Chapter 128 Part 1

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「Okay, that’s it! Thank you!!」 said Lydia as she closed the sketchbook and gave a slap to her buttocks.  

Claude timidly spoke to the seemingly pleased Lydia.


「I-Is that all?」

「Hm? Yea…」 said Lydia as she continued playing with her pen.  

She then crossed her legs and glanced at us with upturned eyes while smiling.


「There’s just one more thing. Tomorrow I want you to come at around the same time♪」 said Lydia with a smile as she kicked us out of the house. 

「… What was wrong with Lydia.」

「She had cloth scattered everywhere. Could she be making clothes?」asked Shirushu.


Her guess was right on the mark.  

Lydia was indeed making clothes. However, they weren’t just any clothes.  

I’m really looking forward to tomorrow.



「Oh, I see you’re here!!」


When we came to visit again the next day, Lydia welcomed us with a wide smile.  

It seems like she’s awake today. Or rather, she probably didn’t sleep at all… The dark circles under your eyes are showing Lydia.


「Did you make them?」

「They turned out perfect♪」

「W-Why are just the two of you getting so excited…」Milly said angrily.

「Don’t worry about it♪ Here, come on in.」


Claude, Shirushu and Milly were pushed by Lydia into the back part of the room.

Eventually, from behind the curtain in the back of the room, I heard the screams of Milly and the others.  

While waiting I looked around the room, and from what I saw it seemed like the process had gone quite smoothly.  

On top of the long desk, was just the thing that I had asked Lydia to make.

It really is well made. As expected of her. …That’s right. I guess I should invite Silverie as well.  

I hadn’t met with Silverie since that incident.  

After all, at that time I had been more worried about Milly so I hadn’t had the opportunity to contact her.  

It might be a good opportunity to invite her for the festival and get her to make friends with everyone.  

I left the noisy room and called Silverie.


(Hey Silverie, it’s been a while. You doing okay?)

(So it’s you Zeph. Do you need something?)


Her response was quite short, but nonetheless it sounded somewhat excited.  

Good grief, I really wish she’d go out of her way to contact me as well once in a while.


(Actually, I’ve prepared some new clothes for you. Would you like to come?)

(…!! C–C-Clothes for me…?)


For a moment I felt like she was at a loss for words.  

But in the end she did end up replying.  

Last time when I saw her with new clothes I thought that maybe she had interest in those kinds of things. Indeed, it seemed like I was right.


(So, can you come right now? I believe that it’ll look great on you.)

(But your friends are going to be there as well, correct? Won’t I be a nuisance?)

(We’re moving separately today. You don’t need to worry about it.)

(…Got it. Where should I come?)


Good, she’s hooked.  

I then told Silverie the time and the place where she should meet me.  

Well then, I should go. I mustn’t forget this as well.  

I grabbed the thing that I had asked Lydia to make and went outside the room.


「Zeph, where do you think you’re going!!」


Just as I was leaving I was stopped by Milly.  

Looking back, I could see only her head sticking out from behind the curtain.


「I’m sorry, I need to go somewhere.」

「You sure do whatever you please don’t you… Okay, okay, have a safe trip!」

「I will.」


I waved my hand back at Milly and left the house. I had told Silverie to meet me in front of our inn, so I headed towards there.  

Come to think of it, where exactly is Silverie at the moment? I did tell her to be there in an hour, but if she’s pretty far off then I’d feel bad for forcing her. And she probably needs to prepare as well… Well I guess I’ll just wait for her there.  

I walked around while watching the bustling city preparing for the festival. In total it took me around 30 minutes to get to the inn.  

Just as I was thinking of where to wait for Silverie, I noticed her silhouette appear from behind the shadow of a post.  

T-That scared me…


「S-Silverie… You sure are early.」

「I just came.」


Could she have been pretty close?  

However I then noticed that she was out of breath.

You shouldn’t have pushed yourself to come this early you know…



「Yea. Here, this is the thing I prepared for you.」 saying that, I took a foreign clothing made from a thick cloth out of the bag I had with me.

―― It was a Yukata.  

It was a type of clothing that became popular during a festival in my previous life. However, it was yet to be made known of in this life.  

Looking back, I think it became popular in two or three years from now.

