Chapter 148 Part 1

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「Ur…gh…」 leaked out Grain in a pitiful tone as he tried to run away from me.


Though he was afraid he still came up with a couple of solutions, but all of them proved to be useless.


「D-Damn it… Why can’t I use Teleport…?!!」


He really was trying to run away with Teleport. Like I’d like you.


「I’ve cast a restriction spell. You won’t be able to use it.」

「You bastard… You could use restriction spells!!!」

「I became able to use them. My strong will not to let you go allowed me to use it… I’ve applied my murderous intent to my magical power, allowing me to deploy the spell. It’s actually quite a simple mechanic.」

「That… can’t be…」 said Grain with a face full of disbelief. I could no longer feel any desire to fight coming from him.


I lifted my leg towards Grain, as he lay there with his heart broken, in order to land the finishing blow. 

I cast Time Square and while time was stopped I cast Red Glove five times.

Penta Fusion: Red Glove Circle.

The muscles and blood vessels in my right leg were greatly reinforced due to the effect of Red Glove.

My leg swelled to three times its size, and I slammed it down at Grain’s stomach.




He couldn’t even let out a scream as he was smashed like a bug. Aaaa.

I looked up towards the sky and kicked up my leg.

Due to the impact several of my toes broke, but that didn’t faze me at all.

Grain flew up, soaring higher and higher into the air. He had a huge hole in his chest, and as he flew up his body split in two.

Looking at his lifeless body, the hole in my chest which had opened after Milly’s death filled up a little.


「Milly…」 I whispered out as I began to gather magic power towards my fist.


A sound, akin to that of scraping metal rang in the area.

I prepared my now filled with magic power fist and aimed it at the falling Grain.


「Oh Crimson god.」 I began chanting without paying in heed to the sound of Grain falling down.

「The pinnacle of magic and the culmination of the long winding road. Empower me with your strength.」


Every single drop of my magic power began to flow towards my broken fist.


「Let the crimson blade rage and annihilate my enemies.」


As I completed the chant, a dazzling light wrapped itself around my fist.

I waited for the right time and swung my fist at the falling Grain.


「Red Zero…!!!」


The moment my fist touched grain a crimson light pierced straight ahead in front of me.

The ground roared, the sea shook, the clouds broke apart, and an enormous flame flew up into the distance. There were no traces of Grain left.

The crimson flames scattered in the sky and disappeared as if being swallowed by the light of the rising sun.

The night had ended before I knew it.

The rising sun covered everything in its crimson radiance.


「Scatter and become one with the madder red sky…」


I turned my back on the rising sun as I said my last words to Grain.




As I relaxed, a sharp pain immediately ran through my body.

It was the backlash of forcefully speeding up my time with magic. Furthermore, my muscles and magic lines were about to rupture due to the excess usage of magic power.

I couldn’t help but fall to the ground due to the immense pain.

My sweat began to drip to the ground and my breathing became rough.


「I can’t let myself fall here…」


I somehow managed to bear the pain as I crawled towards Milly.

I had lost my left arm, my fist had shattered and my toes were broken. The combination of these three continuously sent pain signals throughout my whole body. I had almost completely lost all sense of moving.

While resisting the pain I somehow managed to reach Milly.

Blood was still flowing out from the hole in her chest, dyeing the ground red.


「Milly…」 I called out her name, but there was no response.


The cheerful face that was always there for me was nowhere to be seen. She looked like a broken doll with her widely open eyes.

I stroked her head and was just about to close her eyes, when I saw a single tear fall from one of them.


「Milly…!!!」 I yelled as I embraced her cold body.


However, it was still too early to fall into despair. There was still something that I could try.

Just now I had been able to allow myself to grow by speeding up my time.

Which meant that it could be possible to return Milly’s time to the time when she was still alive.

Rather I would make it possible.

With the way I was now it was definitely possible.

I gathered all of my magic power and cast it towards Milly’s body.

I began to pour my magic power into Milly’s body.

More… Until every last nook and cranny…

It was hard to pour magic power into things that weren’t alive.

Strengthening magic and Healing spells were used by resonating with the target’s own magic power, but that wasn’t possible now because Milly had already lost her life, so she naturally had no magic power left.

