Chapter 151 Part 2

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In the end, I stayed up all night at Lydia’s store.

The next morning, when I was having the breakfast prepared by Milly and Lydia, Silverie tottered over while holding on to her head.

「Ugh… my head is splitting open…」

「Ahaha~ You were drunk after all, Sil-chin~」

Lydia, this girl, probably escaped from the situation last night on purpose. She was nowhere to be found after she carried Milly to the bedroom, and she left this drunkard to me.

I glared at Lydia, and she laughed sheepishly as she averted her eyes.

《Sil-chin was pretty much the type who would cry when drunk, right? I’m bad at dealing with these kinds of situations…》

According to Lydia, she once made Silverie drink to help her open up.

Lydia had a constitution where she was able to drink a lot, and she thought that Silverie was the same, since she wasn’t getting drunk.

However, for Silverie, it just didn’t show on her face, but she would change completely once a certain threshold was crossed.

Lydia then got herself entangled in the problem of a bawling Silverie, and was at a complete loss. She ended up being trapped with Silverie the entire night.

《…Well, with that as the impetus, I managed to get Silverie to help out at my store in the end~. It was awful, you know? She was wailing like a child, saying ‘Zeph-chi is goneee!’ and such.》

《…I experienced something similar too… Don’t tell me, that was your plan all along?》


While we were conversing by telepathy, Silverie was looking at us suspiciously.

「…The two of you are talking about something.」

「There’s nothing. Well, then~ Let’s do our best today too~」

「Yeahh ♪」

When Lydia raised a rallying shout in a desperate move to drop the subject, only Milly, who knew nothing of the situation, responded.

「Then, I will be trying out this artificial arm in a battle. I also ought to train up this dulled body of mine.」

Currently, Red Glove is constantly activated to supplement my strength. That is how weak my body has become.

As I have been bedridden for three years, I should probably take my time rehabilitating, but to win next year’s title match, I can’t afford to relax.

Real fighting experience is the way to go. Well, that being said, it’s not as if I would immediately go to a place with powerful monsters.

「Here, heree! I will follow you, of course!」

Milly raised her hand energetically. In my current state, I would feel uneasy if I were alone and an emergency situation occurred, so I was planning to have someone come along anyway. This is just right, and I can observe how much Milly has grown too.

「I’m coming… with you too… Urp.」

「Ahaha~ It’s better if Sil-chin just rests for today.」

「That… won’t do… Ugh!?」

While Silverie crawled over with a pale face, Lydia gave her a karate chop to the back of her neck.

Milly and I watched as Lydia carried up the collapsed girl, and exchanged looks with one another.

What a frighteningly quick karate chop… I didn’t even catch its afterimages. To be able to put down the mighty Silverie so effortlessly… Lydia’s physical ability seems to have improved too.

「Okay then, I’ll be taking care of Sil-chin and the shop.」

「…Are you fine with that, Lydia?」

「It’s fine~. I can’t suddenly close the store either, and besides, you two can go by yourselves for the first time in a while.」

Lydia winked at us. I surmised her intentions, while Milly cast a fleeting glance in my direction and turned red as she looked downward. Then, Milly’s small hand wrapped around my finger and squeezed it tightly.

「Alright, I’ll see you later.」

「See you ♪」

「Yeah yeah~, take care, both of you~」

With Silverie on her back, Lydia waved as she saw us off from the store.

「Somehow, I think she was being considerate of us. While we’re at it, how about we bring back something that Lydia would like?」

「Then, let’s go to the swamp of Govnu! We can get the mineral which magic metal is made from, while the monsters there are not that strong either.」

「Hmm, that’s not a bad idea.」

「Even if something happens, I will protect you, Zeph ♪」

「…I’ll be relying on you then.」

The swamp of Govnu was east of the capital of Prolea, and it was inhabited by many of the Zell species.

The Zell species are less aggressive and most of them are relatively safe, hence fighting them would be suitable for my rehabilitation.

We quickly transported ourselves to the swamp using the Teleport spell.

As I was doing some light warm-up exercises, Milly was smiling happily.

「Ehehe, it’s been a while since I could fight alongside Zeph like this, hasn’t it?」

「Yeah, I guess.」

Milly was skipping along in high spirits, but she ought to be careful since it was slippery here.

The moment that thought crossed my mind, Milly’s foot slipped and she was about to fall, but I caught her just in time.

If I hadn’t grabbed your hand right away, you would have fallen, you fool.


「Geez, be careful. I thought you were supposed to be protecting me?」


Milly puffed her cheeks for a moment. Then, as if she thought of something good, Milly showed me a triumphant look.

「Hey, Zeph. Try using Scout Scope on me.」

Hmm, the grown-up Milly huh. Let’s see how good she is now.

I faced Milly and cast Scout Scope on her.

Milly Reyad

Level 86

Magic Level

Red: 49/94

Blue: 88/98

Green: 29/92

Sky: 43/96

Soul: 65/85

Magic Power


Finally – or should I say – as expected, Milly’s Blue Gale has reached level 99. It seems like Milly was the same ‘Blue Gale simpleton’ as before.

However, Milly is now able to use some magic that she didn’t know before. I guess she was taught by Silverie?

At any rate, the naming sense of the unique magic, Healing Bic, sure stands out.

