Chapter 123 Part 2

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What in the world…?

We steeled ourselves as the box opened up before us.

From within the smoke came the sounds of mechanisms, followed by the sound of something stepping onto the ground, and the grating of metal against metal.

The smoke cleared up before us, as we stayed on guard

What revealed itself from within the smoke, was a girl with black hair.

「A person… or not I guess…?」

Claude stepped forward, ready to shield us.

The girl’s appearance was that of a human.

Her long, black hair flowed smoothly, and she wore an apron dress. At first glance, she looked like a young maid who was a waitress at a cafe or something.

However, she can’t possibly be a human. Whenever she moved, there were creaking sounds from her body and, even though insignificant, it looked like the girl’s body was pieced together.

Furthermore, if she were human, she couldn’t have possibly stayed in such a place for all this time.

The girl moved her own limbs, as we observed the situation.


「Nah, I don’t get that impression from her either.」

Monsters that are composed of mana have a unique presence.

However, I don’t feel such a presence from the girl before me. Rather, I feel magic itself.

I faced the girl and cast Scout Scope on her, but there was absolutely no response.

While we were perplexed, the girl’s eyes locked onto ours.

「–Wh, wh, wh… who, are… you?」

With a whirring sound, the girl tilted her head to one side.

The girl’s manner of speech was somewhat unnatural.

It was as if she simply strung together a few words… like how a baby talks.

「I am Milly, Milly Reyad! Those behind me are members of my guild, Hunters of the Blue Sky!」

In response to the girl’s question, Milly announced with her chest puffed out.

Well, there was one guest with us though.

As the rest of us took turns to introduce ourselves, the girl continued to look at us blankly.

「My, name is, Soara.」

The girl introduced herself as she bowed her head politely.

It seems like she isn’t hostile towards us… I think?

「…Who are you?」

Soara’s wrists and ankles were dark gray in color, which was made from metal no matter how you see it. Her patched-together skin also bothered me.

After a moment of silence, Soara’s wrists rotated once.

While we were stirred up, Soara continued to speak.

「I am a humanoid robot made by Tiros Factory. My official model number is M-9996. Prototype droid number 6. I am named as Soara, S-O-A-R-A.」

That was surprising. I had thought that most of the humanoid robots were destroyed by the Magic Association, while the remainder were turned into monsters. Unexpectedly, there was an original humanoid robot left.

Furthermore, this design seems like one of the later developments.

I have previously browsed through information about the research done at Tiros.

Humanoid robots were developed with the aim for them to look more and more like humans.

That being said, the research has actually progressed this far.

At first glance, it looks exactly like a human, doesn’t it… Hmm, what splendid skill.

As I was admiring the robot, Milly and Lydia brushed me aside and approached it.

「Hey hey Soara, are you really a humanoid robot? What can you do? Are you strong?」

「Ho ho, Soara-chan, I see. You really look exactly like a human~… Can I touch you for a bit?」

Both of them appeared to have a keen interest in the robot.

Oi oi, I understand that you’re excited, but please calm down. If you speak at the same time, she won’t be able to catch what you’re saying right?

However, despite my worries, Soara was completely unfazed as she replied to the two ladies.

「Q1: Yes. Q2: I can do household chores, fighting, basic conversation, and various types of support required by a human. Q3: Combat power is 169000. Q4: The material of the exterior is mainly made from chromium steel. Q5: Contact for the purpose of an investigation is not allowed.」

One by one, Soara conscientiously answered all the questions. Her replies were sometimes ambiguous though.

Specifically the combat power of 169000 – how strong is that exactly?

「Awesome! Awesome awesome!」

Regardless of that, Milly was thrilled. With sparkling eyes, she took Soara’s hand and was shaking it vigorously.

「Milly didn’t seem like the type to be interested in humanoid robots though…」

「It’s like a doll. Cute, isn’t it!」

…That reminds me, in the past, she once saw a doll in a show window and stuck her face to the glass.

Soara certainly does look like a ‘doll’.

Is that why you like her? She’s not the type of doll you could dress up you know, geez.

「By the way, where is the professor? The research lab also looks weird…?」

Soara looked around her.

Apparently, Soara did not know what had happened to Tiros.

She was likely sleeping until now. I guess Soara is a humanoid robot left behind by the times?

