Chapter 135 Part 2

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As if in response to Shirushu’s call, rattling noises sounded from outside.

When I opened the door, what appeared was Silverie who was crouching in the corridor. She must have slipped and fallen in her attempt to escape, as she was holding on to her bottom with tearful eyes.

「What are you doing, Silverie…?」

「Wha-what about you Zeph, what exactly are you doing!」

「Did something happen?」

From behind me, Claude appeared with only a bedsheet covering her front, while Shirushu approached while still bound by rope.

「This…This is… immoral!」

On seeing the two immodest ladies, Shirushu turned bright red.

This is troublesome… I can’t come up with an excuse for this situation.

I was still considering my options when Silverie started to back away. Before I realized it, Shirushu went ahead and pinned Silverie to the floor, while she was still bound.

「Silverie-san… do you wish to join in too…?」

「Huh!? Wha-what are you sayin-Mm!?」

While looking intoxicated, Shirushu covered Silverie’s mouth.

Shirushu’s hair was dyed pink. It seems that her emotions were running high and she was heating up.

Having lost her rationality, Shirshu leaned on top of Silverie.

Silverie also realized that the sudden turn of events was not good, but she couldn’t escape from Shirushu.

「Shirushu-san! Wait! Sit!」


Claude’s command of restraint didn’t seem to reach Shirushu, as she continued to snuggle up to Silverie.

Umm, what should we do about this? In Shirushu’s current state, if I touch her without caution, there is a danger that I could be dragged into this mess.

Having said that, I can’t leave them alone either…

While we were confused, tears began to spill from Silverie’s eyes.


「Let…me…go, you idiot…!」

Silverie immediately hid her face with both hands, but it was evident from her voice that she was crying.

Oh no, we could’ve stepped on a mine here.

For a moment, Shirushu froze. Taking the chance, I seized her and cast Sleep Code.

After she fell asleep and lost consciousness, I carried her up and moved away from Silverie.

「A-are you okay, Silverie?」

「Uu… uuuuu~! Damn it, damn it!」

Silverie cursed as she straightened out her disarrayed clothes, and ran away to her room.

Ah… Now we’ve done it… I’ll have to talk to her tomorrow.

     ◆ ◆ ◆

The next day, when Shirushu and I went to Silverie’s room to apologize, she was huddled in the corner of her room, hugging her knees to her chest while sulking.

She glared at us with watchful eyes. Her eyes were bloodshot as if she hadn’t slept much.

Shirushu immediately put her head to the ground and apologized with a dogeza.

「I am extremely sorry about that, Silverie!」

「…Get lost.」


Silverie looked down on Shirushu with a cold, piercing gaze, while Shirushu was completely frozen.

She was totally frightened. Although she was just reaping what she had sown, in some sense, I’m also at fault for not stopping her in time. I’ll have to show some sincerity here.

「Um… Can I have a moment, Silverie?」


When I called out to Silverie, she continued to glare at me wordlessly.

What intense pressure. She’s even scarier now than when in battle.

「…Shirushu is kinda unique, she’s a pure-bred Beastfolk. When her hair turns red, she loses her rationality. Look, Beastfolk turn wild when they’re stimulated, don’t they? For Shirushu, it’s slightly more extreme.」

「…I knew that, so?」

Even when I explained things to her, Silverie curtly rejected me. She remained fairly annoyed, as she turned away and refused to cooperate.

「W-what should we do, Zeph-san…」

「Hmm… I’m out of ideas…」

A silence enveloped the room.

As I was thinking about what to say, the door behind me suddenly opened.

「Silverie! …Eh, huh? Zeph and Shirushu are here too.」

「Oh, Milly?」

Milly appeared at the door with a cheerful expression, as if the heavy atmosphere in the room was no big deal to her.

「That’s perfect ♪ Hey, let’s go shopping for our swimsuits now!」

「Erm… I’ll pass…」

Without minding Shirushu who was still bewildered, Milly took our arms and pulled us up.

Then, she hooked our arms and walked with us towards Silverie.

Milly walked with light steps, even in the face of Silverie’s aura which warned us not to get close.

When we were right in front of Silverie, Milly let go of us and grasped Silverie’s hand.



Silverie got up surprisingly easily, as Milly pulled her by the hand and led her out of the room.

Shirushu watched in a daze as she mumbled under her breath.

「Milly-san sure is amazing…」

Indeed, Silverie didn’t even listen to what we had to say, but she readily yielded to Milly.

Well done, Milly.

「She’s still the leader after all. Besides, being invited by a child like Milly, it’s not like she can continue to sulk, can she?」

「Fufu, Zeph-san, saying that despite approving of Milly as the leader ♪」


As if she had seen through me, Shirushu chuckled.

