Chapter 129 Part 2

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――In the end Yera just continued walking around town buying various things and saying stuff along the lines of 「That guy there’s handsome.」「This is delicious.」 and so on.

I wasn’t able to talk with her about magic at all… Still it turned out to be a good way to kill time.


「Thank you Zeph, it was really fun.」

「No problem.」

「Well then, until we meet again!!」 said Yera as she waved her hand and went back to the tower meant for the Heavenly Mage of the Sky.



After parting ways with Yera I went back to our stall to find that all of the yukatas had already been sold.

I closed the store with everyone and while we were taking a break Lydia was laughing while sorting out all of the bundles of money that were placed on top of one of the boxes.


「Good. We got around 75 million rubi.」


「That’s amazing…」


Milly and the others were completely shocked at the amount.

In my previous life when it came to festivals, everyone knew that there would be yukatas. However, in this life they were not yet integrated and no store had them. Even if a store had them it was something that they had made in a hurry after seeing us walk around the streets, and were by no means of good quality.

The market was mostly ours for the taking.

Still, we got an amazing amount.


「I’m so glad they sold. Now I’ll be able to pay back the 30 million I borrowed from Adrei-san.」 said Lydia happily.

「That’s a huge sum he let you borrow…」 said a bit shocked Claude.

「As long as the yukatas go out on the market, people like Adrei will profit as well. And you could say that it was a type of a prior investment.」 I said in response to Claude.


「I see…」 she then said while nodding.


And due to the yukatas the festival would then get even more lively, and the amount of money circulating would increase as well.

There was no loss for Adrei.



「Well then everyone, enjoy the Heavenly Mages Festival!!」


Night came and with Yera’s speech the festival began.

From time to time you could see women wearing yukatas that they had bought from our store.

Due to the yukatas being sold in bulk, it wasn’t that rare to see them anymore, so it didn’t attract as much attention as before.

It became easier to walk through the crowd, so we all went around, enjoying the various stalls.


「Shiru-chan! Let’s taste that one!」


「You two, if you’re not careful you’ll get fat! Your manners are bad as well…」


Claude tried to stop Lydia and Shirushu from losing themselves to their greed and going around all of the candy food stalls instead of eating dinner, however it was useless… Both of them had no intention of stopping.

With a different sweet in each hand, they walked happily while eating them.

Milly smiled bitterly at the situation and looked at me as if she was hoping to see the same expression.


「Milly have you had enough?」

「Yea♪ I’m already full!!」


I was already full as well because I ate when I walked with Yera before, but unlike me Milly and the others hadn’t had anything due to dealing with customers all day.

Is she really not hungry…? Well if she says so then I’ll let her be.


「Rather than that, I want to look around the stalls!! Zeph, come with me!! There are a lot of places that I want to look at!」

「Okay, okay… Don’t run.」


I held onto Milly’s hand while walking because if I didn’t she’d just end up dashing away after seeing something she liked.

Good grief, you’ll get lost again.


「L-Let’s do that!」 said Milly as she found a target shooting stall and ran towards it.


Don’t rush out like that, good grief.

I was swallowed up by the crowd as Milly vigorously pulled my hand and ended up separating from Claude and the others.

In just an instant I completely lost sight of the others.


《We’re going to be fine, so have fun over there Zeph-kun.》

《I’m sorry. We’ll meet up with you later》 I replied to Claude and arrived at the target shooting stall while being pulled by Milly.


「Gramps, I’d like to shoot once♪」

「Sure thing!!」


Milly gave a 100 rupi to the elderly person running the stall and received the toy gun. She pulled up the sleeves of her yukata and readied herself.

She thoughtlessly aimed at a huge stuffed dog toy, which seemed to be the hardest prize.

The cork bullet drew a line and landed right on the dog’s head but the dog toy didn’t move an inch.

Figures. The only toys you can get here are probably the small ones on the lower shelves.




Milly finally realized that after shooting for a couple more times.

She glared at the gramps running the stall, but he had already seen his fair share of these kinds of customers. He wasn’t bothered by her at all.

She readied herself once more, but this time I noticed that she had begun to gather magic power on the tip of her finger.

Stop it you idiot. Whatever the circumstances may be, you shouldn’t use magic at a target shooting stall.

I tapped Milly’s shoulder in order to make her stop, but she just turned around to look at me with a disappointed face.


「…Why did you stop me.」

「Are you stupid? If you do that, you’ll get caught immediately. If you want it that much… I’ll just get it for you.」

「There’s no way you can get that!!」 

「Just watch. There’s a trick to these kinds of things.」


I gave money to the gramps and received a toy gun. I then aimed at the stuffed dog’s head and pulled the trigger. The cork bullet hit the forehead of the dog.

