Chapter 128 Part 2

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I pulled Silverie’s arm and headed towards places that had a lot of passersby.  

The yukata looked really good when combined with Silverie’s black hair, and due to it also being an unusual type of clothing, she gathered the gazes of everyone whenever she stopped.  

However, Silverie seemed a bit uncomfortable.  

As we walked around the shopping street, Silverie suddenly stopped as she saw a stand with a red curtain that had ice cream written on it.  

Ice cream was a type of confectionary made by stirring animal milk, sugar and eggs, while cooling them with ice.

… Come to think of it, Silverie liked sweet things didn’t she.


「Silverie, wait here for a bit.」



I ignored Silverie as she tried to speak and went ahead to buy two ice creams. When I gave one of them to her, she looked at it a bit reluctantly, but in the end she ended up taking it.  She then nervously brought the ice cream to her mouth and slowly began to lick it.  

The sight of her eyes turning over as her small lips opened and her red tongue touched the white ice cream felt somewhat lewd.


「… What are you staring at!」

「I-It’s nothing. Silverie, it’s dropping from your mouth.」

「Hm… Ah! I’m sorry.」


Silverie wiped the white milk that was dripping from her mouth with her sleeve.  

Come to think of it, in my past life she wanted to eat it but was too shy to buy one for herself so she made me buy it for her.  

We continued walking around town and we finally arrived at the main venue for the Heavenly Mages Festival, which was the stall plaza.  

The stall plaza, which the Adventurer Guild usually rents out for adventurers to interact at, was now open for everyone as part of the festival.  

There were various food stalls and festival-like things that were lined up.


「Whoa, what is that clothing…?」

「It looks a bit unusual. But it’s cute.」


I could hear the voices of the passerby.  

I had already expected it, but as soon as we stepped inside the stall plaza, people’s gazes were immediately focused on us.  

Interest, envy… Each of the gazes had their usual feelings embedded into them, however, probably because of the sheer amount of people, today those gazes felt stronger than usual.

Fufu, we’re standing out. It seems like the yukata was a success.  

As I walked through the crowd with a grin on my face I saw that on the opposite side of us, there was another crowd.  

From the gaps in the crowd I managed to make out Milly and the others in their yukatas.

The design of Milly’s yukata had large yellow flowers placed upon a white background and her hair that was usually tied up in twin-tails was now let down a bit lower than usual.  

Oh, it suits her. The saying clothes make the person really show here.  

As if having noticed my gaze, Milly yelled out.


「Ah!! Zeph, you were here!」

「Hey. What a coincidence to meet here.」


Milly passed through the crowd as she tried to get close to us.  

However, due to not being used to the zori, she was on the verge of falling a number of times.


「Yea right a conscience… So you had to go and meet Silverie-san. If that was the case, why didn’t you just say so?」

「Milly-san that’s dangerous! You’re still not used to walking in those.」 said Claude as she supported Milly just as she was about to fall.  


Good grief, if you’re not used to them just walk normally.


「… So Zeph, why are you together with Silverie-san?」

「If everyone came she’d run off. But that out of the way, you look great Milly.」

「… S-Something like that won’t work…」


Even though she said that, she still averted her gaze as her face reddened.

There goes your momentum Milly.

I had once again managed to dodge the question.

How easy.

While stroking the shy Milly’s head I looked at everyone in order.


「Uh… Haha Zeph-kun please don’t look at me like that…」


Claude was wearing a yellow-colored yukata with a black-wave like pattern. She had her arms put in front of her chest which showed that she felt a bit embarrassed due to the unusual clothes.


「So these are the clothes that you talked about Zeph-san. I somehow feel really calm when wearing them.」


Shirushu was wearing a pink-colored yukata with long and narrow flower petals which formed somewhat unusual flowers.  

Her head was wrapped in something like a wide sash which matched the color of her yukata, and was used to cover her ears.

「I know right; they all look great♪」 said Lydia.


Lydia’s yukata looked like it had been messed with quite a bit, and had a lot of exposure, just like her normal clothes.  

