Chapter 133 Part 1

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After leaving the isolated space I noticed that Milly was waiting for me.

「Zeph!! Thank god…」 she said after seeing me and having her worry washed away.  


And here I told her to go without me, she really is a hard one to handle…

I stretched my hand and stroked her golden hair.


「Didn’t I tell you to run away?」

「You did but… S-Silverie was just too heavy…」

「But even so you managed to bring her here didn’t you?」

「Urgh… It’s all fine isn’t it! You did say you wouldn’t take long!」


Now that I think about it I really might have said something like that. Well there’s no helping it now either way.


「Okay. In that case I’ll take care of Silverie.」


「She’s heavy isn’t she? For me on the other hand she feels quite light.」

「Oh… Okay…」


It seemed like Milly wanted to say something else but she gave up so I just took Silverie from her and then once again cast Burst Wave in order to create a smoke screen.  

We dashed through the white smoke while holding on to Silverie and exited out of the tower.   




「Oh, you woke up.」



When Silverie woke up she quickly called out my name in surprise.  

She hurriedly got out of bed and looked around her surroundings carefully. However, she then quickly noticed that she was still naked so she covered herself with the blanket.


「You don’t need to worry. This is my room. There’s no one here.」

「I’m here though…」 said Milly annoyed as she approached us from the back of the room where she had just now been searching for Silverie’s clothes.  


Milly gave Silverie her clothes, and Silverie lowered her head and received them.  

As if not being able to stand the quiet, Milly raised her voice once more


「I’ll go make tea.」


And with that she went back to the back of the room once more.


「Did I… lose…?」


「I see.」 said Silverie as she lowered her head.  


Silence enveloped the room, and only the sounds of Milly making tea in the back could be heard.  Without saying anything I just looked at Silverie’s lonely face from the side.  

As she bent her back and held her knees, her appearance seemed even smaller than normal.


「I… I didn’t want to lose to her.」 she said in a quiet voice as a dark flame illuminated her eyes.  

Her depleted magic power was slowly but surely beginning to fill Silverie’s body once more.

Usually when fully depleted, magic power would need a whole day before it begins to regenerate again, but this…

It seems like she really wanted to win. Come to think of it, her plan was really meticulous.  I wonder if she holds any grudges again Yera?


「Oh my, I feel bad being addressed in that way you know.」


We suddenly heard a voice coming from the entrance of the room. When we turned to look at who the owner was, to our surprise Yera was standing there.


「Wh… Yera?!! Why are you here?!」 I said in surprise.


Yera slowly got close to us and stood right next to the bed Silverie was sitting on.


「I listened to the voice of the wind. It’s a unique ability that I have you see.」


The voice of the wind… So that’s another one of her unique abilities huh. It must have been this that allowed her to dodge the attacks aimed at her in the fight just now. I don’t quite get it, but it appears to be quite the terrifying unique skill… More importantly this is not the time for me to be thinking about this. Yera is a member of the Association. She might have come to capture Silverie.  

I stood up in order to protect Silverie.


「You don’t need to worry, it’s not like I’m gonna eat her.」


「It’s fine. So please…」 asked Yera with serious eyes…


Those eyes didn’t seem like they were planning anything.  

I let out a sigh and moved away.  

Yera and Silverie looked straight at each other.  

After a bit Yera kindly spoke to Silverie.


「For christ sake, where in the world were you these past 10 years, you stupid daughter of mine.」 said Yera.

「D-Daughter?!!」 exclaimed Milly.


Naturally I was shocked as well.  

Come to think of it, when I used Scout Scope on Yera her family was the same as Silverie’s. They’re both Schugel. … I thought it was just a coincidence but to think that they’re mother and daughter.


「I’m sorry Zeph. For me to fight my own daughter. I never thought that something like that would happen.」

「No, it’s fine… I’m surprised as well.」 as said I bowed my head and Milly did the same. Afterwards Yera turned towards Silverie.


「You really are a stupid daughter you know.」 said Yera as she raised her hand



Seeing that Silverie curled up even more and closed her eyes.  

And then, Yera’s small hand softly handed on Silverie’s head.


「You sure grew big… You’re so big that I can barely recognize you anymore.」

「… You’re just small…」 said Silverie with hostility as she looked at Yera, however it didn’t seem like she had any intention to remove the hand on her head.  


Yera narrowed her eyes and embraced Silverie’s head.


