Chapter 122 Part 1

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After that incident she felt like she was always thinking about Zeph.

She had lost her consciousness due to the cold, and when she came to, she had found herself naked in Zeph’s embrace, and had spent the whole night like that.

When she had realized what had happened she ran away without giving it a second thought.

Even now, whenever she thought back to that night her face would turn deep red, almost like fire was about to burst out from it at any moment.

She regretted leaving quickly, without even saying a word of gratitude to him.


「But still, even though Zeph gave me that fragment he hasn’t even called me once since then…」


Silverie looked at the crystal ring with eyes full of dissatisfaction.


However, Zeph probably has other things to do as well. And he must have felt awkward after doing that. No wait, but the talk we had afterwards seemed pretty normal.


Because Silverie was unfamiliar with relationships between people, she had no clue as to what Zeph was thinking.


「I don’t know… Damn it…」


Up until now the cases where she had to think about the way others felt were almost non-existent.

Due to that, she didn’t know what was the right thing to do, and could only stare at the crystal.

While thinking about Zeph that is.

If one were to look from the outside they would probably find the sight of Silverie going over various facial expressions while looking at a crystal pretty strange.


「I want to talk with Zeph…」


She held the crystal ring in her hand and Zeph’s face popped into her mind.

However, just before using Telepathy she felt kind of embarrassed so she gave up in the end. She kept repeating the same thing over and over again.

And then suddenly a voice appeared in Silverie’s head.


《Silverie, can we talk?》



Silverie jumped up with surprise and sat on the bed.

Did I unconsciously call him again? No, it can’t be. The Telepathy came from him. What a coincidence…!


With a face full of embarrassment Silverie replied to Zeph.


《So it’s you Z-Zeph… It’s been a while. Is there something you need?》

《Not in particular, I just thought I’d check up on how you were doing… Is it me or are you excited for some reason?》

《Ahem! You don’t need to worry.》 said Silverie as she cleared her throat and adjusted her tone.


Her heart was pounding because she had finally received that long awaited call.


《So you’re worried about me huh… That’s surprising… You really are a kind fellow.》


With a smile on her face Silverie ended up saying some words that were unexpected even for her.


《I’m fine… And also, thank you.》


She naturally managed to express her gratitude. How long had it been since she had last thanked anyone? The thick wall that Silverie had built up around her heart had thinned out quite a bit after her encounter with Zeph.


《The thing is, I’d like to ask you if you would like to join us on a hunt, what do you say?》



At the sudden invitation Silverie’s pulse rose.

She was lost for words due to being overwhelmed with feelings of happiness and bewilderment.


《Everything is always so sudden with you Zeph. … Well, recently I did feel like moving my body a bit, so it seems like a… good… opportunity, right?》 said Silverie muttering as she was wondering to herself.


Silverie had never hunted while cooperating with others.

That was because she was strong enough to not need the help of others.

Under normal circumstances she would probably immediately turn down the offer, but this time she ended up agreeing.


《… Okay. I’ll join in.》

《Really? Thank you.》


Hearing those words made Silverie happy.

In a quiet tone she muttered *I’m the one that should be thanking you.* in a way so that Zeph wouldn’t hear it, and then continued to talk to him again.


《So, where should I go?》

《Oh yea. The place…》


They set the meeting point at the Tiros Abandoned Factory. After cutting off the Telepathy with Zeph Silverie stood up from her bed.

Up until a few days ago she had been a total mess, however now she was full of energy.

It’s only because of the money.

While thinking with a bitter laugh Silverie took off the loose-fitted shirt that she was wearing on her naked body, and threw it on the bed.

She proceeded to put on her usual thin shirt, her black low-rise pants, and finally she put on her coat.

Sniffing at her sleeve a slight tang of mold entered her nose.


「Hmph… It smells a bit…」


When she thought about it she couldn’t remember when it had been the last time she bought clothes.

The time for their meeting was at noon.

If she were to use Teleport she’d get there in no time so she had a lot of time before the appointed hour.

《I guess it’s good to buy some new clothes once in a while. I think I’ll wear something nice today.》

While thinking that Silverie headed to the capital with Teleport.



――Tiros Abandoned Factory.

We watched the falling snow as we waited for Silverie.

Our appointment was for noon, but despite that we came a little bit already. Even so, just as we got there I heard a voice via Telepathy.


《Zeph, it’s me.》

《Oh, Silverie. We just got here.》


It was probably just my imagination, but Silverie’s tone seemed somewhat excited.

The same thing had happened the last time we talked as well. It seemed like her attitude towards me was beginning to change.

