Chapter 141 Part 1

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「Still that must have been pretty tough Kuro-chan.」


The next day, after all of us had woken up, me and Claude explained to them what had happened yesterday.

Everyone listened carefully and didn’t say anything about it.

It seems like they were convinced after listening.


「No, I was fine. Rather than that, Shirushu-san I’m sorry for having caused you trouble.」

「No, no, don’t mention, something like this is no problem!」 Shirushu said as she waved her hands. It seemed like she had recovered a lot already.


Seeing all of that, Milly let out a sigh of relief and turned towards me.


「… so, I guess it’s best if we take care of the request as well.」

「You’re right.」


We couldn’t just sulk forever. This would be the perfect chance to switch the mood up.

After all, we still had to take care of the Sti Beetle subjugation request.

Even so, since Shirushu’s wounds hadn’t healed completely we decided to leave her behind.

Hearing us decide on that Claude also volunteered to stay.


「I feel bad leaving Shirushu-san alone by herself so I’ll stay with her.」

「My wounds aren’t that serious so I’d like to go though…」

「You can’t Shirushu-san, it was an awful wound so you stay still for the time being.」

「I-In that case, I’ll just stay here and sleep so Claude-san you go with the others…」

「No can do. Shirushu-san.」



Claude grabbed a hold of Shirushu’s shoulders and forced her to lay on the bed.

She mercilessly covered her with a futon while Shirushu was sadly shaking her protruding tail.

It happened just the other day after all, no matter how great the beastfolk’s recovery ability was, it was best to let her rest.


「I don’t mind to stay in your place…」 proposed Silverie

「It’s because of me that Shirushu-san got wounded, so I won’t sit right with me if I don’t stay. Furthermore, I can also use Healing to a degree.」

「… I see.」


Even though Silverie proposed to stay behind, Claude still refused, shaking her head. 

Shirushu told her that she didn’t have to worry about it, but Claude still felt like she was responsible for her brother’s actions.  

Still this is perfect. Claude must still be pretty exhausted from yesterday after all.


「In that case Claude I’ll leave Shirushu up to you while I, Zeph, Lydia and Silverie will take care of the hunting. Should we separate in two groups?」

「No, all four of us should stick together.」


The other day we got attacked by Kane after he had split into two, so for a while I wanted us to all move together. Even though Kane and Grain were already defeated, it wouldn’t hurt to be careful.


「Okayyy, well then we’ll go the four of us.」 said Lydia energetically

「Have a safe trip everyone.」

「Be careful out there.」 said both Claude and Shirushu as they were seeing us off.


「Should we use this opportunity that the four of us have gathered and go challenge a harder dungeon?」

「Are you serious Silverie! There’s something like that?」    

「In the central part of the island there are other monsters besides the Sti Beetles. Furthermore, I’ve heard that Pixis also appears there. We might as well hunt it while we’re here.」

「Pixis huh.」


Pixis are monsters that look like dwarves and exist in small numbers all over the world.

They swing the wands in their hands to cast magic and attack.

Furthermore, most of those spells cause abnormal effects such as changing one’s appearance for a set period of time or shrinking one’s body for a period of time. Even so they aren’t fatal.

The Pixis themselves aren’t very strong, but they drop expensive items and so are often targeted by adventurers.

However, they are pretty hard to find, due to only inhabiting a limited number of places, so it’s quite the rare monster.

Even I had only fought a handful of them in my previous life.

Guess I shouldn’t be surprised that Silverie’s primary target is a boss monster. She sure is quite knowledgeable about stuff like this.


「Let’s go search for the Pixis then♪」 said energetically Milly

「Yey♪」 Lydia replied, infected by her enthusiasm.


Furthermore, even Silverie silently raised her hand a little bit, as her cheeks reddened as well.

I guess she’s getting used to this. I guess it was the right decision to split the party the other day and have her go around with those two.

As I giggled at the scene Silverie looked back at me with a cold stare.


「What are you looking at… Let’s hurry up and go.」

「I know, I know.」


Silverie took the vanguard and we headed towards the forest.

Using Red Wave, we burned down the luxuriously growing grass along the road, however just as we passed through it, the grass once again sprung up from its ashes.

Since this area was a spot for a tough dungeon, the concentration of magic power was quite high, which meant that the terrain recovered quickly.

As I was casting Red Wave a Sti Beetle popped out of the grass as if having been scared.


「Blue Gale!!」 said Milly, after which a water tornado blasted away the Sti Beetle.


For the record, a Sti Beetle’s magic power was 1200.

While Milly’s Blue Gale just now did close to 10,000 damage. It was a total overkill.

As always, she’s completely devoted to that Blue Gale of hers… It’s not like I mind it though.


