Chapter 120 Part 2

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At the place where she pointed a huge curtain of dust could be seen. Alongside the rumbling of the earth, sounds of metal hitting each other could also be heard.

Wait, wait… Just how many tens of them are there? … This is bad.


It was a number that was way too dangerous. Even by using Double Blue Gale we wouldn’t be able to take down all of them. And if we were to let a lot of them leak out it would turn into a catastrophe.


「Milly, back off for a bit and leave this to me.」

「O-okay…」 Milly said as she moved back. I then grabbed Ain’s hand.

「Milly if I mess up I’m counting on you to follow up. You’ll grab Shirushu and me and teleport out.」

「G-got it…!」

「Ain, turn into a sword.」



With a dazzling light, Ain turned into Divine Sword Ainbelle. I grabbed the sword and took a step forward. The full extent of the pack that Lydia was pulling became visible. Lydia was nimbly dodging the enemy attacks as she came closer to us.

T-this is… There’s close to 50 of them.

Furthermore, due to Lydia’s prowess all of the monsters were gathered within Blue Gale’s attack range. I had been the one to tell them to pull the monsters and aim to gather them in one spot. And Lydia did exactly as I had asked. However, the scale of it all was just too massive.


「Heyy! I’m baack.」


Furthermore, she cheerfully waved her hand at us.

Come to think of it she did say she got immersed in pulling them. I’ll have her hold back from now on. In any case I should try to take care of this safely… Oh right, I can try and use that.


《Lydia, a huge hole will open up before you so be sure to jump over it.》

《Huh? Hmph… Okay, got it.》


I readied Divine Sword Ainbelle and cast Time Square. I then stored Red Ball and Black Ball into the sword. I then cast Time Square once more. While time was stopped I cast Green Ball, Blue Ball and White Ball.

Fivefold Spell Synthesis, Platinum Slash.

While light wrapped the area along with a crackling sound. The sword’s trajectory went forward starting from underfoot and an enormous crevice opened up before me. The crevice’s width was two times that of Lydia’s height. The bottom couldn’t be seen.

It’s a bit wider than what I wanted but it’s Lydia we’re talking about; she should be able to jump over it.


「Phew♪ Zeph-chi, you’re amazing!」 Lydia praised as she raised her speed and easily jumped over the crevice.


However, she couldn’t kill her momentum and ended up bumping into me. And just like that I was pinned down.


「Auch… Ah! I’m sorry. I got too carried away…」

「It’s fine.」

「Ahaha, well then I wonder what happened.」


Lydia stood up and looked back. The sight of the Guardians falling into the crevice entered her eyes.

Okay, everything went according to plan. All that’s left it to cast spells at the Guardians that fell into the crevice.


「We’re taking them down Milly.」



Double Spell Synthesis Double Blue Gale.

Without being able to escape from the crevice the Guardians were swallowed by the water tornado. From the dead Guardians we managed to get gemstones, scrap iron and screws. After casting Double Blue Gale, a couple of times all of the Guardians were wiped out. It was a perfect victory.

I guess we changed the method a bit.


「Oh! I levelled up♪」

「Same here.」

「Mine went up a whopping three levels!!」


It seemed like everyone had levelled up.

Ah, the sweet exp from killing a huge pack.

While chucking to myself I decided to use Scout Scope on myself.


Zeph Einstein

Level 65

Magic Level

Red: 41 / 62

Blue: 44 / 87

Green: 46 / 99

Sky: 47 / 89

Soul: 49 / 97

Magic Power: 2955 / 2963


I’ve grown quite nicely. It was the right choice to come to the North Continent after all. The enemies here are strong, but the EXP we get from them is so high that it can’t even be compared to that of the monsters from the East Continent. There aren’t a lot of my adventurers my age that are at this level… Just as I thought that I remembered that there was one standing right next to me.

And for the record, Milly’s status looked like this.


Milly Reyad

Level 65

Magic Level

Red: 28 / 94

Blue: 58 / 98

Green: 29 / 92

Sky: 23 / 96

Soul: 25 / 85

Magic Power: 3253 / 3253


As always she only uses Blue Gale so only her Blue magic is high. Still, her Magic Power is higher than mine. I guess that’s what they call a natural born genius. But to think that the holder of that genius is Milly… Whilst thinking that I unconsciously let out a sigh.


「W-what is it! Why did you sigh just now?」

「It’s nothing.」


I stroked Milly’s head in order to dodge the question. Anyhow, our job was done so I returned Ain back to her human form. As soon as she turned back she began running around and gathering the gemstones.

「YEY! Food♪ Lydia, thank you!!」


「Ahaha. No need for thanks.」


Ain, who had both of her hands full of gemstones, was rubbing herself against Lydia.

It seems like Ain’s impression of Lydia grew better. What a greedy fellow.


「Lydia, there was a bit too much this time. I’m afraid that we might run into trouble if we’re not able to kill all of them, so could you try and pull less next time?」

「Ahaha, I’m sorry Zeph-chi.」

「WHAT!! BUT I WANT MORE!!」 said Ain while throwing a tantrum.


And it looked like Lydia wasn’t that satisfied as well.

It can’t be that she’s planning on pulling the same amount again, right?


「Lydia I want to say that…」

「I knooow! Hold back next time, right?」

「That’s fine then.」


It seemed like Lydia had taken my warning to heart so each time she showed up after that, she only brought close to ten enemies. Ain was sulking at first, but after picking up the gemstones that dropped after each pull, her mood lightened up. Lydia and Claude continued their job as the train and constantly brought in packs of monsters, which were then wiped out with the Double Blue Gale from me and Milly.


「Let’s wrap this up.」



It was already starting to grow dark. Due to hunting down Guardians the whole day each of our bags were filled to the brim with items. And even though their effect was useless, we had also obtained two Guardian Cards.

If we were to sell all of this, we’ll probably earn about 300,000 rupi. On top of that everyone’s levels went up. It was a good hunt.


「My level went up♪」

「I think I also levelled up around six times.」


It seemed like Shirushu, who had the lowest level among us, had also levelled up quite a bit. And similarly to Milly I had managed to level up as well.

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