Chapter 150 Part 1

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After I woke up from my bed in the guild house, I received an update about the whole situation from Milly.

「So… I’ve been asleep for three years?」

「Yes! Zeph, you idiot! Idiot!」

Milly hugged my head to her chest as she sobbed.

The fog gradually cleared from my mind.

When we were at Southern Island to complete our commission, we happened to meet our old enemy, Grain, and a fierce battle had unfolded.

The bastard was so despicable that he took Milly hostage, and even took her life.

I was so enraged that I had forced my body to grow by advancing its time and barely won the battle.

Then, I rewound only Milly’s time and had managed to bring her back to life.

However, that came at a high cost, which was that I would sleep for three years.

In fact, I was lucky to get away with just that. After all, I had used that much magic when I was on the verge of death. It wouldn’t have been a surprise if I had just died then and there.

Regardless, because I had been asleep for three years, my muscles have deteriorated considerably.

At that time, my body was in a terrible condition, with broken bones and torn flesh, and no natural healing or healing spell could be of any help.

However, my body had recovered so well that it was hard to believe.

While I was still in disbelief at the miracle, Milly pulled away and faced me.

She still had some tears in her eyes and her cheeks were flushed, but she seemed to have calmed down a lot.

I gazed at Milly’s face and saw that she looked a little more mature than before.

「…You’ve grown up huh, Milly.」

「…Yeah. It’s been three years after all.」

The way she wiped her tears with her fingertips was different from the child-like Milly in my memories.

At a closer look, even the twin-tails which were her trademark were slightly lowered and had grown longer and thinner.

However, Milly had a baby face and her chest was still modest. How should I put it? She gives me the vibe of a child who has grown tall.

As I was staring at Milly’s face, she seemed to become embarrassed as she lowered her gaze slightly.

「…Geez, what is it?」

「Nah, sorry sorry.」

The way she puffed her cheeks and raised her eyebrows showed that she was unmistakably the Milly I know.

When I examined my limbs which had been completely healed, Milly looked at me proudly.

「I was the one who healed Zeph’s injuries.」


「When Zeph was asleep, I invented a unique spell, called Healing Bic. I healed you with that!」

Milly patted her chest as she spoke.

「As the name suggests, it’s my unique magic which is a better version of Healing! It’s different from the conventional Healing spell which merely strengthens the body’s natural healing. It even mends broken bones and heals badly injured bodies!」

Milly looked elated as she confidently explained her new spell.

In any case, I already thought that she was a genius, but she had even managed to learn a unique spell at her age…

Furthermore, Healing Bic was such a powerful spell, being able to heal even my broken arms.

The basic Healing spell was only able to heal small wounds and took a lot of time to do so.

…Rather, I hope I’m wrong, but ‘Bic’ was not a misspelling of ‘Big’, right? Since it’s Milly, there’s a chance that she could make that mistake and it bothers me. Well anyway, if I asked her that now, it would be insensitive of me.

Milly looked at me with sparkling eyes, as if asking for me to praise her, so I slowly stroked her head.

「You’re amazing, aren’t you, Milly?」


Milly was in my embrace, letting me stroke her without resistance, but her face quickly clouded over.

She was gazing at the space where my left arm once was.

As expected, even Healing Bic would not be able to regenerate an arm that had been torn to shreds.

「I’m sorry… It’s my fault that…」

Milly hung her head and hid her face, her voice slightly trembling.

I had rewound Milly’s time, but could her memories of being taken hostage by Grain have remained?

「Don’t mind it. You even invented a unique spell to heal my body, didn’t you? It’s thanks to you that I was able to wake up despite my grievous injuries.」


Usually, to awaken one’s unique magic, a long period of training and a strong desire was necessary.

For a young and inexperienced girl like Milly to be able to learn a unique spell, her desire for it was definitely not something to belittle.

「…By the way, where are the rest?」

The other four guild members were nowhere to be found.