「Silverie! I took care of it!!」

「… Thank you」


Before I could notice it, Silverie, who had been at the front just now, was hiding behind it.

This sure is troublesome…


「Silverie, you should try and fix that fear of bugs of yours. Even if it’s only against the monsters.」

「… Even if you tell me that, I can’t do anything about it…」

「It’s fine, it’s fine. I’ll fight in place of my master!!」 said Milly while patting my back as I scolded Silverie.


Good grief, it’s great that she’s gained a bit of confidence but still. I can’t let her get too much over her head.

From the dead Sti Beetle a single empty can dropped down. It must have been something dropped by the tourists.

I put the empty can into the bag that I had prepared and we continued forward once more.


「Whoa!! Zeph look!! There’s a strange animal!」

「That’s a Noromoros.」


At the place where Milly was pointing at, there was a beast, that went by the name of Noromoros, which was hanging off of a branch with its long arms. 

It’s an animal that spends most of its life hanging from trees, and because it doesn’t move all that much, even if it takes in the magic power coming from the dungeon it still won’t turn into a monster. It is quite the rare animal.

It said that there hasn’t been anyone who’s seen them eat, and that they live off by eating the wind.

By getting rid of its movement, it’s able to diminish its presence and avoid being found out by enemies.


「Still, I’m surprised you were able to spot it. Good job Milly.」

「Hihihi♪ It’s nothing special.」

「I guess beings with weak presence can pick up on each other’s wavelengths.」

「Hey, what does that mean!!」


Hearing me say that both Silverie and Lydia giggled.

Considering this area is far off from the cliff where we met Grain and Kane, we shouldn’t face any Sti Beetles that have eaten any gross things. It sure is peaceful here.


「By the way, how are we going to look for the Pixis? I haven’t seen one, so I don’t know what they look like.」

「Hmph. It’s a monster with quite the unique characteristics, so you’ll know right away when you see it. I guess we should just split up like usual and contact each other via Telepathy when we spot it.」

「That won’t be necessary.」 said Silverie as she raised her right hand and muttered something out, after which a black snake appeared and wrapped around her arm.


The Enchant Spell was one of Silverie’s Unique Spells, which enhanced her magic.

Furthermore, it also worked as a monster sensor as well.


「Kuro, search around.」



The black snake let out a sound and narrowed its eye, after which it put out its red tongue.

After looking around for a while, it turned to the south and shook its head.


「It’s that way.」



The black snake wrapped around Silverie’s arm then suddenly jumped up and kissed Silverie on the cheek.


「Hey, what are you doing… good grief…」


Even though she complained, her face still reddened a bit.

Kuro raised its head as if it was trying to tease her.


「Phew♪ What a passionate love you have going on there you two.」



When Lydia went out and said something to tease them Kuro immediately turned and glared at her intimidatingly.


「Ahaha… W-Well then shall we go…」



Kuro continued to stare at Lydia intimidatingly, as Silverie stroked its head as she turned to the south and continued walking.


Afterwards we proceeded through the forest while hunting Sti Beetles. Eventually we arrived at a small cave.

Kuro was staring at the cave.

It seems like it’s inside.


「I guess it’s inside there right?」

「Yea… Will I be able to go inside though…」 said Lydia.


Considering she was quite tall the entrance was a bit small for her size.

The inside didn’t seem like it would be quite spacious as well, which meant that she probably wouldn’t be able to use her spectacular movement ability as well.


「There’s no need to enter.」

「Eh?! Does that mean that you don’t need me… So rude…」 said Lydia in an exaggerated manner as she rubbed her eyes pretending to cry, however Silverie ignored that and began walking towards the cave.

「You don’t need to ignore me you knoow.」

「… Don’t misunderstand me.」 said bluntly Silverie, after which she reached out to her bag and took out a small ball which she then threw inside the cave.


She then raised her hand and fired off a number of spells.

The small ball was hit by all of them and exploded, creating a smoke screen that enveloped the cave.

The thing she had just used was a Smoke Bomb. It’s a magic item that creates a huge amount of smoke.

It’s similar to the Flower Bomb that we used to make the fireworks, however compared to the Flower Bomb it’s mass produced and is used when trying to smoke out monsters.


「Whoa… That’s so cheap!!」

「It’s way more efficient than entering a small space and fighting inside there.」  


She might have a lot of lacking aspects to her, but when it comes to combat, she’s undeniably still my teacher. She’s harsh, while at the same time efficient.


Silverie continuously cast Sky Magic so as to not let the smoke exit inside and continued to shove it inside the cave.

She’s quite the merciless one.

We waited for a while, while continuously taking down the monsters that came out.


「It’s coming!」


Kuro reacted and Silverie immediately went into a fighting stance.


「Milly, Lydia!」


「Okay, okay♪ It’s finally here.」

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