Chapter 131 Part 2

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Alongside the announcer’s voice the battle opened its curtain and the cheers echoed once more.  

However, neither Silverie nor Yera moved.  

Yera, with her arms folded, for some reason called out to Silverie as she moved slowly in order to gauge the distance.


「Hm… I don’t know if this is some kind of performance, however you sure have the audacity to be willing to fight me with that mask on. Are you perhaps mocking me? With that on, your field of view must be quite the hassle.」



Since entering the venue, Silverie hadn’t spoken a word.  

She’s probably scared that the association will find her out if they hear her voice. Yet she still decided to show herself in such a crowded place… Just what in the world is she thinking?

Seeing Silverie not respond Yera got a bit annoyed.


「So you won’t answer… Well then I guess I’ll just have to force you to speak.」 said Yera as she smiled at Silverie. At the same moment dust rose at Silverie’s feet.

It was Black Sphere.

I wasn’t able to feel her casting until the very last moment.  

When I noticed it, a sphere made out of wind had already appeared, with Silverie at its centre.  

The cast time, as well as the power of that Black Sphere were the way they were, precisely because it was cast by Wind of Wind.  

The storm raged and Yera let out a slight smile as she waved her hair.  

Silverie’s magic resistance should have been quite low, due to speccing into shortening her chanting speed. If she were to get hit she wouldn’t get out unscathed.  

It was then that the smile from Yera’s face suddenly disappeared.  

From inside the storm a magic bullet flew out.  

Yera slightly moved her neck, dodging it.  

The spear of black wind, Black Zero, collided with the wall of the isolated space and disappeared.  

Yera was shocked, but she immediately recovered herself as she narrowed her eyes and licked her lips.


「…Well this is going to be fun.」



It was only natural that Yera, one of the Five Heavenly Mages, wouldn’t lose herself against something like that.  

Silverie definitely knew that as well, and while still not saying anything, she kicked the ground.  

The isolated space was set up in a way that changed all of the physical damage to mental one. And when overused, the spells in the isolated space, created distortions in the space.  

Those distortions are by no means huge, however in the case of the towers of the Five Heavenly Mages, places where primarily only one system of magic is used, the distortions grow bigger and the spells from that particular system become stronger.  

For example, the Sky System spells become stronger at the Sky Tower, while the Red System spells become stronger at the Red Tower.  

Due to that influence, the benefits that magicians who mainly practice Sky System spells receive are bigger than those that normal magicians receive. Those benefits are further enhanced in the case of the Wind of Wind. I understand it quite well since I was also one of those Five Heavenly Mages.  

To be able to escape Yera’s Black Sphere without taking any damage… It seems like Silverie is doing something quite risky.


「Look at that! On one hand we have Yera, with her expression that shows no worry!! On the other, we have Sellie as she runs around trying to find gaps in Yera’s defense!! The battle is just starting!!」 as the announcer hyped up the situation, Yera swiftly waved her hands.


As Yera’s hands moved, magic bullets shot towards Silverie. However, Silverie swiftly moved around freely, with the help of the rollers that she had attached to her feet, dodging the bullets.

Amidst the violently raging wind storm, Yera continuously read Silverie’s movements and shot magic bullets. Seeing that, Silverie slammed with her fists. It was Green Crash.  

A smashing sound echoed out and Silverie’s body was covered by a curtain of dust.


「Fufufu.」 Yera laughed while simultaneously raising her hand. From within her sleeve, close to a 100 magic bullets flew out.


「WHOAAA?! Yera’s Black Bullet!! What a spectacular rapid-fire! Did our challenger receive that head on?!」


The magic bullets continued raining down on the place where Silverie had just been, creating a cloud of dust that blocked our vision.  

Milly seemed to be pretty shocked at the power of that skill.


「T-That’s Black Bullet? On top of taking almost no time to chant, each shot has such power…」

「You’re right. The Wind of Wind title isn’t just for show after all.」


In fact, once one was able to reach the peak of a system, he would be able to cast such spells.  

However, this was only just the beginning.  

