Chapter 124 Part 1

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「Originally, this is not a proper kitchen so I hope you’ll excuse me.」

Soara put the contents of the can into the pot and proceeded to stir and season it.

I was fascinated by the flow of her work.

She finished it all off by serving the food on plates. After which she bowed once before the food.


「… I made it quickly so I don’t know if it will fit your taste.」

「Whoa! It looks delicious!!」

The finished food looked way better than one you would see even at restaurants.

But even so, Silverie seemed sceptical as she looked at the food.


「… It might be poisoned.」

「But it’s good.」 said Milly while having her mouth stuffed with food.


You should at least be a little cautious.


「… I don’t think there’s anything that seems to be particularly harmful.」 said Shirushu as she licked a bit of the food which she had scooped with her pinkie.

Shirushu’s tongue was sensitive. She was able to differentiate whether a food was old or not by just smelling it.

After Shirushu gave the food a thumbs up everyone, as if being guided by their hungry stomachs, reached their hands for the plates.


「It really is delicious!」

「Hmm, only a professional can use the things they have on hand to turn them into something delicious… Good job Soara-chan.」

Claude and Lydia both praised her.

I tried the food as well and it really was delicious.

I never thought that I’d get to eat such good food deep within a Dungeon.

A rumbling sound was heard… It was probably because she was watching everyone, but Silverie’s stomach signalled that it was empty as well.

Soara immediately served up a small portion and presented it to Silverie.





Silverie took the food with a face that said *It can’t be helped*

However, when she put the food in her mouth her eyes opened up. And then without a single word, she began to mow down the food.

She usually has a fairly unbalanced diet, but she seems to like it a lot.

After Silverie finished eating her portion Soara handed her a napkin.


「How was it?」

「… It was delicious. Really delicious.」


It seems like she acknowledged Soara.

Silverie was usually pretty cold towards strangers, however she became really easy-going around people she had acknowledged.


「Well then, how about we do this. We’ll look after Soara until we escape from the Dungeon. We’ll decide what to do with her afterwards.」 I proposed.

「Yea, yea, let’s do that!」 said Milly while she was tapping her hand on Silverie’s shoulder.


With a tired look Silverie whispered out.


「… Do as you please.」

「YEY!! Thank you Silverie-san. Soara, we did it!!」

「… But I still don’t trust her completely. If she does something shady I’ll immediately eliminate her.」

「That’s a given. After all my reason to exist is to be helpful to people.」 said Soara with a blank look.


Under Soara’s intensity Silverie couldn’t say anything else.

So her reason to exist is to help people huh…  The automaton Soara… We seem to have gotten another strange companion.

With Soara following us we went even further ahead.

Monsters really don’t come out here.


「There really are no monsters here.」 I said softly

「After all there is a barrier placed within the laboratory that is set to deploy in case of an emergency.」 replied Soara to my remark.

I see, that has a point. The most important facilities within cities are also built around places with thin mana. That just goes to show how important this place is.

After continuing down the straight passage we encountered a door.

When we opened it a small room, with numerous buttons stuck to the wall, revealed itself.

「What’s this?」

「It’s something similar to an elevator. If you press the button it will go down to the lower floor.」 「Whoa, so I should just press this then?」

「Please wait.」 said Soara stopping Milly as she had stretched out her hand, about to press the button. 

「The lower floor is used to manufacture combat automatons. I’m afraid that they have turned into powerful monsters due to this place turning into a Dungeon. I believe it’s better if we don’t proceed any further.」

「We broke through the front of this Dungeon turned city. You don’t need to worry.」

「That’s right♪ If it gets dangerous I’ll protect you. So let’s go together Soara!!」 said Milly

「… Understood. If that’s the case I cannot deny.」


Soara didn’t resist at all when Milly grabbed her hand.

As the elevator moved a feeling of drifting came over me.

「Wh! What’s this?!!」

「… It probably works with some kind of pulley mechanism which allows it to move between the upper and lower rooms.」


A similar mechanism was currently being used in a number of places inside the capital.

However, most, if not all of the mechanisms were powered by brute force and none of them crossed such a distance.