Silverie was not the type of person who would nurse someone, so it wasn’t a surprise that she was absent, but Lydia and Shirushu weren’t around too.

As for Claude, I can somehow guess why she wasn’t here…

「…Ah, yes. Erm…」

For a moment, Milly thought about how she should begin her explanation, but soon she began to narrate bit by bit.

After my battle with Grain, Milly awoke and saw that I was gravely injured while Claude had also collapsed, so she had called everyone for help.

We were immediately sent to the island’s medical facility to receive treatment, and I was somehow able to keep my life, though I never regained consciousness. For about half a year after that, I remained on complete bed rest.

「Zeph, your consciousness never returned for so long… so I thought that I had to do something. The only method I thought of was to use a powered-up version of Healing. I practiced and practiced, and finally, I mastered it.」

After Milly had learned the spell, she continued to train, and cast Healing Bic over and over again. With that, my body was on the road to recovery.

「Then, I think it was around the time when Zeph began to recover when Claude went off on a trip on her own. She said that all that happened was due to her inexperience and that she couldn’t face Zeph as she was. She even left the guild emblem behind, because it would remind her of us and make it tougher for her.」

「…I see.」

At that time, Claude was manipulated by Grain and had attacked me. Even though she was brainwashed, Claude probably still suffered from the guilt of it.

Without the emblem which was the proof of guild membership, it was not possible to communicate by telepathy.

I suppose she wants to be alone for now. Guessing from Claude’s personality, she would likely say something like that.

「Yeah, I also understood the pain which Claude felt, so I didn’t stop her then. Ah, but she also mentioned that she’ll definitely be back, so it’s okay! She said ‘it’s because I belong to Zeph’. Isn’t that great, Zeph?」

「…Yeah, I guess.」

Milly glared at me reproachfully, and I averted my eyes.

It’s not as if Claude left without saying anything, unlike the other time, so we don’t need to worry about that.

Come to think of it, there were three guild emblems pinned on Milly’s chest.

One would be Milly’s, another for Claude… but whose is the third for?

Having noticed my gaze, Milly placed her hand on her chest and tilted the emblem so that it glinted under the light.

「Ah, this one’s Shirushu’s.」

「Did Shirushu leave too?」

「Yeah. Together with Claude. I think they’re in Izu City now. She also comes frequently to visit Zeph.」

「I see.」

In the past, Shirushu had been taking care of the orphans in a church in Izu City, but due to various reasons, she began traveling with us. At such a time, it was a good idea to go back to be with the children.

「And then there’s Lydia and Silverie… Since you’re awake now, shall we go see them?」

「Are they in town?」

「Yeah, they’re running a store together. If Zeph shows up out of the blue, I’m sure they would be surprised!」

Milly smiled happily as she took me by the hand. I was about to get up from the bed when I staggered and almost fell.

Immediately, Milly hugged and supported me to stop my fall.

「Ah, I’m sorry Zeph. You’ve been sleeping for three years after all. I guess you can’t move around yet.」

「It’s okay, it’s a trifling matter.」

I smiled in response to Milly’s concern and cast the muscle strengthening magic, Red Glove, on myself.

Scarlet-colored magic encased my entire body, and my completely weakened body began to overflow with strength.

I slowly stood up and checked how it felt to move my body.

…Hmm, with this, I should be able to handle light exercise.

「Um, you really look okay huh… I’m a little disappointed.」

「Hey hey, what are you saying?」

「Well, I thought that maybe you would still have to rely on me for a while but…」

「…I’m grateful for that, but I’d appreciate it if you could forget about it as soon as possible.」

「Hee hee, I will remember it foreeeever ♪」

If I think about it, I was bedridden and being cared for by Milly for three years.

Damn it, she’s got something on me now.

「Sorry Milly, do you have my clothes and things? I’d like to take a bath before we go into town.」

「Yeah, would you like me to join you?」

「No need for that, you idiot!」

Milly grinned mischievously as she handed me my things, and I rushed into the bathroom as if fleeing for life.

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