「Zephhh! Shirushuuu! Hurry overrr!」

「We’re coming!」

Milly shouted from afar, and we replied as we left to follow them.

     ◆ ◆ ◆

We went into the city and arrived at a large clothing store. It was one of the few stores in the capital that sold swimsuits.

This store was affiliated with the Shirogane chain, but the owner, Adrei, probably wasn’t around.

He’s a dangerous guy who looks at Milly strangely.

…I looked around for him, but it seemed to be a needless worry.

Feeling relieved, I decided to leave everyone in front of the store.

「Then, I’ll be taking my leave here.」

「Eh~! Why!」

「Milly-san, it’s weird for men to enter stores like these, you know. Besides, Zeph-kun probably has an errand to run too.」

Having been frequently treated as a man, Claude was probably familiar with the experiences of the opposite gender.

Nice follow-up, Claude.

「I see~ If that’s the case, it would be better to hide our swimsuits and only show how we look in them at the beach, right? Was that what you were aiming for, Clau-chan~」

「Wai… you’re wrong! Please correct it, Lydia-san!」

「Fufuun, you can look forward to it, Zeph! That’s because I’m going to choose a very sexy one.」

Milly puffed out her chest in confidence.

「Ah yeah I guess, I’m looking forward to it.」

「Eh, wait! Why are you looking at Lydia!」

Well, setting Milly aside, I’m looking forward to seeing everyone in their swimsuits. I’ll be keeping my hopes up, I guess.

「Then, I’ll be taking my leave now…」

When Silverie was stealthily trying to break away, Milly held onto her arm.

「Silverie, let’s shop together! I’ll choose something suitable for you! Let’s give Zeph a shock together!」

「Um… Oi, Zeph…」

As Silverie was being pulled away by Milly, she glanced towards me with pleading eyes, but I simply gave her a cutthroat gesture.

「Isn’t it fine? It’s a good idea to let Milly pick it out for you. Incidentally, you’re about the same size too.」


As Silverie and Milly were about to object, I waved goodbye and left.

–Alright then, if we’re going to the Southern Island, we won’t be able to shop at big stores for a while.

It’s better to prepare the things we need in the capital.

We were able to make quite a bit of money selling yukata at the Tenma Festival the other day, and Yera gave us a house too, so we have some spare cash.

As I was looking around the street booths, I spotted a small bottle of white liquid that looked like condensed milk.

「Oh, this is rare. A potion to restore spiritual power.」

This was a concentrated form of magic recovery potion, a miracle cure that instantly restores all magic power when consumed.

It’s only obtainable through item drops of boss-class monsters, so it’s expensive and rare, but it’s handy to have a few on hand in case of emergencies.

In any case, I decided to buy all of these potions I found. Three of them cost a bomb at a million rupis, but they should be worth that much.

「Hmm… I don’t have many gemstones either huh.」

That Ain, it seems like she’s been gobbling them up even though I haven’t summoned her recently.

I’ll have to tell her off for a bit.

I entered a back alley and cast Summon Servant, and from within the blinding light, my familiar, Ain appeared.

…But her face was even more listless than usual, and her clothes were a little worn out of shape.

「Mooorning~ gramps~」

「…It’s near noon already though.」

「Oops~ is that so? Fwaaa~…」


How should I put it, it somehow seems like this girl is getting bigger.

When Ain rubbed her eyes while yawning, I pinched her stomach.

I felt a soft and squishy sensation on my fingertips.

「Hya!? Gr-gramps!? What are you doing!」

「…You’re getting fat, aren’t you? I haven’t summoned you lately, so you must’ve been doing nothing but eating and sleeping.」

「Ahn, wait… L-let me go~」

When I pinched Ain’s belly, she shrieked as she felt ticklish.

「It looks like you ought to lose some weight.」

「Eh… No way, Gramps…」

Ain looked up at me, her face turning pale.

Is she perhaps worried that I’ll make her skip her meals?

「Don’t worry. I won’t restrict your diet.」

「A-ah, that’s great~」

Ain was relieved from the bottom of her heart. Then, I grinned.

「In exchange, you’ll let me experiment with various fusion magic spells.」


「All this while, I couldn’t experiment with fusion magic because I didn’t have a lot of money at my disposal, but now I have tons of it. Shall we take this chance to try something now, Ain?」

「Uh, what are we trying…?」

「It’s an experiment to see… what I can do with the Divine Sword Ainbelle.」

「I knew it!?」

「What? I’m not going to do anything crazy.」

「You liar! You’ve been doing crazy things more often than not!」

Ain raised her voice in protest. I withdrew Ain and went back to the street booths at the plaza, to collect large amounts of gemstones.

I’ll experiment to my heart’s content on Southern Island, where there are herds of monsters. Ku ku, I’m looking forward to it.

    ◆ ◆ ◆ 

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