Below it, there were letters that I was familiar with.

「Hmm, what is this…」

「Niheehee ♪ It seems like you’ve noticed it.」

In the corner of Milly’s magic section were the words ‘Summon Servant’.

That is the magic used to summon a familiar. Three years ago, whenever Milly saw my familiar, Ain, she would always whine, saying ‘I want it too’. It looks like she has finally mastered it.

「Look, Zeph. This is my… Summon Servant!」

With a blinding light, a large, white horse appeared. On its head was a horn, and on its body were large wings that matched the size of its large body.

The horse put its face close to Milly’s, and I thought that it was about to rub its face on Milly’s cheek at first. Instead, the horse began to lick Milly’s neck, or rather, her collarbone area. Hey, where are you licking, you pervert horse.

「Kya! Geez, don’t lick me in weird places~」


The pervert horse snorted in response as Milly stepped away from him to face me… but the horse wouldn’t even look at me. What a character.

「Erm, this is my familiar, Uruk. He’s pleased to meet you.」

With Milly’s introduction, Uruk the horse grudgingly bowed its head.

「…Nice to meet you, Uruk.」

「A-ahaha… Sorry I guess? He’s a little shy…」

No, this horse is simply a pervert. Perhaps I’ll make him into horse sashimi and eat him someday.

「Well, whatever. So, what can this guy do?」

「He guards me against attacks directed at me, using his horns and front hoofs.」

Milly puffed her chest in pride, but wasn’t it a given that your familiar protects you?

When Milly saw that I had an uncertain look on my face, she frantically continued.

「H-he also guards against attacks directed at my comrades. However, for that, you need to be on good terms with Uruk. He guards well against attacks directed at Silverie, but when Lydia gets attacked, he doesn’t even budge.」

「…Isn’t that because he thought that Lydia would be about to dodge those attacks anyway, so it would be fine?」

「Lydia even tried to get Uruk to defend her by purposely taking attacks head-on, but it was to no avail.」

「Geez, what was Lydia thinking…」

In any case, although Milly described her familiar’s Auto Guard ability, I still can’t quite picture it. I wonder what it feels like… Guess I’ll try it out?

While making sure that Milly doesn’t notice me, I moved my artificial arm and lightly swung it down onto the back of Milly’s head.

With a resounding thud, Milly fell to the ground.

「Oww~… What are you trying to do, Zeph!」

「Sorry, I was wondering under what circumstances the Guard would get activated…」

「It doesn’t protect you from attacks from your friends! Even if Guard successfully activated earlier, I’m troubled that you sent me flying just because you wanted to see it defend me! Or rather, don’t hit me with such a hard object! I will turn stupid, won’t I!」

I see, if I keep Red Glove constantly activated, it could hinder me when I’m simply trying to joke around like this.

Milly was rubbing her head while walking, as it probably still hurt. At her feet was a green, spiky monster.

It’s a Weed Zell. It’s a type of Zell with green spikes on its head. It usually mimics grass, but it retaliates by spitting poison from its spikes when it’s stepped on.

That being said, its poison is weak, so high-leveled adventurers would be unaffected even if they accidentally stepped on it. To us, it was a harmless monster.

Hmm… Milly was still glaring at me and had yet to notice the Weed Zell.

This is just right. With a monster attacking, the supposed Auto Guard should activate this time. Let’s see.

「Ugh, I’m so mad at you!」

Milly puffed her cheeks angrily at me. I continued to observe her as she stepped onto the Weed Zell.


Milly screamed as the Weed Zell suddenly perked up, and ejected a white liquid from its tip.

A large amount of cloudy, white liquid covered Milly, leaving her so stunned that she could only stand stiffly in place.

No, in the first place…

「…It still doesn’t activate though? Auto-guard, I mean.」

「Ughh… It’s not like it will activate all the time…」

Activation is not definite, so it seems. I’m not sure if that was just how Uruk is, but he sure seems like an iffy familiar.

「I’m all sticky… Hey, can I go wash up?」


「Then… Oh Water of Purity, wash away the impure filth on my body and grant me cleansing… Clearance.」

When Milly chanted the incantation, her body became enveloped in a transparent cylinder.

The cylinder was filled with purifying water, which washed away the dirt that was on Milly’s body.

Clearance is one of the Blue system’s magic spells. It was a cleansing spell that helps to wash away the dirt from battle. It not only cleanses the body but also your clothes and armor. However, you have to be soaked in the purifying water for quite some time.

The spell is very convenient and can be used in a wide variety of situations – from overnight dungeon crawls to long journeys – making it one of the essential spells for adventurers.

「Phew… I can’t move now, so don’t go too far out, okay?」

「If Uruk actually protects me, it’ll be fine, won’t it?」

「Ugh… Zeph is so mean…」

「I’m kidding.」

Milly’s face was half-submerged in water so it bubbled as she spoke. In response to her sulking, I patted her head to comfort her.

「It’s nice to be protected, but there are only harmless Zell species nearby. It should be fine for me to leave you for just a short while, right? I have various things I would like to try out too.」

「Yeah, if anything happens, I will call you using Telepathy. But don’t get too far away from me though?」

「I know. I’ll be close enough so that you can dash over immediately.」

From inside the transparent cylinder, Milly waved her hand with the sound of splashing water. Then, I turned and left.

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