Chapter 150 Part 2

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「Blue Sphere」

A large amount of water gushed into the slightly spacious bathtub and overflowed it.

Then, I tossed a few Red Balls into the water, and so that it became warm as the steam began to rise.

「Ow ow…」

I think I made it a little too hot. I tried to dilute it with a few Blue Balls, but this time it became lukewarm instead.

Hmm. It’s been a while, so I can’t seem to get a good feel for using magic.

I used Red Ball and Blue Ball alternately, and by the time I managed to get the water to a suitable temperature, my body had completely cooled down.

As I reached for the tub to pour bathwater over my body, I remembered that I had lost my left arm.

「It’s inconvenient…」

My left arm was gone due to Grain’s attack.

Over time, I should get used to going about my daily life like this, but I probably cannot avoid the disadvantages it would bring when fighting.

That being said, since I’m a mage and not a swordsman, it might still be fine?

I guess it’ll be inconvenient only when I use the Divine Sword Ainbelle.

「Oh yeah, where’s that girl…?」

Suddenly, I recalled the state of my familiar.

During the battle with Grain, the Divine Sword Ainbelle had its blade snapped off and it disappeared.

At that time, Ain had said that she was fine, but I wonder what happened to her.

Even when I cast Summon Servant, Ain did not appear.

In the first place, if she were well and noticed that I was awake, she would have appeared even if I did not call her out… At that, a bulb went off in my head.

When the sword was broken, the faint presence of Ain completely vanished from within me.

To sustain Ain, Gemstones were needed, as they contained magic power. The amount needed each day was roughly ten. However, I had been neglecting the gluttonous Ain for three years. I don’t want to imagine the result of that…

「Don’t tell me that she starved to death…?」

Without further thought, I threw open the door to the bathroom. As I was about to run out, I locked eyes with Milly, who happened to be undressing in the changing room.


Milly barely covered her front as she screamed, and she slammed shut the door that I had opened.

That was dangerous, my hand almost got caught in the door.

「…What are you doing, Milly?」

「Erm, I… was wondering if… you were having trouble washing with one hand…」

Milly squirmed as she muttered in a voice so soft that it seemed like it would vanish.

I already said that I would be fine on my own though. Well, when I replied earlier, I had forgotten that I was missing an arm, so I would actually appreciate her help.

More importantly, I was going to ask about Ain.

「More importantly, Milly, have you seen Ain? Did anything happen to her while I was asleep?」

「…Ain-chan? Mm~ that reminds me, once when I was nursing you, Ain suddenly appeared, and said that she would be away for a while.」


「Yeah, she said that she would go back to her hometown since she couldn’t receive any food.」


I heaved a sigh.

I guess she didn’t die. It must have been boring to be with me while I was bedridden for three years. In a way, that decision was typical of Ain.

As I was pondering, my door clattered open to reveal Milly who was naked and wrapped in a bath towel. She clutched the bath towel tightly at her chest and her face was slightly flushed.

「D-don’t keep looking at me…」

「Nah, it just looks like your bath towel might slide off… Ouch!?」


Milly punched me at the side of my body.

Hey, I only just woke up after three years of sleep okay…

「Enough! Hurry and turn around!」

I was forced to sit down in the washing area and had hot bath water poured over my head.

While I couldn’t see because of the soap and water, Milly’s small hands began to wash my hair.

「How is it? Does it hurt?」

「Ahh, it feels good.」

Milly’s mood seemed to be lifted with my reply, and she washed my head, neck, shoulders, and back carefully with a sponge.

The perfect control of her strength lulled me to sleep, and I unintentionally let my strength leave my body, and leaned on Milly.

「Hya! W-wait, Zeph…」

Milly was stunned but she didn’t try to avoid me and held me in her arms instead.

I was feeling her small bulges on my back when she splashed me with hot bathwater again.

「…Shall I wash your front too?」

「…No, thanks.」

I took the sponge from Milly and washed my front, then got into the bathtub with her.

「Haa… this feels so good.」


Sure enough, the bath was great. I felt like I was coming back to life. Well, in actual fact, I did sort of come back to life.

「Um, you know, Zeph. There’s something I’ve been wanting to tell you.」

「…What is it?」

「Thank you.」

The water splashed as Milly came to hold my hand under the water.

「You lost an arm, and even fell unconscious for three years, all for the sake of saving me…」

「…Don’t mind it.」

「I mind it, though!」

Milly squeezed my hand tighter and tighter. Her eyes were brimming with tears, and it looked as if she would cry any moment.

「I mind it… Even though you’re always talking about efficiency, I stole a huge amount of your precious time from you…」

Efficiency, huh? I had thrown away that concept for Milly’s sake, and this time she’s the one being concerned about it.

「That’s why I wished to heal you as soon as possible and decided to take the place of your missing left arm.」

Milly pressed her body against mine so that she took up the space which my left arm once was.

Then, she moved her face closer and looked up at me.

「I may not be Claude, but I belong to Zeph too, so… Zeph can use me however you like…」


Milly clung to me tightly. I put my arm around her small back and embraced her in response, and her shoulders twitched.

Slowly, I caressed Milly’s back.

Just then, my fingertip got caught on a small scar.

It was a scar which wasn’t there before. Milly had also gained a little muscle, and her magic lines have become fairly strengthened.

