Chapter 152 Part 1

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「Now, what shall I do?」

For the time being, I cast Scout Scope on myself. After all, it has been three years and I only have a vague recollection of things.

Zeph Einstein

Level 70

Magic Level

Red: 49/62

Blue: 46/87

Green: 51/99

Sky: 48/89

Soul: 44/97

Magic Power


When the body is dulled, the magic lines are also weakened. In the worst case, there is a chance that the levels could drop, but it looks like my levels were the same as three years ago. It’s a relief I suppose?

That being said, I am still unable to handle magic well in my current state. Even for Red Glove which is currently activated, its effect is much weaker than before. Well, I just need to get my battle instincts back for now I guess.

As for my level, it has actually been quite some time since I reached level 70.

Of course, by that, I don’t mean the three years where I was asleep.

After attaining a certain amount of growth, it becomes more difficult to reach the next level. One of those barriers to leveling up is at level 70. At levels 80 and 90, the barriers are even higher.

Even with the growth-acceleration magic, Growth, average hunting methods are unlikely to get you to a level that is high enough to challenge a Heavenly Mage within a year. To be able to compete with them, you would need to be at level 95, or 90 at the very least.

「It’s pointless to rush it, but I can’t take it easy either… Oh.」

Soon enough, a single Zell which looked like a big tree appeared before me.

It was a Treant Zell, one of the Zell species with an appearance similar to a long, thick trunk, but translucent and green in color.

It has several saplings absorbed into its body, which it spits out – as if splitting itself – to create Weed Zells.

At the feet of the Treant Zell, many small Weed Zells were bouncing around.

For a monster that produces more monsters, the dungeon would grow rapidly if this monster was left alone.

「Just in time, I’ll try fighting this guy.」

I cast Time Square and froze time. Alright, it is properly activated.

In the past, during the fight with Grain, my Time Square evolved rapidly, and I am now able to synthesize the spell up to five times.

However, in exchange for the immense power of the five-fold Time Square, it causes a great backlash. If I cast a body-strengthening spell during the frozen time, my body would get destroyed. Even if I only cast normal magic spells, my magic lines would be burned to a crisp, accompanied by intense pain.

I should try not to overdo it for a while.

While time is frozen, I cast Red Crash, Black Crash, and Green Crash.

The result is a tri-fusion spell, Volcanon Crash.

Lava flowed from my hand and directly hit the Treant Zell. The heat from the lava burned the Zell so much that it was bent backward.

It convulsed in pain, but the amount of damage dealt was probably still insufficient.

In the past, I should have been able to slaughter the Treant Zell in a single blow, but as expected, I’m still out of shape.

Treant Zell

Level 51

Magic Power


I cast Scout Scope on the monster but… ugh, it only did this much damage?

The spell’s power has roughly been reduced to a third of its original amount.

It might not be a bad idea to make do with basic magic spells for the time being while undergoing rehabilitation at the same time.

The damaged Treant Zell began to scatter many seedlings so that numerous Weed Zells sprang up around it.

When a Weed Zell jumped at me, I swatted at it with my prosthetic arm and knocked it to the ground.

The metal arm was perfectly suitable to be used as a blunt weapon, as the Weed Zell burst into pieces when I simply struck it. Its attack power is more than I had imagined.

…Although I didn’t use much force earlier, now I feel bad for hitting Milly.

「Red Crash.」

On the other side of the smashed Weed Zell, the Treant Zell was standing stock-still as I directed my flames at it.

The Treant Zell twisted its body in agony and scattered even more Weed Zells. However, for a monster of this level, strength doesn’t exist in numbers.

Again, I relied on the prosthetic to crush several of these Weed Zells. Then, I touched the Treant Zell’s soft and flabby body and cast Green Crash.

After the Treant Zell was blown away, it slowly stood up again and produced more Weed Zells.

The Treant Zell’s movements were sluggish, and it left its defenses to the Weed Zells it produced.

For a high-leveled monster, it was tough but had a relatively low attack power, hence it was the perfect opponent for my rehabilitation.

…It’s been a while since I’ve been in a battle. My movements are slow, while my magic is also considerably weakened, but I’m feeling great.

I dodged the Treant Zell’s attack while firing magic at it. It felt like I was back to my old self as if a string that was severed until now was suddenly reconnected.

「Ha ha…!」

As the feelings of joy welled up inside me, I laughed out loud without restraint and continued to fight.

「Mm, it should be almost time for Milly’s cleansing to complete.」

After that, I was engrossed in my fight, and by the time I noticed, an hour had already passed.

Since it had been a while since I last worked out, I was exhausted and drenched in perspiration.

Despite that, I had only defeated two Treant Zells. It was partly because I was only relying on basic magic spells, but that sure took me a long time.

A Treant Zell appeared before me. With its attack, I ducked out of the way and dove in closer to it, then cast Time Square.

While time is stopped, I cast Red Crash and Black Crash.

The result is a bi-fusion magic spell, Pyro Crash.

Flames blended in with strong winds creating an explosive torrent of destruction which burnt the Treat Zell to a crisp. This flame was obviously stronger than the one earlier. Hmm, I think I’m starting to get some of my battle instincts back.


I spotted something glinting from among the embers and picked it up. It was a shiny, gray stone the size of my fist.


It is a stone with an extremely high magic transmission rate. Metal that is obtained from refining this stone is known as magic metal and is highly prized for making weapons and armor.

My artificial arm was also made by refining this stone. Looks like I’ve got a good souvenir for Lydia.

When I got back, Milly’s Clearance spell was just about to complete.

The pure water also had the characteristic of drying up quickly. Milly retrieved a towel from her bag and wiped her face and body with it, and soon enough the moisture was nearly gone.

「Alright! Then, shall we get going, Zeph!」


Even though we were in a swamp, the water was clean. I could see gravel on the bottom and fish swimming in the water. There were also Blue Zells that ate the fish.


I turned around at the sound of Milly’s voice, and before my eyes were tall grasses that rustled as they swayed. What’s approaching must be huge.

「Fall back, Milly.」


「Hey hey, this is my rehabilitation, you know?」

「Y-yeah, I know. But if it gets dangerous, I’ll interfere okay?」

「Okay, if it comes to that.」

Milly looked at me worriedly, and I flashed her a grin.

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