Chapter 121 Part 1

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While I was looking at everyone’s cheerful expressions, I suddenly heard a voice inside my head.


《Hey, is this Zeph-kun?》


It was a familiar female voice.

… It can’t be?!

An image of someone immediately popped into my mind.


《Azalea, is that you?》

《Correct. … It’s been a while hasn’t it. Have you been well?》


My guess was correct; the voice was that of the Dispatch Magician Azalea.

The Dispatch Magicians are an entity that falls under the Magician Association. They’re like errand boys that arrest criminals, investigate various cases and take care of violent monsters that cause harm to the people.

Because they are under the influence of the Magician Association, they have heavy restrictions when it comes to fighting. But even so, their strength is guaranteed.

I haven’t heard from her since we left the East Continent, but for her to suddenly call me out of nowhere… I have a bad feeling.

I swallowed my saliva and waited for Azalea to speak.


《Was the spell that you just used a Unique Spell?》

《… You could say that.》


My heart began to pound.

…She knows that I used Platinum Slash. Where in the world did she see me… Dispatch Magicians sure do use some strange spells. Damn it. That’s a violation of privacy you know!


《…That spell greatly shaves off a large amount of a Dungeon’s Magic Power so I’d like to ask you not to use it.》

《You sure love to spy on people. A man can’t even take a leak peacefully with you around.》

《Look here, it’s not like I saw it because I wanted to. The other day at the snow mountain, traces of tremendous Magic Power were found and it stirred up quite the fuss at the association. I got a nostalgic feeling when looking through the Magic Power traces so I decided to investigate… And just as I had thought, I stumbled upon you.》


I messed up… It’s completely normal for the Magician Association to have their eyes on such a powerful spell. Once was fine, but using it twice was a huge mistake on my part.


《Either way, I won’t report to the higher ups. So just make sure not to use it again, okay? I don’t want there to be bad blood between us after all.》

《… Got it. Thank you for the warning.》

《What a good kid.》


And just like that Azalea cut off the Telepathy.

Hmph, but to think that I’d get found by Azalea. I guess it’s best I don’t use Platinum Slash anymore. But Azalea sure is naive… In other words, as long as I don’t shave off a Dungeon’s Magic Power and I don’t get found out by people from the association then it’s fine. I won’t use it openly, but I’ll still use it as a trump card if push comes to shove. She said that she wouldn’t inform her superiors about me, and that warning was way too naive for a Dispatch Magician. …Maybe she’s just trying to repay the favor from last time. Dispatch Magician Azalea… I really can’t deal with that woman.


The following day. Because Lydia went out to check the stall plaza by herself, we had decided to hold off on hunting for today.

But even so, there were still things we had to do. Excluding Lydia, we all once again went to the city of Tiros.


「We won’t head for the abandoned factory today. We’ll focus on hunting Lucky Rabbits in this area.」

「Really? But won’t that be inefficient since there aren’t a lot of them?」

「Kuku, this time that will actually play to our advantage.」



Milly was baffled. However, I couldn’t blame her. After all, today hunting was a bit special.


「Shirushu, can I have you look for monsters?」



Shirushu’s ears twitched as she searched the surroundings.

The point of today’s hunt was to farm for the Bunny Necklace that dropped from the Lucky Rabbits. The Bunny Necklace was a popular item, and due to it being a rare item as well, its price was also high. Usually it wouldn’t drop quite often but today I was going to use a secret method to obtain them.


「Claude, put this on.」 saying that I handed over the Moonlight Gauntlets to Claude, who received them with a blank expression.


「The higher the user’s Magic Power the easier it is to use Steal. On the other hand, the higher the Magic Power the harder it is to obtain Rare Items.」

「Whoa… Is that really the case?」

「Yes. Using Steal is just like goldfish scooping. You only have one net to try and catch the goldfish. And those with higher Magic Power have wider nets. Conversely, the lower the user’s Magic Power the smaller the net.」

「But in that case, don’t the people with higher Magic Power have the advantage?」

「If it’s only about obtaining the items yes. However, with a bigger net you also end up scooping fish that you don’t want. If Steal succeeds the monster disappears, that’s why when farming for Rare Items it’s better to have a person with lower Magic Power, steadily use steal a number of times.」

「I see… I feel like I’ve got it, but also that I haven’t at the same time.」

「You’ll get it once you try it out.」


This was something that was better to experience first hand, rather than learn it. And by the way, Milly wasn’t paying any attention to our discussion at all.

…Seems like she doesn’t feel like listening to complex explanations.

While we talked about this and that, Shirushu’s ears twitched and turned towards the east.


「A monster. I think it’s a Lucky Rabbit.」

「Let’s go.」


I had already cast Safe Protection on everyone, but if we were to get surrounded by Lucky Rabbits it would still probably turn out to be quite dangerous.

