Chapter 130 Part 1

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「… Good grief, she fell asleep.」


Around the time the fireworks stopped Milly had already fallen completely asleep, so I picked her up and carried her back.

Her breathing passed by my ears and I felt her body’s temperature on my back. Just like that we walked along the night road, leaving the hustle and bustle of the festival behind us.

Claude had apparently looked after Lydia and Shirushu after they had gotten drunk and the three of them ended up staying in the house Lydia had rented.

The only people staying in the inn today were me and Milly.

We returned to the inn and just as I was about to go in I saw a shadow of a person next to it.

It was Silverie.


「Zeph, I waited for you.」

「Silverie… What is it, so late at night?」

「I had something I wanted to talk about.」


She could have just used Telepathy, why did she bother coming all the way here. But still, since she came then it must be something really important.

And judging by her sharp eyes it really seemed to be something quite important.


「… It’s important.」

「… Okay. Come up.」 I said and guided her to our rooms.

「I’m sorry I kept you waiting.」

「Don’t worry…」


After leaving Milly in her bed I returned to my room. Inside Silverie just stood still without having anything to do.

I urged her to sit on the, and even though she was a bit hesitant she still complied.


「Should I make you some coffee?」



I put a bit of coffee and sugar into a cup and added water and milk.

Come to think of it, Silverie usually puts two teaspoons of sugar. She does like sweet things after all.

She took the cup from me and while looking at it she brought the cup to her mouth.

Her face looked quite calm as she sipped on her coffee so I figured that her taste hadn’t changed at all since my previous life.


「So, what is this all about?」



She stuttered and once again brought the cup to her mouth as if trying to hide her face.

Apparently it’s hard for her to say it. I should just wait for her.

I sat on top of the bed next to Silverie and waited for her for a long time.

Recently I had gotten used to quite the lively days due to Milly and the others. Which I didn’t hate by any means, but times like this were pleasant as well.

A time where we didn’t say anything to each other.

Silverie put her cup on the side of the bed. She then lowered her hand and coincidentally it landed on top of mine.

She tried to hurriedly move her hand away but I grabbed her ring finger and stopped her.

And then the silence continued once more.

Looking closely at Silverie I noticed that her mouth moved as she was about to say something.

It’s best to just wait.

―― After that a bit of time passed and as if finally having made her mind up Silverie spoke up.


「… I’m thinking of challenging the Wind of Wind at this year’s festival.」

「… Are you serious?」


Silverie looked directly at me and nodded lightly.

Well that surprised me. To think that she’d actually decide to participate in the Title Battle.


「That’s surprising. I was left with the impression that you had no interest in these kind of things.」



Looking closely at Silverie’s eyes I saw that they were burning with flames of determination.

She probably has some reason for doing this.


「I’d… like it… if you could come watch Zeph…」

「Me, come and watch?」

「… Yea. I’d feel encouraged… if you were to come.」


The last part that she said was really quiet and hard to hear.

Silverie’s face turned bright red, she closed her eyes and bit on her lower lip.

It was as if she was committing a once in a lifetime proposal.

This might be the first time that she’s asked someone as sincerely as this, including my previous life that is.




Hearing my words, Silverie slowly continued speaking.


「… If I were to win I’d do any one thing that’d you’d like so… please come.」 said Silverie as she tightly grasped her pants.


I ended up grinning at the pure sincerity of her request.

Did she think I’d refuse her? Like I’d ever do that.

Seeing me grin at her, Silverie got a bit angry.


「… Did I say something funny?」

「No, it’s nothing, I’m sorry. Of course I’ll come.」

「… Really?」 said Silverie as she exhaled and closed her eyes.


It looked like she felt relieved from the bottom of her heart. That peaceful face of hers was really cute.

She then averted her eyes as if she was embarrassed and stood up.

Maybe she was a bit nervous, but as she walked towards the door she swayed a bit. When she got to the door she turned around and looked at me.


「Well then, definitely come and watch.」

「Sure. I’ll definitely be there.」

「… See you.」 said Silverie and left the inn.


Good grief, she’s not the type to get so flustered like that. She probably got really nervous at the thought of being watched by so many people.






――The following day.

Claude and Shirushu would apparently help Lydia clean up her rented house.

Well the festival did end after all. And it will be hard for Lydia to clean up all by herself. It was quite the mess over there after all.


《Don’t waste the chance and go out with Milly-san today. You both were really interested in the Title Battle, weren’t you?》

《Thank you.》


I showed Claude my gratitude and cut off the Telepathy.

Well then, I’ll take you up on your offer. Even if Silverie didn’t ask me I’d still go either way.


「Morning Zeph!!」


Milly was also looking forward to it, so even she ended up waking up early.


「Morning. You’re up early.」

「Yea♪ You looked forward to it as well, didn’t you Zeph?」

「… Of course.」


I felt the magic power inside my body rising due to the excitement.

After all the Title Battle was the biggest event there was for magicians.


「Let’s go!!」

「How many times do I have to tell you not to pull me…」


Even though it was early, and the sun was yet to rise, Milly was in full spirits.

She must have really looked forward to it.

While having my hand pulled by Milly, we quickly rushed towards the Sky Tower.

In front of the tower there were already adventurers and magicians that had formed lines in order to buy entry tickets.

Each ticket cost a pricey amount of 100,000 rupi, but even so, this was an opportunity to see one of the Five Heavenly Mages fight, so it was worth the money.

In particular, Yera was really good at firing up the public, so even the general public were her fans.

After the ticket sales began, half of the line just behind us was cut off.


「Phew, that was close. Thank god we managed to buy them.」

「Let’s go get something to eat before the qualifying round starts.」


There were two types of tickets: the participant ones and the spectator ones. Each participant ticket cost a whopping amount of a million rupi.

The tickets me and Milly bought were the spectator ones, but the ones with the participant tickets would now have to wait for the qualifying round to start.

No matter how strong the Heavenly Mages were there was no way they could fight everyone that bought a ticket.

The participants first had to go through the qualifying round, before getting the right to fight the Heavenly Mages.

At the plaza in front of the tower there were stalls, so we ended up buying food from there and sitting in the area while waiting for the qualifying round to start.

After a bit, from the entrance of the tower, male and female magicians, that looked to be of the Sky system, began coming out one after the other.


「The participants for the Title Battle, please come here!!」 yelled out one of the males.


His voice spread all around the area.

The spell that the man used just now was a spell from the Sky system called Wide Voice. It let you project your voice quite far away.

The owner of the voice had gray hair and wore a black coat with a slender line. He was quite handsome.

Tension covered the square and all of the eyes fell one the man.

It seems like the qualifying round is starting.


「Zeph, aren’t they…」

「They’re the Five Heavenly Mages aides. In order to fight the Heavenly Mages you need to first get through them.」


Afterwards another tournament would be held for those who won against the aides, and the last remaining person of that tournament would get the right to fight the Heavenly Mage. The Title Battle was a really hard hurdle to clear.


「LET’S DO THIS.」 yelled out with a thick voice a bulky man.


No matter how one looked at him, he was more suited to be a Knight, but no matter how he looked he was still a magician.

The aide didn’t give him any regard and just casually smiled.


「Well then, please present your ticket.」



The man gave the ticket to the aide and entered the isolated space that would be used for the qualifying round. The aide then followed after him. 

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