Which meant that if I were to supply her with my magic power I would technically be able to make her a part of me, allowing me to cast magic forcefully.

With my eyes closed I continued to pour magic power into Milly’s body for a while. How long has passed I wonder?

After a bit more, Milly’s body was completely filled with my magic power.


「Milly, I’m starting…」


I released my remaining magic power and a dazzling light covered Milly’s body.

However, as I poured everything I had into Milly, my vision suddenly darkened. And my consciousness slowly went away.

Within the darkness I could feel Milly’s cold body regain a bit of its warmth again, and her fingers twitched just a bit.

My vision had completely darkened, but I somehow managed to feel Milly’s heart begin to beat again, and I could even hear her take a slight breath.

Thank god… She’s able to breathe again. A spell that allows me to speed up or rewind other’s time. I guess I’ll call it Time Manipulate. Still, I guess I really did reach my limit.


I completely lost my consciousness.


◆ ◆ ◆


Within the darkness I heard a young girl’s voice.

That voice rang in my head over and over again. At times it was quiet, at times lively, and at times it sounded quite angry… However, the sound of it crying was the most common one.

I wanted to stroke the girl’s head and tell her not to worry, but my body wouldn’t move an inch.

So I guess this is what death feels like.

While thinking that I let my consciousness fall further within the darkness.

After a while I once again heard the girl’s voice.

However, this time it seemed to be a different voice.

The voices I could hear weren’t those of just one or two people. There was a whole mixture of them.

Their voices made me feel reassured and I once again sunk deeper into the darkness.

At times I felt like I woke up only to listen to the girl’s voice, but then I proceeded to fall asleep again.

That process repeated itself countless times.

At one point I once again opened my eyes, but the thing that was in front of me this time wasn’t the usual darkness, but rather a wide blue sky.

However, it wasn’t just that, at the edge of my eye I could see a blurred outline.

Moving my eyes around to get a better look around I realized that I was within a familiar room.

The arrangement of the furniture and vases had changed a bit, but this was definitely my home.

It was our Guild House, the one that Yera had given us.

I was lying on top of a bed, within one of the rooms.




Where am I? Is what I wasn’t to ask, however I couldn’t speak properly.

It seems like my body still won’t move huh.


「…Ahh…Ahhh…」 I said as I tried to confirm if my voice was still there.


It felt a bit off, but gladly I was still able to pronounce things. 

I then suddenly heard a loud falling noise coming from behind the door.

What’s going on?

I thought as I tried to raise up my unmoving body. It was then that a single young girl entered my line of sight.

The girl, who had just now dropped the box at her feet, didn’t even try to pick it up as she just stared at me with a shocked expression.

Her beautiful blond hair was tied up with red ribbons on both sides as it reached all the way to her waist.

She wore a short-sleeved dress, with a short skirt, which looked quite easy to move in. As well as knee socks which reached all the way up to her thighs.

She looked like a girl that I had known all too well. However, the girl I remembered wasn’t as tall as this and looked a bit different. The girl standing in front of me now looked a bit more mature than usual.

As we stared at each other, the girl moved her lips and words left her mouth.




Her voice was the same as that of the girl that had been calling to me while I was sinking into the darkness.

The voice which had come to me inside my dreams, that dearly nostalgic voice…


「Milly, is that you…?」 I replied with a faint voice. As she heard that the girl in front of me began to shed tears.


Her shoulders moved up and down, and tears constantly fell from her eyes as she looked down.

She continued to sob as she hugged me, while I was still lying on the bed.


「Zeph!! Zeph!!! Zeph, Zeph, Zeph, Zeph!!!」 she continuously called out my name as she pushed me down.


She wrapped her arms around my neck, and didn’t let go. The power of her grip was quite stronger than what I remembered.

Just how long did I sleep for?

For the record, my face was buried in Milly’s chest, but it didn’t seem like that area of her had grown at all.


「I was so worried!!!」  


Still, I guess now isn’t the time for me to say that.

I held onto her cheek with one hand, and stroked her head with the other. The darkness had prevented me from doing this all this time. Yet now I was finally able to do it.

Her blond hair was just the same way as I remembered. 

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