Chapter 143 Part 2

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I jumped onto a big rock and entered the cave.  

The inside of the cave was connected to the sea, so if I were to slip I would fall directly into the sea.  

However, despite the site being lightly illuminated by the Red Ball, I still had to proceed carefully because it had not improved the scaffolding.  

The ceiling echoed with the sound of water drops falling, making me feel uneasy.  

Ain clung onto my back, looking like she didn’t like it as well.


「Hyaa!! H-Hey gramps… Didn’t something just move in the water?」

「It’s probably just fish.」


I tried moving the light closer to the surface of the sea, but I didn’t see anything out of the ordinary.  

Shallow waters such as these normally had a lot of small fish searching for food.  

I continued walking without really thinking about it, but Ain still seemed scared.


「There’s definitely something! Right there!」



Having thought that the fussiness she was exhibiting was in fact due to something, I decided to use Time Square. While time was stopped I cast Black Sphere and Green Sphere.

Double Fusion: Gravity Sphere.  

The black gravitational sphere appeared in the water and began sucking up the seawater.  

The water dried up in the blink of an eye and at the bottom there was a spooky blackish lump of meat that was wriggling around like a fish.


「Hyaa!!W-W-W-W-What’s that?!!」 Ain said her eyes filled with shock.  


The thing extended from the entrance of the cave and pulsated as it rocked back and forth.  

Is it some kind of tentacle? Or maybe some kind of plan…?  

Just as I was closely examining it, its tip suddenly flew up and charged at me.


「Damn i…!」



When I tried to run away it wrapped itself around my leg and dragged me into the sea.  

I heard Ain’s desperate shouts, however they only grew more and more distant.  

As I struggled to escape I was swallowed by the sea current and couldn’t differentiate up from down no longer.  

You bastard. So you want to fight underwater huh. Damn it. If it goes on like this, it might get bad…!  

In order to get a better grasp of the situation I cast Time Square.  

As time stopped, so did the torrent, and I could finally get a better look at the tentacle that was holding onto me.

I might as well take the opportunity to escape.  

While time was stopped I cast Red Crash and Black Crash.

Double Fusion: Pyro Crash  

I unleashed it towards my feet.  

The flames burned down the tentacle to a crisp, forcing it to let go of my foot, allowing me to escape.  

A mass of flames that appeared within the sea, shone brightly while using my magical power as a source.  

It lightly illuminated the bottom of the sea, allowing me to see where the tentacle was coming from. It was attached to the soft looking body of a monster.  

I aimed at that monster and cast Scout Scope.  


Octorol Level 74

Magic Power Level: 245,866 / 258,647


Its red eye peaked through its lumps of meat as they stared at me.  

Octorol was a giant monster that lived at the bottom of the sea and attacked its prey by extending its eight tentacles.  

The main body usually lurked at the bottom of the sea, while its long tentacles floated around in shallow waters, waiting for prey to approach them and then drag them to the bottom of the sea. It was also referred to as a Fishing Pass due to its fishing-like hunting method.  

I ended up encountering quite the thing while looking for Claude. I must get to the surface fast. I won’t be able to fight it properly while inside the water.  

I began swimming up in order to get to the surface, however the Octorol had no intention of letting me go as it extended its tentacles in order to try and catch me.  

This damn thing!!  

I cast Black Crash at the incoming tentacles, creating a blast of wind within the water which propelled my body upwards.  

The Octorol shivered back for an instant, but at the next moment it once again shot out its tentacles.  

The efficiency of the spell dropped considerably inside water.

If I don’t hit it at point-blank range, then it won’t have any effect…?!!But I’m running out of oxygen…

While trying to hold my breath I cast one more Black Crash.  

However, it was even less effective than the last one. It seems like its power is reduced significantly.  

It must be because I’m not able to keep a steady mind due to my lack of oxygen…

As I desperately tried to get away I suddenly felt something trying to wrap around my leg.  

It was the Octorol’s tentacles. After wrapping around my legs, it then gradually moved up to my hips, my torso, my arms, and eventually pulled me into the bottom of the sea.  

The shock from the pull, shook my brain and even caused some damage to my internal organs.




As a result I ended up exhaling the air that I had been storing inside my stomach.  

This is bad. My body won’t move…

My eyes began to close due to the pain.  

The Octorol opened its huge mouth as it waited for me to be dragged down. However, I didn’t miss that opportunity.  

Time… Square…!!  

I used my remaining magic power to cast Time Square.  

While time was stopped I cast Red Crash and Blue Crash.  

At the same time as time began to flow again the spell flew out, aiming directly for the Octorol’s open mouth.

Burst Crash!

With a roaring sound a tremendous shock wave burst forth.  

With its help my body was shot up towards the surface.  

The Octorol also seemed to be struggling. This is my chance to escape.  

Damn it… It’s way too far…!!  

The impact of the Burst Crash was way less effective within the water, and although I hadn’t sustained any damage it still wasn’t enough to push me to the surface.  

My body won’t move any more.  

As the light that was shining at me began to grow dim, and my consciousness slowly faded I felt a soft touch on my lips.  

Afterwards a flow of oxygen began to enter my body.  

More……! I need more!  

My body was beginning to fill with oxygen, but it just wasn’t enough.  

Grasping for more and more air I tried to suck in as much as I could.


《Hey! Isn’t this much enough already?!!》


A bell-ringing voice echoed directly inside my head.  

What stood before me was an angle with a blushing face and white wings… Or rather, it was just Ain.  

Ain had dived into the water in order to try and deliver some air to me.


《You sure are one work of art gramps…》


She lowered her eyes as her face turned bright red, and after lifting her lips with a somewhat moody expression, she turned around and grabbed my hand. And like that she flapped her wings and began pulling me towards the surface.  

The surface got closer and closer and at last we broke through the water prison.



「cough, cough…」


My face was completely pale.  

Despite that I desperately gasped for breath.  

It felt like I had been reborn.

That was really bad.


「Gramps, you okay?」  

「Haa… Haa… Y-Yea… Thank you Ain… cough.」

「Hey, hey, take it easy.」 Ain said as she gently stroked my head as I gasped for breath.  


She then helped by pulling me and we somehow managed to get to the cliff.  

The Octorol did pull me out of the cave after all.

Well I did get out with my life, so I guess it’s all good.



「Ain, thank you, you really saved me there.」 

「If you want to thank me then get me food. As much as possible, you hear!!」

「Haha, okay, it’s a deal…」


I continued to chat with Ain while holding onto the rocks of the coast.  

Seeing Ain happily flutter her wings and scatter the seawater as she swayed on top of the rock, reminded me of my dog.  

Her hair and clothes were stuck neatly to her body, cleanly showing her curves beneath her white dress.


「Hey!!! What are you looking at gramps!」  

As if having felt my gaze, Ain quickly used her hands to cover her chest as she turned bright red.  

I was deeply moved by the fact that the Ain, which I had taken care of for a long time, had grown up so well as to even save me.

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