f-fine!! Continue un-until the end!」 Claude said but Shirushu on the other hand was reaching her limit.


Looking at her, her face had turned bright red and she was probably already having fever dreams. Steam was even coming off her face.

Is the stimulus too much for her? Guess I’ll have to hold back on handling Shirushu’s Magic Lines for the time being. Still, I want to fulfil Claude’s wish and Shirushu should also build up her resistance to this. I’ll do this properly until the end today.

Under the watchful eyes of the bound up Shirushu, Claude continued letting out noises throughout the whole night.



Morning finally came. I went to get breakfast with Milly and Lydia, however it seemed like Claude and Shirushu were still asleep. Milly looked at me with scornful eyes.


「You probably did something again Zeph… Yesterday the voices reached all the way up to my room.」

「That’s because Claude wouldn’t take no for an answer…」

「Hmm, she wouldn’t take no for an answer huh…」 Milly said while looking at me with doubtful eyes and slurping her soup.


For christ sake, I really did tell her that it would be too much.


「Ahaha, well it’s fine. After we finish breakfast let’s go do some shopping while we wait for them.」

「You’re right.」 I said while nodding at Lydia’s suggestion.


In the end both of them didn’t wake up in time for breakfast. Noon came and as me and Lydia were looking around the stalls I finally got a call via Telepathy.


《Zeph-kun… Good morning. I’m sorry I overslept…》

《Morning Claude. How are you feeling?》

《T-That’s a bit… I’m still…》 answered Claude in a voice that was on the verge of vanishing. She was probably remembering scenes from yesterday.

《Is Shirushu still sleeping?》

《Yes. After we finished I tried to carry her to the bed but she ended up assaulting me… Ah! Why are you laughing?! It was really troublesome!!》

《Kuku… I’m sorry, I’m sorry.》


Without being able to hold myself back I burst out into laughter.

Come to think of it, when Shirushu’s urges manifested before she assaulted Claude and it was quite troublesome to peel her off.


《So, are you feeling okay?》

《Hmm… It still hurts a bit, but I think I’m okay.》


Judging from her voice she seemed to be doing okay. I had still held back a bit but it seemed like Claude’s resistance would only improve from here on out.


《It’s already past noon, so let’s skip out on hunting for today. Take the day off to get a good rest.》



Claude and Shirushu huh. It’s great that they get along with one another, but I should try and be more careful next time when I manipulate their Magic Lines. Still I would feel bad if I had to separate the both of them… That’s right… I can just use Sleep Code on Shirushu as soon as she reaches her limit. Guess I’ll test out some things tonight.

「Claude and Shirushu will rest for today.」

「Ahaha, last time she couldn’t walk for a couple of days after all… Well then Zeph-chi and Milly-chan, I guess I’ll have you both accompany me on my shopping today.」

「But my bag’s already full to the brim…」

「Well that also means that now you can’t put any unnecessary things inside, isn’t that right Milly?」




Lydia patted the head of the sulking Milly and then gave a piece of paper over to us. The names of items and their respective prices were written on the paper.

「If you find something for any cheaper than on that list make sure to buy it okay? I’ll give you the money later.」


「I’ll go with Milly. After all she might end up getting lost in the crowd.」

「I-I won’t!!」

「Okay, got it. Well then let’s split up.」


I grabbed Milly’s hand as she was still complaining and waved my hand at Lydia as we proceeded to split up.

The lottery item prices had somewhat dropped compared to yesterday so I was able to buy way more than I had originally thought for a bit cheaper.

It’s great that Lydia left half her money with us. I guess the experience of re-selling in the past is finally showing.

In the end, we ended up using 30% of the money we got in order to buy items to resell later.




Around late-noon we went to grab a bite to eat and talk.

「The market prices should probably stabilize now.」

「Are you saying that from experience?」

「It’s nothing that fancy. Luck plays a huge part in it as well… I apologize in advance if it doesn’t go according to plan.」

「If we fail then that means we’ll just have to gather the money all over again. I’ve entrusted this to you Lydia so I won’t complain no matter what.」 I said while looking at Lydia and smiling, to which she turned a bit red.

「Zeph-chi you really are scary. I wonder what you’ll make me do if we fail…」

「Zeph you mustn’t make her do anything strange!」


I still haven’t said anything though…

I let out a sight due to the unreasonable treatment and we all headed back to the inn.

Now we just need to wait for the price to rise. Guess we’ll have to make money through hunting for now.

「We’re hunting tomorrow. Let’s make it rain!」

「Yeah! It feels like forever since we’ve gone hunting!」

「We did stay behind last time.」 said Milly and Lydia while stretching their bodies.


It seemed like they were both raring to go.


「Claude, Shirushu, are you both okay?」 I asked as I opened the door to their room.


「Same here, hahaha」 Claude and Shirushu answered with bright red faces.


At any rate they seemed to have recovered themselves. And I had the perfect idea for where to hunt.

As long as we use that it’ll turn out to be a really profitable place… Kukuku. The Moonlight Gauntlets that I got from the Hati Bear the other day. There’s a perfect hunting ground for the glove’s Steal spell.



South of Prolea at a place where one can reach in an hour with Teleport there was a town… or to be more precise there used to be a town. Long ago that town conducted research on arts different from magic. That town was named Tyros.

There, those who couldn’t wield magic could go in order to find, learn or even develop various ways of opposing it. One of those ways are automatons.

Automatons were dolls made out of metal that could move if they had their own consciousness.  The automaton research had first appeared with the premise of creating toys for children, but then the influential people within the city liked the idea and due to that the research for it improved drastically.

At the start the automatons were mostly used to either carry tea or for weaving purposes. However, as time went on they began to be equipped with heavy weapons and turned into soldiers that patrolled the city’s wild areas.

The automatons continued improving, reaching a point of high fighting prowess. The influential people in Tyros then tried to mass produce the automatons in order to fortify the city, however the Magician Association got wind of that and destroyed all of the factories and research facilities.

They then captured the researchers and swept the project under the rug. The city’s only industry, the arts research was forced to shut down and the people left Tyros. As time went on the city eventually turned into a Dungeon. The ruins of the abandoned city, which was now covered in snow, was the destination for our next adventure.


「This place feels lonely somehow…」

「It’s originally a place where people used to live. The sight of it now that it’s lost all of its residents really is kind of creepy.」

「Ahaha, well Zeph-chi told us that there probably wouldn’t be any ghosts. Isn’t that right Kuro-chan?」 Lydia said as she grabbed on to trembling Claude from behind.


She then moved her head close to Claude’s ear and whispered a few words to scare her.


「But Zeph-chi could have just lied to us… There might really be ghosts here, don’t you think so?」



Claude was left in complete shock after Lydia’s scare.

I’d like it if she didn’t do that… Claude you’re way too scared as well. That’s why Lydia keeps teasing you.

I slightly poked the laughing Lydia.


「… Our hunting ground this time is the abandoned factory situated in the depth of Tyros. All of the monsters that appear here are spawned in that factory and are just subpar versions of the original automatons. There are no spirit type monsters. So you can calm down Claude.」


Hearing my words Claude let out a sigh of relief. Nevertheless, even though the monsters here weren’t of the spirit type they were still hard to deal with in their own way. It was still too early for us to relax.

We walked towards the quiet town of Tyros and headed for the abandoned factory that was situated in the central part. 

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