Chapter 134 Part 1

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 In order to master magic, I had used Time Leap to go back in time to my childhood days. That current me, Zeph Einstein, was now in the capital city of Prolea, on a visit to Yera’s house, which was in the suburbs.

Yera was called the ‘Wind of Wind’ for having mastered Sky magic. She was also the mother of Silverie, who was my master in my previous life.

With a defiant heart, Silverie had challenged Yera to a fight, and wanted to rob her of her ‘Wind of Wind’ title.

However, Yera’s ability was too great, and even when Silverie exhausted all her strength and wits, she suffered a crushing defeat.

Regardless, it was through this incident that the two conflicting hearts grew slightly closer… is what I think.

Yera had gathered us and requested us to use her house as a training site. In the meantime, we were also tasked to do her another favor – to bring Silverie along with us.

Initially, Silverie was complaining and was not being honest with her feelings, but after she was admonished by Yera, she decided to act together with us in the end.

「I’m Silverie… I’ll be in your care.」

While Silverie was being all stiff, she lowered her head towards all of us.

You’re too nervous, Silverie.

「I’m Milly! Once again, pleased to meet you, Silverie!」

「I’m Claude.」

「I’m Lydia~」

「Er, um… I am called Shirushu.」

Surrounding the table, the guild members re-introduced themselves to Silverie.

They should’ve at least known the names of one another by now, but it’s still better to go through the process anyway.

Especially since Silverie easily forgets the names of other people.

「Ehehe, let’s get along okay?」


Silverie was bewildered when Milly held her hand, and her tensed expression softened slightly.

…Well, guess I won’t have to worry.

「Even though she may be inexperienced, I would be glad if you could get along with her.」

Yera bowed her head deeply.

She was the Sky Heavenly Mage, Yera Schugel.

Yera was Silverie’s mother, and an elf girl. That being said, she only looks like a girl, but her real age was quite something.

「Hey, you should bow your head too.」

「Stu-… I’ve told you many times to stop doing these kinds of things, haven’t I!」

「Dear me, you’ve said it many times…? When have I heard anything of the sort…?」

「When I was around five years old, you did something similar when I was going to play with the kids in the neighborhood, didn’t you! Because of that I was teased by everyone!」

「…My Lord, you actually remember such a thing~」

Yera was impressed while Silverie was indignant.

To bring up something from such a long time ago, Silverie sure is one to hold deep grudges.

As a sign of her rebellion against Yera who didn’t care for her as a parent, Silverie had once fought for the title of ‘Wind of Wind’, just to make a mess of things.

Well, it’s embarrassing when your parents appear in front of your friends, so I guess Silverie’s behavior is understandable.

「Yera. I understand that you’re worried about Silverie, but she’s not a child anymore, so it’s okay if you let her be, isn’t it?」

When I said that, Yera took a sip of her tea and nodded.

「Well, you’re right, sorry about that. Then, I’ll return to my tower and leave the rest to you young people…」

Yera stood up from her seat, and quickly left the room.

Silverie continued to glare hatefully at the door which Yera left through.

「Good grief…」

Silverie spat out those words with her face red, eyes shut and her brows knitted.

She must’ve felt quite embarrassed.

「Hey, Silverie!」

「W-what is it… Mil…ly…」

Even though it was soft, Silverie called Milly by name.

Milly appeared pleased as she nodded and smiled.

「Earlier, Yera told me that I looked similar to you when you were little, Silverie.」

That reminds me, she did mention something like that when we were on the way here from the tower.

Although she said that, they only have similar almond-shaped eyes, while their personalities were not similar, I feel.

No, when Silverie was little, perhaps she could’ve been the same type of person as Milly.

…If that’s the case… for some reason when I imagine it, I feel like laughing.

「About that… My condolences to you…」

「Nah, that’s not what I meant! I was actually thinking that it’ll be nice if I could become a cool person like Silverie!」

「…If only I could become a straightforward person like Milly too…or something, hehe.」

Silverie muttered in a voice which was barely audible.

Milly’s beaming face was probably too dazzling for Silverie, as she was squinting.

「Hey! Make me your disciple!」


At Milly’s sudden words, I spat out the tea that was in my mouth.

I was coughing as Claude rubbed my back.

Seeing that, Milly glared at me in displeasure.

「W-what’s that for, Zeph…」

「Silverie-san is Zeph-kun’s master, you know?」


Everyone exclaimed in shock, including Silverie.

I had completely forgotten, but I had likely mentioned something like that to Claude in the past.

Silverie glanced in my direction, and initiated telepathy.

《…I haven’t heard about this.》

《It was convenient for persuading Claude and the rest… It’ll be a great help if you could play along.》

《Geez, you’re really doing as you please huh, Zeph.》

Silverie placed a hand on her forehead and sighed, then turned to face Milly.

「My, my. I’m not sure what I can teach you, but having one or two disciples doesn’t make much of a difference to me.」


Milly’s eyes were sparkling, while Silverie chuckled as she assured her. Compared to when I first let her meet Milly, Silverie’s expressions have turned considerably gentler.