It was a bit of a gamble, however I had thought that it would definitely sell so I had Lydia make it. And the thing I currently had with me, was one of the prototypes.  

Silverie took it by the sleeves and spread it in front of her.  

It seems like she’s wondering how to put it on.


「Is this something you wear like a coat?」

「No, it’s a type of foreign clothing that you wear on top of your bare skin.  It’s called a Yukata.」


「Well, just come with me for now. Let’s get you changed inside.」


I grabbed Silverie and brought her into my room, while she continued to look curiously at the yukata.  

I then left the room to let Silverie get changed and decided to change into a yukata myself.  While waiting I called Lydia and the others via Telepathy, but it seemed like they had already finished changing and were already walking around town.

But still, she really does take her time.  

Silverie had yet to leave the room.


「Silverie, are you still not done?」

「It’s a bit hard to wear this thing…」


Don’t you just put it on and tie it with the sash, is it really that hard?  

When I went inside I saw that the lower part of Silverie’s yukata was dragging on the ground.  It was hiding her legs, forcing Silverie to have a bit of an embarrassed face.


「…. How should I wear this?」



It seemed like the female and the male yukatas were a bit different.  

This is bad. I have no clue. That’s right. I should just ask Lydia.


(Lydia, can you teach me how to put on a yukata?)

(Ah, I expected this would happen. You see, at first I had no idea how to wear it as well, luckily next to my house there was a foreigner that I asked and she showed me how to do it.)

(I’m sorry, for troubling you.)

(You see this thing is pretty hard to put on by one’s own. You should be the one to put in on for her Zeph-chi.)

(I see… I’m in your care then master.)

(Haha, okay then, I’ll tell you what to do.)


While receiving Lydia’s instructions I put on Silverie’s yukata from behind.  

According to Lydia, the length could be adjusted around the waist. So after adjusting the length I had to fold the excess cloth and then surround it with the sash, while tying it at the back.  

During the kitsuke process (apparently that’s what it’s called) I ended up touching Silverie’s body a couple of times, and as I said previously underneath the yukata there was only her bare skin.  

Each time I touched her she would end up squeezing her body.


「Zeph! Don’t touch me in weird places.」

「I-It’s not on purpose… Okay, it’s finished.」



While wearing the yukata Silverie went ahead to the mirror to get a look at herself.  

It’s a new type of clothing so she probably likes it.  

She spun around in front of the mirror in a way that she could see every part.  

She always wears the same clothes so I was left with the impression that she wouldn’t like this kind of thing, but this really is a new aspect of her that I’m seeing.


「D-Does it look strange…?」

「No. It looks great.」

「…I see.」 said Silverie as she brushed up the hair that had fallen in front of her face and smiled as if feeling relieved.  


After Silverie got changed we went out of the inn. After going out the looks of the people immediately gathered at Silverie’s unusual appearance.


「… Hey Zeph, everyone’s looking… It really is strange, isn’t it…?」

「There’s just fascinated by you.」

「D-Don’t lie!!」

「It’s fine, let’s go.」


I casually grabbed Silverie’s hand and began walking.  

Instead of our usual footwear we were currently wearing things known as zori, which one would usually wear alongside the yukata. However, because of them Silverie was walking in an unsteady manner.  

I was wearing the same footwear, however due to already having used them in my past life I had no problems. As long as you got used to them, wearing them was rather refreshing, so I liked them quite a bit.


「… Zeph, this is hard to walk in. And I can feel the wind passing through my feet. I can’t seem to relax…」

「Hold on to my arm and we can walk like that.」



I forcibly grabbed Silverie as she still looked a bit uncertain and continued walking.  

But even so, Silverie didn’t stop looking around. The gazes of the passersby were still bothering her.  

Silverie put her free hand in front of her chest and slightly shrunk her body as well.  

She looked just like a scared puppy. It was really rare to see Silverie looking like this.

Perhaps she noticed that I was grinning, so Silverie got a bit angry.


「… By the way, where are we going?」

「There’s no specific place. It’s just a regular date. If there’s anywhere you want to go, I’ll take you there.」

「A d-da…」

「So, where should we go?」

「… Anywhere is fine…」 Silverie said in a soft voice after which she became silent.  

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