「…It’ll be a long story though.」

I began to recount to Soara the entire course of events regarding the city of Tiros.

Even as Soara sometimes nodded, she listened on with a blank look on her face.

「…And that was what happened. Tiros City has perished.」

「I… see…」

Soara muttered word by word.

It’s unclear whether humanoid robots have emotions, but her side profile looked somewhat sorrowful.

Just as I thought that Milly was quietly watching Soara, she suddenly raised her voice.

「Oh right! Let’s have Soara join our guild!」


She said something incomprehensible.

Milly clung to my arm and pleaded with a sweet voice.

「Hey, it’s fine, isn’t it! Please! I will take care of her.」

「No no, but still…」

It’s not as if we’re simply picking up stray cats or dogs, you know?

When I was about to admonish Milly, Silverie muttered.

「You’d better not. That humanoid robot could be affected by mana, you know?」

At Silverie’s words, Milly’s face stiffened.

Indeed, Soara has always been in the dungeon.

Living things that have been affected by strong mana could turn savage after being brought out from the dungeon.

These creatures which have turned savage will boast of battle prowess on the same level as typical monsters and are therefore extremely dangerous.

That is also known as Demon transformation.

There was even a case where an adventurer found a puppy in a dungeon and brought it out, then the puppy went through Demon transformation in their tent, and all his party members ended up being eaten by it.

「B-but that’s, only limited to living things, isn’t it!」

「However, with that much intellect, we cannot assume that only Soara is not affected by mana.」

Although not much is known regarding Demon transformation, there is a theory that creatures with high intelligence tend to be more easily affected by mana.

Of course, that also applies to humans, therefore it is dangerous to stay in a dungeon for a long time.

Well, Soara’s case is especially unique, so it would seem that the chances of Demon transformation are lower for her.

That being said, Silverie’s opinion is also not unreasonable.

Hmm, we’re not making any progress like this.

Seeing the two quarrel, Claude clapped her hands together.

「Oh right, isn’t it okay if we let Zeph-kun decide?」

At Claude’s suggestion, everyone looked towards me at once.

「That makes sense~. That way, both of you won’t have any complaints, right?」

「That’s right! Anyway, quarreling is not nice, you know!」

Lydia and Shirushu got on board with her idea.

Silverie and Milly also exchanged looks and appeared to be considering Claude’s suggestion.

「…right. Zeph is probably the leader. I’m good if Zeph decides.」

「I’m the leader though… well, whatever. Zeph, please decide.」

「Got it.」

I went along with their suggestion… but hmm, what should I do?

The safer choice is Silverie’s opinion, but it’s also a waste to destroy and dispose of such an interesting humanoid robot.

As Milly mentioned, we could do all sorts of research if we brought it home.

While I was pondering, Soara turned back to face me.

「By the way, is anyone hungry?」


Now that she mentioned it, it was already long past lunchtime.

Everyone had looks of sudden realization on their faces. Milly’s stomach rumbled.

「Ahaha, since there’s no monster around here, shall we make a simple meal?」

「Lydia-sama, I would be blessed if you could assign me with that duty.」

At Soara’s request, Lydia’s eyes widened in surprise.

「Soara-chan? That’s fine by me though.」

「You have my gratitude.」

Soara walked around nearby to look for something, and whirring sounds were heard as she moved.

Then, having found something, she opened a cupboard in the corner of the room.

「…that’s good. There are still ingredients left behind.」

Soara took out a cylinder made of metal.

It was larger in diameter than in thickness, making it look more like a giant coin. That is… something I recall seeing in literature books.

One would put food in the metal cylinder, and its tight seal will prevent the food from degradation. Did anyone say canned food?

Using something like a knife which popped out from her finger, Soara cut the top side of the can and removed it.

What a convenient hand. Should I be saying that it’s a characteristic feature of humanoid robots?

After removing the top of the can, some sort of meat was obtained from it.

「This is canned tuna. It contains fish meat which has been further processed.」

The fish meat which Soara took out from the can was immersed in what looked like water, making the meat look tender.

Soara then opened other canned goods in succession and took out their contents.

There was a great variety of goods, including shellfish, meat, beans, and other vegetables.

This is amazing. I think we can eat them as is?

Milly could be heard swallowing her saliva.

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