To have let Silverie open up to you, you sure are amazing, Milly.

   ◆ ◆ ◆

After dinner, we divided the rooms among ourselves.

Lydia said that as long as the room was spacious, she did not mind sharing a room with Milly who had a habit of scattering her things around. Therefore, the most spacious room on the second floor will be used by them. Claude and Shirushu were fine with anywhere, so they cleaned up the storage room on the first floor, and used it as their room.

I took the third floor… or rather, the attic.

Everyone questioned why I would take that room, but when I thought about the need to slip out alone in the middle of the night, I felt that an inconspicuous place like that is more convenient.

As for Silverie… She had vanished before we realized it.

「Huh? Where did Silverie go?」

When Milly questioned, Shirushu replied.

「I saw her leaving the room and called out to her, but she said that she had something to do…」

「…I will ask her by telepathy.」

I had only looked away for a moment, and this happened.

This is why I say that she has difficulty communicating.

《Oi Silverie, where did you go?》

《I just went to get some air…》

I guessed so.

For the most part, spending a lot of time with other people has probably made her tired.

She’s not good at joining a social circle, as usual.

When I looked out of a window, I saw Silverie leaning idly on a tree in the courtyard.

The moment our eyes met, she stealthily began to escape.

「Good grief…」

What a troublesome person.

As I was about to head out to catch her, I heard sounds of what seemed to be a fight breaking out, coming from the courtyard.

It was Yera. She had Silverie in a joint lock and had pinned her down to the ground.

「Good grief… I was worried and came to take a look, and this happened, as expected…」

「Ku… Let me go, old hag…!」

「Gah! Who’s a hag! Call me mother, mother!」

…As usual huh, this parent and child.

As I was watching in amazement, Yera noticed me.

「Oh! Isn’t it Zeph?」

「…Yera, didn’t you leave already?」

「I was worried so I hid in the shade of a tree to peek at the situation, and I found this kid thinking of running away. As you can see, that’s why I ended up capturing her.」

Yera was roaring with laughter.

Even though she said that she was leaving… She’s unexpectedly overprotective.

Rather, has she been watching all this while? What an idle person.

「As I had guessed, she is still the same and not used to such situations. This shyness of hers might be related to the elf blood within her…」

Elves lived in the forests and hated humans. If they spotted a human who lost their way, the elves would escape at absurd speeds.

That has yet to happen to me before, but Silverie’s communication difficulty could indeed have something to do with the instinct of elves.

Among elves, I guess there are also those like Yera who are indiscriminately over-familiar with people?

「Well, whatever. More importantly, I have good news for my beloved daughter.」

「Good news…?」

「Mm. I have just the right event to help everyone get along.」

Yera grinned and released Silverie.

That being said, she only stopped sitting on her, but Yera still kept Silverie’s arms in a lock so that she couldn’t escape.

Then, Yera stealthily retrieved a piece of paper from her bosom.

「A commission letter?」

「Mm, I was thinking that if you take up a job together, you should grow slightly closer with one another. Right, Silverie? Even if you cannot converse well, you should be okay with handling battles right?」

「…I didn’t need your help.」

Despite her words, Silverie did not look as dissatisfied as expected.

As expected of the mother, she sure understands Silverie well.

I suppose we could bring Silverie back to the guild house to hear the specifics of the commission.

When we arrived back at the house, Milly ran up to us.

「Silverie! Where did you go, hmph~」

「I had some minor business…」

The rest who Milly left behind were looking at Silverie warmly.

With Silverie’s communication difficulty, it seems like she was already completely seen through.

「Ye-cchi~ did you leave something behind?」

「L-Lydia-san… this is someone from the Five Heavenly Mages, you know!? You’re being rude!」

Claude was flustered, while Yera simply waved away Claude’s concerns.

「No no, I don’t mind it. But hmm, Ye-cchi huh… Silverie, could you try calling me that?」

「Calling you old hag is good enough… ugh!?」

With a smile on her face, Yera pinched Silverie on her buttocks with all her strength.

Meanwhile, she turned towards us and spread out the commission letter on the table.

「We’ve digressed. Please look at this.」

「It’s… a commission letter. It has Yera-san’s stamp on it.」

「Mm, it’s something I personally picked out.」

At Claude’s words, Yera nodded in agreement.

These commissions were usually received through the Adventurers’ Guild.

However, for the Five Heavenly Mages, there wasn’t a need to purposely concern oneself with the Adventurers’ Guild, and it’s also possible to command your subordinates to work.

Nevertheless, we were not Yera’s subordinates. In addition, our abilities were still insufficient and only at the level of novices.

To have gone out of her way to prepare an official commission letter for us goes to show how much she considered our circumstances and what others would think of us.

Incidentally, the contents of the commission were etched on special magic paper, and a penalty exists in the event of a breach of contract.

A commission from one of the five Heavenly Mages – – unsurprisingly, everyone looked nervous.

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