「You idiot…」

「Y-You, you!! You are the idiot…!!」 said Silverie, her voice cracking, as she tried to rebuke Yera, but even so she couldn’t escape from her embrace.

「… I sure am. I’m a stupid parent that didn’t even notice that her own daughter was planning to run away from home.」

「Idiot… Idiot,idiot!! Just die!!」

「There, there.」


Silverie buried her head in Yera’s chest and began weeping.  

I don’t quite get it, but it seems to be okay now.

《Milly, let’s go, we don’t need to be here.》

《… You’re right.》

I signalled Milly with my eyes, and both of us left the room.

Right after we closed the door we could hear Silverie swearing at Yera, but even despite the slanders her voice sounded quite sweet.


「Ha… What in the world is going on…」 said Milly with a huge sigh as she leaned against the wall.

「It seems like they fought after which Silverie ran away.」 I said.

「That is correct.」


We suddenly heard Yera’s whispering voice.  

This. It’s not Telepathy. It seems like Milly heard it as well.



「I’m using the air around you in order to deliver my voice to you. On the other hand, I can also pick up voices as well. That is how I also found out that the so-called Sellie was actually my daughter and also where this place was. … Still, the range of this spell is not that great.」 continued Yera.

「Either way, I’d be grateful if you could sort things out with your daughter.」 I said

「I want the same, however I don’t know where I should start…」 Yera mumbled. It seemed she had a hard time finding words.

「As you can see I am an elf. I fell in love with a human and ran away with him to this city where Silverie was born. … It’s something that happened close to 20 years ago. Originally in order to better our lifestyle I became a magician. However, in time, and before I even realized it I came to be known as one of the Five Heavenly Mages.」


So she became one of the Five Heavenly Mages just so she could cover her living expenses… Yera is truly terrifying.


「Ever since she was young Silverie was quite the shy one, so she always followed behind me. She was a really lovely child. I always fought with my husband as to who would be the one to hold her and sleep with her, but… It all happened around when she was 10. Her father fell ill and died. Me and Silverie spent a number of days crying…  Both of us were really lonely.」

「So that’s how you got hooked on chasing after men.」

「T-That’s wrong!! I just wanted someone to talk to… It’s misleading to say that I was chasing after men!! I was just focusing on my work!」


Well, come to think of it, Yera’s appearance really is that of a child. On top of that she’s one of the Five Heavenly Mages. There’s not many lunatics that would dare lay a hand on her. So I guess her only choice was to surround herself with pretty aides who would help her with her work.


「… However, Silverie didn’t see it that way…」

「You probably paid her no mind. You have quite the wild character after all Yera.」

「Haha, look at you, talking like you know everything.」


I had to spend some time back in my previous life, but from there I found out that she was quite the irresponsible person.  

She would push all of her work on her aides and go play somewhere.

… Well it’s not like that wasn’t the case for the other Heavenly Mages as well though.


「… Good grief, you should reflect on your mistakes.」

「It’s just as you said Zeph. To be honest it actually took me a few days before I even found out that Silverie had run away from home.」

「And by that time she had already left the capital right?」

「That’s right. I also asked a Dispatch Magician that was a friend of mine to look for her, however it didn’t go well. It probably was a bad thing on my part to teach her magic.」 said Yera with a sigh.  


So she was adept in magic at that age. Silverie is really frightening as well. Though I guess some of it must be because of her mother’s influence.


「But it’s precisely because you thought her magic that you are able to meet here like this, isn’t it?」

「Haha, that is true.」


Along Yera’s voice I also heard Silverie’s sobbing.  

The feelings of joy from meeting her mother again and the feeling of revenge that had plagued her for all these years were probably clashing within Silverie’s heart.


「Still, if you hadn’t come in at the time Zeph, I was going to meet my daughter at the worst possible time.」

「Well as I said it was a coincidence for me as well.」

「Furthermore, Silverie hasn’t had any friends ever since she was little. So there’s that as well. There are a lot of things that I’m grateful for, so thank you.」


Hearing Yera’s honest voice for the first time even made me blush a little.


「I hope you’ll continue taking care of her from now on as well.」

「Leave it to me. I did cause you some trouble, I won’t forget this debt.」 said Yera

「I’ll be looking forward to it. Well then Milly, let’s give those two some time alone.」

「Okay!! I’m so glad for them!!」 said with a loud voice Milly.


I could hear Yera’s strained laugh riding on the wind.   

In order to leave both of them alone, we left the inn.


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