Just as planned.

The stuffed dog, which wouldn’t fall no matter what until now, leaned forward and fell to the ground.


「… That’s how you do it.」


Both the gramps and Milly looked with wide eyes at the unbelievable sight.


「A-Amazing!! Zeph how did you do it?!」

「That thing is not something you can get by just shooting randomly. I just shot in a way that would break its centre of gravity.」

「Centre of gravity…?」 said Milly as she didn’t understand it completely.


It was something one would usually learn at school, however in Milly’s case, since I had forced her to quit, it was natural she didn’t know about it.

I guess I should bear the responsibility and teach her. But it’s hard to just explain it to her…


「It’s something like this.」


Milly eagerly waited for my explanation. Instead I put my finger on her forehead and lightly pressed, to which Milly fell back on her ass. I destroyed her centre of gravity, but even though she had just now experienced it, she made a face that showed that she still had no idea what was going on.


「… I don’t get it.」


I should have expected that. I guess I’ll slowly explain it to her while walking around the stalls.


「In other words, each object is subjected to gravity. The centre of gravity is the point from which the weight of a body or system may be considered to act. And by breaking the position of the centre of gravity…」

「Ah!! Zeph, let’s do this next!!」 

「Listen when someone’s talking…」


Milly seemed bored and had no interest in listening to hard topics, instead she just wanted to walk around and play.

Well this is fine in its own way I guess. ――

Right next to me I heard a sound akin to that of the barking of a small animal.

The source of that sound was Milly. However, when she noticed me looking at her she immediately tried to hide it as if nothing had happened.


「Ahahaha!! It must be insects…」 


Then it rang out once more. Her belly didn’t care about her explanation and just continued to rumble.


「You have insects in your stomach?」



When I tried to tease her she immediately turned red and looked down, stopping in her tracks.


「So you really didn’t eat almost anything. Is something wrong?」

「…. That’s because Lydia told me that I had gotten heavier… So I thought that I might have gained weight…」

「… You idiot. That just means that you’ve grown.」



Before she could finish her sentence I picked her up and swung her a bit, while she just looked at me with a surprised face.



「See, you’re not heavy at all.」



I continued walking while holding on to Milly, gathering the looks of the people around us. However, I didn’t care at all.

On the other hand, Milly seemed to be bothered quite a lot by it as she restlessly kept hitting my chest with her fists. After a while she understood that it was useless to resist, so she just buried her face and grew quiet.

Her noisy side, as well as her quiet side were both cute.

I bought a number of items at a food stall and walked to a place that didn’t have so many people.

We climbed up a hill where there were almost no people and I let down Milly under a big tree.


「Here you go.」

「Thank you…」


I sat down next to the now quiet Milly and took out the food that we had just bought. She looked a bit hesitant but in the end she took a single sausage.

She grabbed the sausage with both of her hands, opened her small mouth and bit down.

Maybe it was too hot, but as soon as she bit into it she took out the sausage from her mouth and began to blow on it to cool it down a bit. After which she slowly put it into her mouth again.


「…. Tasdy…」

「Make sure you savor it.」


Which she was munching down on her sausage I took the dango that I had bought. It was probably because she had been really hungry, but Milly was eating the sausage at an amazing pace. She was already on her third.


「… What are you looking at.」

「It’s nothing.」


I stroked her hand as she was eating the sausages with intense concentration.

Even though she looked a bit annoyed by it, she didn’t brush off my hand.

The dark night was only illuminated by the lights of the festival below the hill, when suddenly a dazzling ray of light rained down from high in the sky.

A loud exploding sound rang in our ears.


「Wh-What!! What was that just now!!」


Milly hurriedly turned towards the direction of the sound.

It seems like it began.

Flowers of all colors spread in the night sky.


「Those are fireworks. It’s something that I had Adrei make for me.」



Milly looked up at the flowers made of light, which were illuminating the night.

In my past life I ended up visiting the capital right in the middle of the festival so I was able to witness the fireworks blooming in the night sky.

At the time I had been entranced by the fireworks so I ended up studying all about them.

The Flower Bombs were quite similar to how the fireworks worked so I disassembled them into pieces and then used them to make fireworks. I then left the production to Adrei and sold all of the Flower Bombs to him.


「… It’s so pretty.」 muttered Milly with a fascinated face.

「It really is.」 


She grabbed onto my sleeve and leaned towards me.

Looking down, it seemed like everyone’s eyes were glued to the fireworks as well. It was a spectacular success.

With the fireworks in mind, there’s no doubt that there will be even more people attending the festival next year. This year we were able to produce only a dozen of them, but the Shirogane Company, led by Adrei, who now knows how to make them, will probably mass produce starting next time.

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