To help me regain consciousness, and to be my strength after I awaken, Milly had probably been training herself by fighting monsters and running through dungeons.

I patted Milly’s head to praise her for her good job, and Milly leaned into my embrace comfortably.

「…Just three years and the loss of an arm is not a major obstacle to me. I’m going to master magic. Of course, I’ll need Milly’s, and everyone’s help too.」


「So, don’t cry anymore.」


Milly rubbed away the tears which gathered at the corner of her eyes and grinned.

That’s better. Tears don’t suit Milly.

Anyway, three years huh. If I remember correctly, before we went to Southern Island, the organizer of the Heavenly Mage Festival was Yera, the Sky Heavenly Mage. If that’s the case, then three years later…

「…What’s wrong, Zeph? You have an evil look on your face.」

「Well, it seems like I just found a suitable goal to work towards.」

The annual Heavenly Mages Festival is hosted in turn by each of the five Heavenly Mages, who have reached the pinnacle of their respective magic attributes. They follow the order of Red, Sky, Soul, Green, and then Blue.

Next year’s festival will be held by the Flame of Flame, the Red Heavenly Mage. If I win the title match which marks the end of the festival, I will be able to gain the title of the Flame of Flame.

In a year, it should be possible for me to retrain my weakened body and win the title match.

「I’m itching to start training… Milly, didn’t you earlier say that I can use you however I like?」

「Er… please go easy on me…」


The current Flame of Flame, Bertram Cabel, was known as the strongest man in the history of the Five Heavenly Mages.

In my previous life, when I first came to the capital city of Prolea, Bertram had already handed his Heavenly Mage title over to his grandson.

Therefore, I have never seen Bertram in his prime.

I had seen him a few times before, but the sheer intensity of his magic only made my conceited self look insignificant in comparison.

Bertram is probably about thirty-five now, which I believe was when he was known to be at his peak.

I will defeat the strongest of the Five Heavenly Mages in history, and take his Flame of Flame title.

There’s no better goal than this. It seems like this year will get even busier.

We headed towards the shopping district.

According to Milly, during the last three years, Lydia had set up a store in the capital city of Prolea.

「Before I learned my unique magic, we were only able to afford Zeph’s treatment fees thanks to Lydia who was earning money from her store.」

「…I’ll have to thank her for that.」

I thought I had already known, but I was again reminded of how everyone had been taking care of me in various ways while I was asleep.

As we walked along the wide pathway of the shopping district, I saw a large crowd of people ahead.

「That’s the place.」

Lydia’s store was thriving.

I wonder if it’s because she had made a name for herself as a businesswoman by selling yukata at the Heavenly Mages Festival?

From within the crowd, I could hear Lydia’s voice, which filled me with nostalgia.

「Welcome! We’re having a big sale for only this evening! Everything’s cheap, cheap!」

It looked like Lydia was starting a discount sale for a limited time.

However, the crowd was so large that Lydia could not be seen, and I was only able to catch quick glimpses of her long arms.

「We might be in the way if we visit her today, right?」

「Maybe. Since we’re here already, shall we walk around for a bit?」

Milly held onto my hand lightly. Her fingers intertwined with mine, and I gently returned the hold.

She lowered her head with a reddened face to avert her eyes from mine.

Geez, even though you’re bold enough to take baths with me, you haven’t changed much in this aspect.

When I turned around to go back the way I came, I saw a lady standing in my path, hugging a shopping bag in her arms.

The lady’s eyes widened in shock. It was Silverie.

「Zeph… is that you…?」

「It’s been a while, Silverie.」

Silverie dropped her bag to the ground with a thud and approached me.

She looked like she had seen a ghost. Well, it has been three years after all. It can’t be helped.

For a moment, we only stood and stared at each other. Then, Silverie wiped her eyes with her finger and smiled.

「…Welcome back, Zeph.」

「Yeah, I’m back.」

「Lydia was worried about you too. Let’s go and see her now.」

「Well but, the shop looks busy now…」

「It doesn’t matter.」

Silverie casually grabbed my hand, then she concentrated her magic in the direction of Lydia’s store.

Hey Silverie, what are you planning to do?


At Silverie’s words, the sounds in the surroundings completely vanished.

Silence, a spell of the Sky system. A wind barrier is created with the caster in its center, and all sound within the barrier is erased.

The spell is basically used to cancel the opponent’s great magic spells, which require an incantation before casting. However, due to its small range, the spell would affect the caster too, hence it was somewhat lacking in usability.


「—-! —-!」

At the sudden erasure of sound, the people who were focused on the shop’s goods became confused. When the crowd slackened, Silverie led Milly and me to jump into the crowd.

Regardless, that was kind of overkill, just to get through the crowd… Well, that seemed very much like something Silverie would do.

When we pushed our way through the crowd, Lydia let out a squeal in surprise.

Her long ponytail had grown even longer compared to three years ago. She was still wearing the same revealing clothes which showed off her abundant assets… Moreover, the body part which protruded from her store’s apron seemed to have grown bigger than before.

Lydia gazed at me vacantly, and I waved in greeting since I could not speak.

Lydia’s mouth opened and closed as she tried to speak. Even without hearing her words, it was obvious that she was calling my name.

Immediately after, Lydia jumped at me and hugged me with all her might, so much that she pushed me to the ground.

Amid the crowd, I was forced to get a taste of the hard ground and Lydia’s softness at the same time.

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