Chapter 133 Part 2

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After that several days passed.

I received a letter from Yera saying that she wanted to repay me for the favor from the other day.  

In that time Lydia and the others also returned to their borrowed house and came back to the inn, where I told them about Silverie and Yera. All of them had all kinds of different reactions.


「I see… So something like that happened.」 Shirushu said

「It must have been hard for you both.」Claude remarked

「Ahaha, good job Milly-chan, Zeph-chi.」 Lydia said as she stroked my head.


While she did that I looked at Yera’s letter.  

At the same time Claude was serving us tea, so she asked me about the letter.  

In it, it only said I want to thank you so come to the tower.


「So what are you planning on doing Zeph-kun?」

「I’ll take what I’m given.」


She was one of the Five Heavenly Mages after all. There was no doubt that she’d give me something nice.  

I folded the letter and put it in my bag, then alongside everyone we headed towards the Sky Tower.  

After reaching there I spoke to the tower guards and showed them the letter. Soon after that, a young man came to greet us.  

It was Yera’s aide that Silverie had defeated before.


「Greetings. Yera-sama is waiting for you, please come inside.」


With the young man in the lead we entered the tower.  

Compared to the last time we came here; the tower was now quiet.  

While at the arena there were some magicians that were training hard.  

Halfway through the outer circumference of the tower we arrived at a room that had the Sky crest engraved on its door.  

It was the office of the Wind of Wind.  

The young man knocked on the door.


「Yera-sama, Zeph-sama and the others are here.」

「Ohh, let them in.」


After hearing Yera’s voice from behind the door, the young man stepped back.


「It’s kind of strange. Here I thought that she lived on the top floor of the tower.」 Shirushu said.

「It would be quite troublesome to have to go up and down each time, don’t you think?」

「Now that you said it, it does make sense…」 Shirushu said while turning a bit red.  


Come to think of it, before I also thought that the Heavenly Mages lived at the highest part of the tower.

We opened the door and entered, only to see Yera’s small frame, sitting on a big desk that didn’t suit her.  

Yera looked at the young man and ordered him to leave, after which she stood up from her chair and came before us.


「Zeph, and your companions I presume? Thank you all for coming.」

「They’re all my guild mates.」


After I said that Yera looked at everyone as if she was evaluating some item and then nodded.


「Quite the gathering you have here. You’ve made some good friends.」

「Thank you. By the way, what happened with Silverie?」

「Oh her, she ran away soon after that.」


Wh?! Didn’t I tell you to look after her, how could you let her go so easily.  

Seeing my shocked expression Yera clicked with her tongue.


「Do not fret. She did run away but I caught her soon after. Well either way, I have a present for you Zeph. Come with me.」 Yera said with a cunning smile.  


Yera left the tower and began walking towards the outskirts of the city.  

She was walking quite fast, and looking at her feet, her clothes were even touching the ground. It looked like she was floating.

It must be because of the wind that surrounds her.


「Yera-san is the wind that surrounds you a Unique Skill of yours?」 Milly asked.

「Well you could call it that, but it’s not quite appropriate to ask those sort of things, isn’t that right Mirei-chan?」

「It’s Milly!!」

「Fufu, you’re so cute.」 Yera laughed as she stroked the angry Milly’s head.

「Still, when I look at you Milly-chan I get reminded of my daughter when she was young. You have the same expression. You can even call me Mom if you’d like.」

「P-Please stop it!!」 Milly said as Yera continued to mess up Milly’s hair.  


Oh, so the little Silverie was like that huh… And here I thought that Milly only resembled her with her high magic power and flat chest.


「… Zeph you just thought of something strange didn’t you?」

「Maybe I did, maybe I didn’t.」


Milly continued to stare at me as we walked for a bit more. In the end we reached a small house that wasn’t that far off from the tower.  

It had a bright golden yellow roof and white walls, and the wide yard was filled with weeds.  

It was quite the big house, however it looked like it hadn’t been maintained for some time now.