Is it because of the thing that happened in the snow mountain I wonder?

But even so, I had decided not to talk about it. That was because it was embarrassing for me as well.


《Where should I go?》

《At the factory’s entrance.》

《Okay.》 said Silverie with a short response and cut off the Telepathy.


Well then, Silverie will probably get flustered if she meets everyone at once so I guess I’ll go greet her first.

I asked everyone to wait for me as I used Teleport to go to the city’s northern entrance.

As I got there I immediately found the person I was looking for.


「Oh, Silverie.」

「… Oh, you’re here Zeph.」


Looking at Silverie she seemed somewhat restless. I felt kind of strange when looking at the nervous Silverie.

Her clothes are strangely different than usual.


「Silverie, your clothes seem different than usual.」

「…!! You can tell?」

「Well yea. I’ve always been looking at you after all.」


Even during my previous life, her clothes had always been the same. Usually they were mostly all black with a focus on functionality. However, today it was a bit different.

But even so, the difference wasn’t that obvious. It was mostly some stitched ornaments or lines, that one wouldn’t see if they didn’t look closely.

I wouldn’t have been able to find out either if I hadn’t seen the price label that was still attached to the coat.

I guess I’ll remove it later without her noticing me.

I whispered out softly. At the same time Silverie seemed really uneasy.


「Does it look strange?」

「No, it suits you. It’s lovely Silverie.」

「… You idiot, don’t say such embarrassing things…」 said Silverie and turned around.


Hmph, could she have dressed up for today. … She unexpectedly has a cute side to her as well.

Perhaps she was offended that I was staring at her, but Silverie turned away.


「Let’s just not talk about that and go.」

「Silverie, wait a bit… Good grief, no can do I guess…」


I followed after Silverie as she Teleported towards the Abandoned Factory.

After we arrived at the factory’s entrance Silverie suddenly froze.


「Ah!! Zeph is finally back. Is that girl a friend of yours Zeph…?」 asked Milly.

「That must be Silverie-san right? It’s nice to meet you. I’m Shirushu.」

「…Hello.」 said Claude.



The ones waiting for us at the factory’s entrance were Milly, Shirushu and Claude. Silverie froze due to having someone suddenly speak to her.

I thought that Silverie had gotten a bit better at human interactions, but it seems like I had been mistaken.


「Um… Is something wrong?」 asked Milly as she got close to Silverie.



Silverie averted her eyes and tried to run away.

Like I’ll let you.

I grabbed onto Silverie’s waist as she tried to run away without a word. Silverie looked at me with a hateful expression.


「Zeph… you deceived me…」

「That’s rude. I did no such thing! There’s nothing bad about this. Everyone here is nice.」

「… That might be true but…」


Silverie was unwilling to give up and was still trying to run away. However, if she really wanted to run away she could have already used Teleport to do so.

As long as everyone else follows up nicely we’ll be able to get her to give up and join us on the hunt.

I looked at the other three, but Shirushu seemed perplexed, while Claude was making a complex expression.

Usually Claude would be the one to follow up, however she didn’t have a good impression of Silverie.

「Um, Silverie-san.」


Milly looked like she had caught on to something as she called out to Silverie.

Good job Milly.

Milly was the type to do stuff when it was necessary, and she also had a friendly character. Even with Silverie as her target she might still be able to do something.

Milly drew towards us in small steps and stood in front of Silverie while smiling.

It felt like Milly’s bright smile managed to shake Silverie’s poker face for an instant.

Without breaking her smile, Milly stretched out her hand to the stiffened Silverie and grabbed the edge of her coat.


「The price tag is still attached. I’ll throw it out for you.」 said Milly as she peeled off the price tag on Silverie’s coat and threw it.

Just as she did that Silverie’s face turned bright red and her body began to tremble.

This is bad.

Just as I thought that it happened.

Akin to a snake shedding its skin, Silverie slipped out of her coat and disappeared with Teleport.

Milly just stood there and watched as Silverie ran away.


「What happened?」



Silverie was way too shy. She was just like a wild animal that refused to get close to people.

That’s a serious problem.


「It’s probably because I forcefully tried to get her to become familiar with everyone…」


Damn it. It seems like the day where we’ll hunt together with Silverie is still quite far off.  


「Zeph what did you say?」

「No, it’s nothing. Well then, should we go?」

「Iyahyahya…!! What are you doing!!」 Milly said with a broken language as I was pinching her cheeks as punishment for now.

After that we used Teleport to head towards the Tiros Abandoned Factory. 

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