I’ve seen a number of Title Matches; however, it was truly rare for a challenger to win. It’s just that the Five Heavenly Mages’ power is truly overwhelming.

Yera continued shooting her magic bullets when she suddenly felt something and immediately twisted her body.  

In the next moment, a spell that was supposedly cast by Silverie grazed Yera.  

Yera pretended to swipe her cheek with her thumb and licked it while looking at Silverie.

You’re in the isolated space, you shouldn’t have suffered any physical damage. Good grief. Maybe she just feels like doing that.


「Excellent. To think that you would be able to counter-attack while being bombarded by that. You’ve good. However…」


Before she could continue her sentence Yera’s expression stiffened.  

From within the smoke, Silverie appeared unscathed.


「I-IT DIDN’WORK!! She managed to completely block the Wind of Wind, Yera’s Black Bullet!!!」


The crowd made a stir as the announcer spoke.  

From here and there I could hear people saying that Silverie was probably cheating.  

Fighting in enemy territory never changes…

While I was concerning myself with Silverie I felt Milly pulling on my sleeve.


「Hey, Zeph. How did she do that.」

「… Good grief, think about it by yourself you idiot.」

「COME ON!! Just tell me! Okay they, give me a hint, a hint!」

「… Try using Scout Scope.」


Milly was being way too noisy so I ended up giving her a hint.  

I’ve really grown soft.


「Hm… What? Silverie’s magic power hasn’t gone down at all…?」

「Correct. Even if it’s Silverie, her magic power will go down a bit when trying to offset such a spell. If she were to be hit, she would suffer mental damage and her magic power would go down. However, none of those happened which must mean what…」

「That means… She’s decked out in resistance equipment?」



In this world there are magic items in the likes of Armored Knight Cards or the Cloak of Flame Road, which reduce damage.  

According to the Magician Association’s research this mitigation effect can stack up, and depending on how you itemize yourself you are able to completely reduce incoming damage from a particular system.  

The King Nipper Card that Silverie brought from me before also has the same function.

She must have gone around the world in order to gather these.  

Card effects could stack up to five times, any more would be useless.  

In those five card limit you would also need to include special items such as the Teleport Earrings or the Cloak of Flame Road.  

In order to be able to move freely, Silverie usually enchants normal clothes with cards.  

Back at the snow mountain I had managed to get a glimpse at her personal belongings and from what I gathered her Sky System Resistance was at 100%, her Green Resistance was at 5% and her other resistances were at 35%.  

She had decked herself out with Sky System Resistance, which is the reason Yera’s spells didn’t work on her.  

On another note, there hasn’t been a person who was able to raise his resistance to 100% for all five systems. Although, I’ve had companions who were able to raise all five to close to 80% after a lot of work.  

However, this kind of fighting style really is quite risky.  

It seemed like Yera had figured out Silverie’s plan.


「I don’t mind you using resistance equipment, but is this really okay to just rely on something like that.」



Yera made a bold smile as she walked towards Silverie.  

Faced with that feeling of defenselessness, Silverie confusedly began to cast a spell.  

The magic bullets flew at Yera, trying to pierce her, but Yera just casually dodged all of them while slowly making her way towards Silverie.  

Yera… or rather all of the Five Heavenly Mages were able to read their opponent’s magic flow, which allowed them to predict what kind of spell their opponents would use next.  

But even so, Yera’s reading ability is truly abnormal. She was even able to sense me using Scout Scope.  

Silverie continued to fire off spell after spell. However, Yera dodged all of them as she slowly got closer to her.


「Step by step, she’s slowly closing in… Oh no!!! Yera is currently standing before Sellie?!! What will Sellie do?!!」 

Yera stood right in front of Silverie and provocatively looked at her.


「… This is the end.」



Silverie flipped her cloak and shot off a Black Crash… but…


「I’m here.」


Yera had managed to circle around Silverie.  

She probably cast Black Crash from her feet in order to quickly wrap around Silverie. No matter how the opponent fights, she’ll still use the Sky System. A fighting style worthy of the Wind of Wind title.

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