This really is a spectacular piece of engineering.

A thudding sound rang out and the door opened.

In the back of the passage before us, the slight presence of monsters could be felt.

Shirushu was also frowning.


「I can smell a lot of monsters further up.」

「Don’t push yourselves too much.」 I said

「I know♪」 replied Milly energetically, even though she was the one I was most worried about.

As soon as we stepped onto the floor of the room something happened.

Cracking sounds were heard and a dazzling light shined down from directly above us.


「Whoa?!!That’s bright!!」

「Whenever a person sets foot inside here the power automatically turns on.」 said Soara


We were blinded by the light for only a moment and our eyes soon got used to it.

The area was covered in the unpleasant smell of oil and scrap iron. There were also some incomplete automatons that were placed all over the place.

Was it for safety I wonder, however the inside of the floor was divided with iron rails, making it seem narrower than it really was.

Production lines no doubt.

There were also a large number of parts placed all over the place.

Soara then stepped in front of us.


「It seems like there really are automatons that turned into monsters…」


A moving sound could be heard from the direction that Soara was facing.

Something suddenly jumped out at high speed from the passage’s corner.

There small, round shaped automatons appeared.

Their bodies blinked and then blades appeared out of their disk like bodies.

They charged at us while the blades spun rapidly around them.

「J-450 cleaning automatons.」

「… So they’re planning to clean us out huh.」

「This is not the time for jokes, Zeph-kun.」

「Blue Gale!!」


Milly immediately fired off a Blue Gale.

However, the so-called J-450 used a zig-zag manoeuvre in order to evade it.

To think they’d be able to avoid the wide-ranged Blue Gale… They’re small, but they have quite the mobility.


「Lydia! Claude! I’m counting on you!」

「Got it!!」 said Lydia as she dashed off, wielding her axe.


These guys’ movements were certainly fast… they were probably quite light due to their small size.


「….Fu!!」 exhaled Lydia softly, following which she swung her axe with all of her might.


The axe sent one of the J-450 crashing into the wall. The J-450’s blades struck the wall and buried themselves in it, unable to move.

The J-450 tried to move the blades, but they wouldn’t budge.


「Kuro-chan! One went over there!」

「I’m on it! Milly-san please step back.」



Another J-450 was moving towards Milly from a different direction. Claude stood in front of that J-450 and raised her shield.

She received the enemy attack. I waited for the moment when Claude flicked off the J-450 and cast Time Square.

While time was frozen I cast Blue Sphere twice.

――Double Spell Synthesis Double Blue Sphere.

The J-450 collided with the lump of water. As it collided with the water it began to spin wildly within it.

After a bit it stopped spinning and fell to the ground, never to move again.

Automatons were powered by electricity so they were weak towards water. They couldn’t escape from that characteristic even when they turned into monsters.

The J-450 disappeared alongside a white smoke.


「I’ll help as well!!」 said Milly as she set her sight on the last J-450 and cast Blue Gale.


Milly made sure that her attack would certainly hit…… However, it didn’t.

The J-450 let out a sound that sounded like it was mocking Milly.

It then blew out white smoke and charged at high speed.


「No way!!!」



Just as I jumped out in order to protect her, Soara appeared before Milly.

Soara’s metal right arm let out a metallic sound as it moved with tremendous speed.


「… I’ll dispose of it.」 whispered out softly Soara and then her rapidly rotating hand landed on the J-450.

A ringing sound was heard and the J-450 stopped its movements.

Soara’s hand had pierced through the J-450.


「T-Thank you…」

「I only did what was natural.」


Soara’s hand then rotated back to normal.

It seemed like Soara’s right hand had the function of a drill.

And just as a drill it had drilled through the J-450’s body.

She pierced through the hard automaton’s body with just one strike… What tremendous destructive power.

Including me, everyone else was shocked as well.


「Phew! You really are strong Soara-chan.」

「You’re all really strong as well. Though it might have not been much I’m glad I was able to help.」 said Soara as she bowed once and then stepped back.


She wants to show us that she doesn’t intend to butt in huh…

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