Chapter 149 Part 2

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After a while Milly came in through the door.


「I’m back!!」

「Welcome back Milly-chan… What happened to you, you’re all dirty! Are you okay?」

「Yea. I have something I want to show you, come!」

「Wait, you need to wash your hands fir…」

「I know, I know.」


After returning from the washroom Milly took Lydia to Zeph’s room.

She then put her hand on Zeph’s body and a bright light suddenly enveloped her hand.



「Not your ordinary one. Well just watch.」


The light coming from Milly’s hand gently wrapped around Zeph’s body.

It was probably taking a huge toll on her. Milly’s brow was riddled with sweat.




A slight moan escaped Zeph’s mouth.

Seeing that, both of them exclaimed in shock.


「I did it! Zeph!!! Wake up! Zeph, Zeph, Zeph!!」 Milly constantly yelled out Zeph’s name.


But even so Zeph’s eyes still didn’t open.

However, even though it was for just an instant he had still given a response.

In addition, his skin was much healthier than what it had been previously.


「… That sure was surprising. What was that?」

「A Unique Spell… I remembered what Zeph told me before. He told me that deep despair and strong emotions can give birth to new spells.」 Lydia had heard that as well.


However, even though it sounded easy, it was no simple task to complete.

And to think that Milly was able to complete it in just a day… Lydia was left lost for words at Milly’s talent.


「But it’s still far off. If I don’t make it stronger Zeph won’t wake up…!」

「… I guess that means that you’ll be training tomorrow as well?」

「Of cours…」


Milly collapsed before she could finish her sentence.

Seeing that Lydia panicked.

Milly’s breathing was rough and she looked like she was struggling.

It was just as Lydia had thought. This new spell of hers came with a huge burden.


「Haa…ha… I-It seems that I’m a bit tired…」

「I told you not to overdo it. Let’s go eat and you’re going directly to bed after that.」

「Okay… I need to do at least that much in order to have strength for… tomorrow…」


As the final word escaped her mouth Milly fell asleep.

She was just like a very troublesome younger sister.

However, that was also one of the things that made her so cute.

Lydia entered the bath with Milly, as she was still sleeping, after which she carried to her bed. Just as she did so Silverie came back.


「Oh my Se-chin. You’re quite late for your first day.」

「Yea… That hag drained the soul out of me…」


Silverie looked completely drained, however she also gave off the feeling that she was quite happy with the work that she had done.

It was evident that was made to do things which she hadn’t experienced up until now.

Coming into touch with a large number of new people must have been a good stimulus for Silverie, who usually acts alone.


「Why do you look so happy?」 Silverie asked angrily.

「Oh, do I? It’s nothing.」

「Listen here. It really was terrible. I had to even teach her subordinates. Normal mages should not only learn spells from the Sky System, but spells from other systems as well. By doing that, one is able to learn how to offset, and their variations grow as well…」


Lydia prepared food, while Silverie continued to complain somewhat excitedly.

Even while eating, Silverie was the only one who spoke.

Just until a couple of days ago, Silverie would rarely be the one to start up a conversation, and even though all she spoke about now were complaints, Lydia was more than glad to listen to her.

After a while, Silverie got tired of speaking and fell asleep on the table.

Lydia took a blanket and put it over her so that she wouldn’t catch a cold.


「Everyone’s growing…」


Lydia felt like she was being left behind.

She wondered what she could do.

That question stirred her heart as she didn’t know what was the right thing to do. As Lydia lost herself in the whirlpool of thoughts she fell asleep.



Lydia continued pulling weeds in the garden the next day after sending everyone off again.

While being scorched by the rays of the sun, she still continued that seemingly pointless task.

She was still debating what she could do to grow stronger.


「Oh my… they’re already growing back.」


Lydia noticed that the weeds that she had pulled out yesterday had already grown back.

If that was the case, then she really wouldn’t be able to finish pulling them all out.


I should be more efficient… That’s right, if I use some kind of tool.


As the thought crossed her mind, she remembered an old lady in the neighbourhood cutting grass with a sickle, and decided to imitate her.

She took out a knife.

She swung the knife at the root of the weeds and proceeded to swiftly cut them out.


With this I can cut them pretty fast… Still if I’m gonna do it I might as well do it in the most efficient way possible.


Thinking that, Lydia began to paint a picture in her head.

A picture of a mower.

While muttering to herself, she lost herself in her thoughts once more.


Swing the knife faster… In a wide area, in a way that won’t burden my body. In a way that anyone would be able to do it… In an efficient way… More… More…

Lydia’s trance-like state continued until Milly’s return.


After eating dinner, Lydia closed herself in her room and began to devise ways to create mowing tools.

There were a lot of things she needed. She didn’t have a workshop, nor any materials. On top of that, she also didn’t have the tools.

