Chapter 140 Part 1

Translator: Jiro Editor: Ryunakama

「You sure pulled a good one on me!」 Grain said as he stared at me.


While looking back I threw the Spirit Power Recovery Medicine at him.

Guided by his reflexes Grain split it, making the white liquid pour down on him.

At the same time, the Screen Point membrane which was covering him until now, grew weaker.


「What the?!」

「The lower the amount of magic power the owner has the stronger Screen Point is. Grain, you are an excellent mage. However, due to that you possess a large amount of Magic Power, meaning you can’t control Screen Point properly.」


Due to the medicine Grain’s magic power was restored and Screen Point lost its effect. It was then that I pointed Divine Sword Ainbelle at him.

I cast Time Square and while time was stopped I cast Blue Crash and Green Crash.

At the same time, I also activated Red Crash and Black Crash, which I had stored inside Divine Sword Ainbelle right after throwing the medicine at Grain.

Quadra Fusion: Tetra Ball


「This can’t beeeee?!」


A golden colored slash and a dazzling light wrapped around Grain.

And then a roaring sound followed.

When the light subsided, Grain had disappeared alongside the terrain. 

Before me I could only see traces of destruction that reached up to the sea.

Without his Screen Point, there was no way for Grain to dodge it. He had been wiped out without leaving anything behind.


《I’m leaving the rest to you Gramps…》

《Of course. You did great Ain.》

《Take care… of my… meal… later, kay?》


After having exhausted all of her magic power Ain began to disappear, of course she didn’t forget to mention her meal at the end though.

I ended up laughing at her easy-going personality.

Perhaps they were shocked by the sight of Grain being slaughtered, but even both Kane and Claude were staring at me with shocked expressions.



「Kane, you’re next.」


After defeating Grain, I immediately headed to help Claude.

Each time I took a step forward, Kane took one back.

Taking a glance at my side, I saw that Claude was also glaring at Kane with hatred in her eyes.

However, her expression still felt somewhat sad.

It’s just as I thought, the way she is she won’t be able to really kill him.

Even though he’s such a despicable person, she still views him as her brother.



「Y-Yes?!」 Claude replied with a trembling voice.


It seems that she started to relax now that she saw Kane being pushed back.

In order to call her down a bit more I placed my hand on her shoulder.


「Claude I’ll use strengthening magic on you so that you can take care of Kane with one swoop. In order for me to do that though, you need to lift your Screen Point okay?」

「Huh…? Okay, I got it.」

「Tsch… You damn brats!!」


Without paying any heed to Kane’s relentless voice I turned Claude towards me and looked at her eyes.

And then I cast Sleep Code at her.


「Eh…? Zeph-ku…」


Claude, who got struck by the sleeping magic after having lifted her Screen Point, shook her eyes and collapsed while clinging to my body.

I let her lay on the ground and turned towards Kane.


「What’s all this for?」

「I didn’t want her to witness her brother’s death you see.」

「You fool! I’ll say it just in case, but when it comes to swordsmanship I’m way better than Grain-dono you know? Do you really think that a brat like you can win against me one on one with just pure swordsmanship?」



I ignored Kane’s smug remarks and picked up Claude’s sword.

It was just a regular sword without anything particular about it. Even though I had given her money she hadn’t bought any decent weapons and only opted to strengthen her armor.

Claude wanted to be a shield that could protect everyone. That is also the reason why she only trained to receive blows.

Her pain of having to be shielded by Shirushu as well as having to cross swords with that same sword which wounded Shirushu was unimaginable for me.

Kane did an unforgivable thing.


「Just die you brat!!」


Kane unleashed a vicious stab, which I easily dodged by moving slightly sideways.

I continued to dodge his relentless and crazy strikes.


「No way…?!」

「I wonder if Grain, whose swordsmanship skills are apparently inferior to yours use magic strengthening?」


Even since the start of my battle against Grain I was also using Double Black Boots, which greatly increased my speed.

Currently Kane’s attacks looked like they had stopped in time.


「No way! No way, no way, no way!!」

「I’ll tell you just in case, but Claude is able to cross swords with me the way I am now.」

「No way!! AHHHHH!」


While parrying Kane’s sword, I made my way close to his body.

And with a flash I swung my sword. The slash landed cleanly on Kane’s torso.



「This is it.」


I felt a strong response from my strike. Kane then spat a large amount of blood, and a large amount of blood also poured out from his abdomen.

He pressed on his stomach with his hands as he tried to steady his breathing, however the blood wouldn’t stop flowing out.

He wouldn’t live long.


「Haa, haaa….」

「If there’s anything left you wish to tell Claude as her brother, I’ll convey it for you.」

「….Hmph.」 saying that Kane turned to look at the sleeping Claude and laughed.


「Claude, because of you my life was the words… Family, friends, even my pride… I lost all of it because of you. I was forced to live a life akin to that of an animal… And in the end this…」


「You bitch!! You were supposed to serve me until you died! And in the end you ended up betraying me after being swayed by this bastard. Heed my words, someone who will betray you in the future will definitely appear because of what you did! You’ll never be able to make true friends! Don’t think you’ll ever be able to lead a happy life! One day you will die just like me. Sufferin…」


Before Kane could finish his sentence I cut off his head.

Kane’s face showed an expression of agony as his head rolled next to my feet.

Without Claude you wouldn’t have even been able to live such a luxurious life and yet… You got what you deserved.

A pack of Sti Beetle appeared out of nowhere and flocked to Kane’s corpse, beginning to devour it.

The reason why the Sti Beetle, who usually only ate dropped items, suddenly began to flock to human meat was also probably because those two killed adventurers and fed them their meat.


「And now he’s the one being eaten by them. It really is ironic.」


Over 10 Sti Beetles gathered in just an instant and after a while completely devoured Kane’s body, leaving behind only traces of blood.

It was the right choice to put Claude to sleep. If she ended up seeing her brother being eaten in this way, it would have probably left her with some kind of trauma. When she wakes up I’ll just tell her that he ran for the sea or something.




Upon hearing a voice coming from behind me, I decided to turn around only to see Claude hugging me from behind.

Even though I had put her to sleep with Sleep Code, she had apparently managed to wake up before I could notice.

As Claude’s hands grabbed my clothes from behind I could feel her body quivering terribly.


「You were awake…」



Claude said nothing as she only moved her head to respond.

Without uttering a word, she cried quietly while rubbing her head against my back.

Did she use Screen Point at the last moment? Or has her resistance towards magic grown stronger? Taking into consideration her character she would have immediately jumped to assist me in battle upon waking up. She must have probably woken up just around the time I took care of Kane. Which means that she must have completely witnessed that terrible spectacle…


「Are you okay?」



There was no way she was okay.

Claude had no strength to say anything as the tears fell from her eyes, as she held onto my clothes with her trembling arms.

I could feel my back become wet from Claude’s tears.

It must have been a huge shock to her.

She probably had also lost all of the strength in her legs as well, because I could feel her supporting her body on mine.


「I’ll lend you my shoulder. Cry as much as you’d like.」



And then once again without saying anything she just moved her head.

I put my hands on hers and held them until she stopped trembling.


「Thank you… I’m already fine so…」


An uncertain amount of time passed before she said that.

After crying her heart out Claude let go of my back.

Her tears had already seeped through my clothes and gave me a warm feeling.


「Are you really okay?」

「Yes. Ehehe…」 she said as she tried to force out a smile while wiping off her tears, yet she still appeared like she was hurting. 

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