While progressing carefully we discovered a Lucky Rabbit that was walking while keeping its guard up.

It seems like it still hasn’t found us.


《We’ll have Claude charge in first and we’ll follow after. Do not be late.》



《I’m going…!!》


Claude kicked the earth and charged at the Lucky Rabbit while keeping her shield up. After noticing us the Lucky Rabbit fired its gun.

However, Claude already had her shield up. The bullet was repelled off the shield.

Claude then rushed in while the Lucky Rabbit was still reloading.





Using her momentum Claude pushed the Lucky Rabbit up to a wall with her shield. Due to impact snow fell from the rooftop of the building.

All that’s left is to stop its movements…!


「Good job Claude! Now move back!」



Claude moved out and behind her I stood with Freybrand in hand ready to cast Time Square.

While time was stopped I proceeded to cast Blue Ball, Black Ball and Green Ball.

Accompanied by a golden light the slash took the Lucky Rabbit’s arm.

Fourfold Spell Synthesis: Tetra Ball

The Lucky Rabbit’s arm flew in the air and then fell to the ground while still holding the gun. The Lucky Rabbit had its attention completely focused on its disappearing arm. I then grabbed its remaining arm and threw it on the ground. 

I proceeded to bind its arm, completely sealing its movements.

The attacks from the Lucky Rabbit’s gun are certainly powerful, however the Lucky Rabbits themselves weren’t that physically strong and were almost completely powerless without their guns.

That’s why there are also a number of inhuman adventurers who even use them as toys. It’s not like I could judge other people, but it really was pathetic. Even though the Lucky Rabbit was completely bound it still tried to resist.

It was like its inhuman eyes were trying to scream out 「Kill me!」

Shirushu was gasping at that scene.


「I kind of feel sorry for it…」

「Even though it looks like a person, in the end it’s a monster that was brought to life by the Dungeon. If you let those kinds of emotions control you, you’ll lose your life.」 I said while glaring at Shirushu, trying to warn her.

「…Go-got it…」 


Shirushu’s still green as an adventurer. I must have her resolve herself. If we end up losing to the monsters, we’ll find ourselves in the same position as this Lucky Rabbit.

I could also feel that both Milly and Claude were also compassionate towards it, yet they weren’t saying anything. That was because both of them knew what it was to wage battle. The law of the jungle was one of the relevant rules in this world.


「Claude, you’ll be using Steal on this one.」

「G-got it… So, how do I do it?」


While the Lucky Rabbit had its face facing the floor and was desperately flapping its feet in order to resist, I was sitting on top of it.

Claude looked at it, wondering where she should insert her hand from.

Having said that, if I wasn’t careful there was a chance I could lose my balance and the Lucky Rabbit could escape.


「Get on top of the Lucky Rabbit’s legs and insert your hand through here. Do it while casting Steal at the same time.」 I said while hitting the Lucky Rabbit’s rear which baffled Claude even more.

「I-is it really fine…?」

「Don’t worry about it. You can steal it from anywhere.」

「It’s resisting… I’m sorry Lucky Rabbit.」


Claude sat on top of the Lucky Rabbit, pinning down its legs. After that she nervously reached out her hand and drove it into the Lucky Rabbit’s arse.

Her hand was covered with the Moonlight Gauntlets so it easily penetrated through the Lucky Rabbit’s body.

At the same time the Lucky Rabbit’s body began to shake vigorously.

Tsch, we didn’t cause it enough damage.


「…!! Don’t struggle… You…!」




Claude was nervously moving her hand through the Lucky Rabbit’s body.

Milly and Shirushu’s faces became red at the sight. And that was especially the case for Shirushu. She looked like she was about to go out of control at any moment.

It might be bad to have her look at this.


「… Both of you, turn around. Shirushu, don’t forget to watch out for the surroundings.」

「S-Sure…」 said Milly

「Okay…」 responded Shirushu while waving her bright red hair and turning around, following behind Milly.

Shirushu’s ears and tail were moving restlessly. It seemed like she was quite interested.

One way or another she appears to be somewhat of a nymphomaniac.


「Um… I can’t seem to take it out…」

「The lower your Magic Power the longer it takes. And it’s also because you’re holding back. Do it harder.」

「……?!! …!! …!!」


I grabbed Claude’s arm and shoved it further up the Lucky Rabbit’s body.

Each time I did that the Lucky Rabbit’s body shook.


「Hyaaa!! I-I’m sorry!!」 Claude said apologizing to the Lucky Rabbit, due to being tormented by her conscience.


Ugh, I suddenly got the feeling that I’m doing something really bad. I’ve changed. To think that a day would come when I would show compassion for a monster.


Afterwards, Claude continued trying to use Steal, while putting in some break in between as well. Steal drained magic power upon being used, and due to Claude also having a small amount of magic power it took quite a bit of time.

But still, in the end, Steal finally succeeded. 

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