But even so Lydia couldn’t contain the throbbing of her heart.

That’s right. I’m the daughter of a blacksmith…!

It was her first blacksmithing work in a while.

She had learnt her father’s craft, however she would always face his critique whenever she tried to make something, but currently that noisy father of hers was far away.

I’ll just make the things that I want in my own workshop.

She had finally found it. The thing she wanted to do. The thing she was meant to do.



Lydia started preparing for her own workshop as soon as the sun shone brightly again. While at the same time she also ordered materials and tools.

She used her connections with Adrei and the Adventurer Guild, as the connections she had made during the Heavenly Mages Festival and the help of some capable people to quickly set up her workshop.


「Okay, it’s time to make them!」


She rolled her sleeves and set fire to the furnace.

The air grew hot, but it was a feeling that Lydia loved.

She gathered the materials that she had ordered and laughed just like a child that had made a successful prank.


「I might as well try and make something that only I’ll be able to create.」


After she began her work Lydia didn’t exit her new workshop for three days and nights.

Seeing her like that Milly and Silverie got worried but even as they went to check up on her she only gave them a brief answer that she was fine and immediately immersed herself in her work once more.

If she was tired, she would sleep, and if she was hungry, she would eat, but she would return to work right away.

A number of days passed like that…


「I’m done…!」


Around the time the sun began to rise Lydia’s first land mower was completed.

The device had a circular blade attached to the tip of a horizontal bar. It used an engine that worked by exploding burning liquid.


「The discarded book I found at the place where Soara-chan was really did come in handy.」


Lydia apparently used technology that was used in the automatons found in the Tiros Abandoned Factory.

Her materials and expertise were nowhere near those of the craftsmen who designed the automatons, but it still looked decent.


「Well then, let’s give you a test run!」


She then pulled the rope that was attached to the mower and its blade began to rotate rapidly.

The area where the mower crossed over was totally free of weeds with only a slight swing.

Without having to bend, she swung the mower left and right getting rid of the tall weeds.


「Whoa! It’s way too amazing!」


Lydia got excited and happily swung the mower around.

It was the joy of having your invention work just the way you intended it to.

Lydia exhaled a sigh of relief as she quickly cleaned up the weeds. The middle-aged woman from next door approached her just as she finished her job.


「Good morning Lydia-chan. That’s one amazing tool you have there. Where did you buy it?」

「Ahaha. I made this myself. It’s still in its testing phase though.」

「Oh my! That’s amazing. You see my weeds have also been growing quite a bit these days. If possible could I ask you to lend it to me?」


Just as Lydia was about to answer with “Of course!” another woman approached her.


「Madam, that’s really selfish. I want to use it as well!」

「That’s right, that’s right. How selfish of you to want it just for yourself!!」


Before Lydia could notice it more and more women had gathered.

Apparently she had made quite the noise when mowing down the grass.

She felt a little remorseful for causing such a ruckus, as she tried to calm down the arguing women. 


「Now, now, how about you take turns?」 Lydia said.

「You’re right… It’s not good to argue. That would cause you trouble as well Lydia-chan.」

「That’s right. Let’s all use it without fighting over it. Lydia-chan, can you show us how to use it?」

「Of course.  First of all…」


Lydia was beaming as she demonstrated how the mower worked.

Having finally found a way for herself she was now constantly pondering on what to make next.

All of her worries had now completely disappeared.


「… Lydia-chan that’s a really nice face you’ve got there.」

「Huh? I-Is that so?」

「That’s right. Not long ago you looked really down, everyone thought so right?」


Hearing the question all of the women nodded, while Lydia showed a bitter smile.


「Thank you for worrying about me.」

「You don’t need to worry about it. That aside, hurry up and show us. I’ve already eaten so I think I’ll be able to mow down a lot.」

「That’s right. You should make more. It’ll definitely sell. I’ll even buy one.」



A lightbulb suddenly lit in Lydia’s mind. There was one more thing she was capable of.

It cost quite a lot to make a machine that could work on its own.

And Zeph’s medical bills weren’t cheap either.

Furthermore, all of their previous journeys had cost a significant amount of money. The other skill that Lydia possessed was none other than making money. She was certain that it was something only she could do.


「… Got it. I’ll give it my best madams.」

「Oh my. We were joking, you know… But we’d still be happy if you do end up making some.」

「I definitely will. If possible though, could you advertise it a bit for me?」

「Oh my, you sure are a shrewd one aren’t you Lydia-chan. Nothing gets past you.」

「Ahaha.」 Lydia smiled as she gazed up at the endlessly blue summer sky.


Lydia’s machine grew in popularity within the capital of Prolea and so Lydia grew to be known as one of the best merchants within the capital. However, that was something that wouldn’t occur for another two years.

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