Her armpits could be seen from the shortly cut sleeves. The length was really short, which almost made it look like a skirt, from underneath which her white tights could be seen.  

It was a style unlike none of those that I had seen in my past life, however this would probably be popular on its own.


「Everyone looks great. You really outdid yourself Lydia.」

「Haha. I was pretty confident♪ Thank you Zeph-chi. Silverie-chan you look great as well.」

「W-Who are you using chan on…」

「Haha. Okay then, how about Se-chi?」

「… Just Silverie is fine.」

「Okay, I’ll do that as well then!」 said Milly while energetically raising her hands.


I don’t think she was talking to you… Well I guess it’s fine.  

After that we casually walked around the stalls while talking.  

Silverie didn’t speak much and just walked obediently while being dragged by me. She seemed really displeased.  

She wasn’t like this when we hunted in Tiros before. You don’t usually have to talk a lot during battle, so I guess that she might just not like places like this.

To make it worse Milly was especially loud.  

However, she was also the person who approached Silverie the most. She asked her things along the lines of *How did you get so strong?*   

Silverie was a bit bewildered by all of it, but still ended up answering in a quiet voice.  

And thanks to that she wasn’t isolated. It wasn’t something that I had purposefully planned, however Milly’s character was really helpful in situations like these.  

Nonetheless, Silverie still wasn’t used to talking. Around the end she was already drained, and while we were eating together she was leaning against the chair.  

But for the others it seems like a breath of fresh air.  

Claude and Shirushu who seemed to have been pretty tired these past couple of days seemed like they were having fun.  

While eating her spaghetti Claude suddenly spoke to me.


「By the way, what were you doing today? It looked like you were just casually walking around town…」

「For the time being, let’s just say that it was a date.」

「W-What kind of date was it…? Isn’t a date this thing, where two people go out and…」

「In that case Claude, do you want to go with just me tomorrow?」

「Wh….!! Eh….! Zeph-kun…?!」

「Milly is gonna go with Silverie, and Shirushu is going to go with Lydia.」

「Zeph, there you go again with your schemes.」 said Milly provokingly.

「Kuku, well I can’t deny that.」

「… Zeph-kun, you idiot.」

「What did I say?」



Hm… Did I say something to offend Claude?  

But even so, on the date the next day Claude was in a really good mood.

… I don’t get it.  

On the day after the date with Claude I had one with Shirushu, and the day after that I went out with Lydia. And like that a number of dates went by while wearing the yukatas.   




Finally, the first day of the Heavenly Mages Festival arrived.  

For now, I did everything I could. All I could do now was wait.

Come to think of it, Lydia should already be at the plaza.


「Good morning Zeph-kun.」

「Morning Claude. Is Milly still sleeping?」

「Ahaha….」 laughed Claude in a wry manner.


What am I gonna do with her?


「Guess we can’t help it. I’ll go wake her up, so in the meantime you get ready.」



After entering Milly’s room, I noticed that she was sleeping very soundly.  

I tried shaking her shoulders.


「Milly, wake up. We need to go and help Lydia.」

「Ugh….? I can’t eat any more…」 she said some gibberish after which she just turned around and continued sleeping.  

I guess she grew lazy due to Lydia not being here for a couple of days… Usually I wouldn’t mind, but we currently don’t have the time.


「Guess it can’t be helped. I’ll get her dressed like this.」



I went behind her and reached out for her shirt from the back and undid the button of her collar.  

After I undid the buttons right up to her belly button Milly probably felt that something was being done to her so she hurriedly jumped out of the bed.


「Wh-Wh-Wh-Wh-Wh-Wh-?! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!」

「Oh, you finally woke up.」


Her shirt had slid off and Milly, whose shoulders were now exposed, was clenching to her falling shirt.  

I got up from the bed and proceeded to exit the room. Just as I did that I heard the sound of Milly’s pillow slamming against the closed door.


「Hurry up and get dressed. Everyone’s waiting.」



I ignored Milly as she was screaming in her room and headed towards Claude’s room instead.


「… Zeph-kun, just how in the world did you wake her up?」

「That’s a secret.」 I said while sipping on my coffee, dodging Claude’s question.

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