「This is…?」

「This is the house that me and my family lived in before. After I became one of the Five Heavenly Mages, and after Silverie ran away I gradually stopped coming here. From what I heard, you guys are planning on buying a Guild House right? If you’re fine with it, you could use this house.」


We were all shocked at Yera’s sudden proposal.  

We ran around for a while trying to gather money in order to buy a Guild House, but to think that we would receive one just like this.


「I-Is this really okay?」

「Of course. I’m always in the tower so I don’t use it either way. However, there are some conditions.」

「What do you mean by conditions?」

「Well for now let’s first go inside.」 said Yera with a grin as she gave me the key.  


I received the key while still thinking that there was something shady about all of this, but then Yera looked at me with a serious expression and spoke.


「I’ve already given the key to you, so you’re free to do with it whatever you want, however if possible I’d like you to cherish it.」  

「That’s a given. Thank you.」

「I knew you’d say that. Well then I’m leaving it up to you.」 Yera said.


I felt that there was some kind of hidden intent behind those words of hers.

What did she mean I wonder?  

Even though I was filled with questions I still opened the door and entered inside, only to have my senses consumed by the smell of mould.  

However, it was still quite spacious and it looked beautiful. Milly excitedly rushed past everyone and cheerfully began circling around the house.


「Whoaaa!! Yera-san!! Can we really have this?」

「Of course.」

「Thank you!! Everyone, come inside!」


Everyone entered the living room in high spirits.  

Well everyone did wish for a house, so it’s no surprise that they’re this happy that we received one. Well then I guess I’ll have a look at the layout.  

Thinking that I opened a door only to see a maid that was cleaning one of the corridors.

Yera must have hired her. Still if we all help, then we’ll be able to finish with the cleaning faster.  

I got close to the maid and spoke to her.


「I’ll help you.」


As the maid heard my voice she turned around. And to my surprise the maid turned out to be Silverie.



「Silverie… What are you doing?」

「Th-This is… Well…」


Shocked from out meeting Silverie began to take a few steps back, but as she did so one of her legs got caught in the bucket behind her, and she fell.  

Her clothes then got drenched by the water.  

I held out my hand to Silverie as she looked like she was about to start crying any moment now. She then grabbed my hand and I helped her up.


「Silverie are you okay?」



She somehow managed to hold back her tears and immediately turned around to hide her drenched body.  

Her clothes and her skirt were stuck to her body and water was dripping off of them.  

With teary eyes Silverie faced the ceiling and yelled out.



「Hahaha! It seems like I forgot.」  


Yera immediately responded to Silverie.  

Just now she probably used the same method that she used at the inn.


「You old hag!!」

「Who’s the hag, you stupid daughter!! … Good grief, even though I went ahead and granted your request.」

「D-Don’t say any more!!」  said Silverie in an attempt to stop her, however Yera let out a long sigh and continued with her assault.

「It’s because you said stuff like Please help me, I want to become part of Zeph’s group however I don’t have the courage that I went ahead and did this.」

「AH! Please n-no more!!」

「Still it was quite the good plan to have you present yourself as an accessory to the Guild House that you told me to give them as a way to show my gratitude.」



Yera seemed quite excited as she continued to scold Silverie, as she looked at the ground and murmured something.  


To be able to toy with Silverie in this way… She really is amazing.


《Hey Yera, she’ll end up running away again like this.》

《You don’t need to worry. We did have quite the mother and daughter long that these past few days.》

《… Well it’s fine in that case.》

《I told her that next time she runs away I’ll take you for myself, so I doubt that she’d be willing to do it.》 said Yera with a laugh.  


What in the world are you thinking?! Don’t use people as bait like that.  

I stroked Silverie’s head as her face had turned bright red from the embarrassment.


「You must have it tough Silverie.」

「I-I’ll definitely kill her next time… The hag!!」


Even though Silverie was raining down curses at Yera, her attitude seemed to have softened a little bit compared to the last time I saw them.  

Good grief, these two. I can’t figure out if they’re doing fine or not.  

I let out a sigh and smiled bitterly.


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