Chapter 152 Part 3

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The next day, I got up bright and early and sneaked out of the house. Of course, it was to hunt monsters as part of my training.

The consequences of those three years where I laid unconscious were much bigger than I had expected.

My body doesn’t move well enough, and my magic is no longer as powerful as before. If I don’t get myself up to speed as soon as possible, I would probably become the one dragging everyone down this time.

「Guess I’ll head to the swamp of Govnu again today.」

The monsters around there are just right for me right now. If by any chance I encounter that black monster again, this time I’m well-prepared.

As I walked, the large amounts of Gemstones clattered in my pocket. These were received from Lydia in exchange for the Madonium that I obtained while hunting the other day.

The Dark Zell is a monster of the Soul system. Since part of the land was destroyed by the combination magic that I used, I can’t deny the chance that there could have been an outbreak or mutation of monsters due to the mana that gushed forth from the land during its reparation. In any case, I’ll just have to defeat whatever monster I stumble upon.

I used Teleport in succession and soon arrived at the swamp of Govnu.

As the surroundings were still shrouded in darkness, I made my way while being careful of where I stepped.

There were quite a few deep swamps here. I’ve heard of people who were so absorbed in fighting monsters that they were swallowed up by the bottomless swamps and died. Well, I won’t make such a blunder though.


I thought I heard something move in the shade of one of the trees further away.

Thinking it was a monster, I turned my attention towards it and found a bouncy, green lump. It was a Beast Zell.

It was perfect that there was no sign of other monsters around, so I guess I’ll hunt it.

While the Beast Zell had yet to notice me, I landed a preemptive strike with Red Crash.

But as expected, its power was insufficient.

When the Beast Zell counterattacked, I evaded it and blew it back with Black Crash.

Needless to say, it would’ve been quicker and less exhausting to burn off the Zell using heavy firepower, but right now, my physical abilities and magic lines are weakened, and my battle instincts are dulled.

In order to build those back up, it’s most efficient to engage in prolonged combat with a monster of moderate strength.

Without faltering, the Beast Zell charged at me again. I received its attack while hitting it with Green Crash.

I dodged and parried the Beast Zell’s attacks, and steadily hit it with counterattacks as well.

Yesterday, because Milly was looking at me worriedly, I had no choice but to end the fight quickly. However, this was the way I originally wanted to fight.

…I can see it. I can see the Beast Zell’s movements, and the way to respond to them.

Little by little, my instincts were re-awakening.

I think I’ve been playing with it for a while now? I dealt a finishing blow with Green Crash, and the Beast Zell finally used up all its strength and vanished.

I approached the Madonium which remained from the Beast Zell and was about to pick it up when I felt a presence behind me.

This magic power feels like…

「Silverie, is that you?」

I called out towards the shade of a tree, and after a moment of silence, Silverie slowly appeared.

She looked awkward, perhaps because she didn’t think that she would be discovered.

「…I-It’s not as if I was trying to hide or follow you, okay? …It was just a coincidence.」

「Nah, you’re really bad at lying, Silverie…」

「I’m not… lying…」

Silverie’s face was red as she fell into silence and brushed her hair upwards with her fingers.

She’s such a bad liar, as usual. She probably stalked me from when I woke up and left this morning.

「Well, whatever. Now, Silverie, will you accompany me?」

「…Can I?」

「Yeah, why not!」

If it was Silverie, she wouldn’t look at me like she was about to worry herself to death, as Milly did.

Silverie looked somewhat pleased as she walked towards me with quick steps.

「Black Crash!」

After spending nearly half a day hunting in the swamps of Govnu, the sun was starting to rise overhead.

Milly contacted us by Telepathy earlier, and I told her that I was out hunting with Silverie. She simply replied ‘oh’ in an extremely sullen tone… I’m sure she’ll have something to say about it when we get back.

「At any rate, the Dark Zell isn’t appearing huh.」

「Umm… Maybe it went off somewhere.」

I’ve been going around the swamps of Govnu for half a day now, but there has been no sign of the Dark Zell.

Either someone has already defeated it, or we didn’t run into him by accident, or perhaps it has moved on to another place…

「Should we head back soon, Silverie?」

「Mm… Um… A little while longer…」

Silverie muttered with a reddened face.

A little while more… huh? Well, it’s been a while since I spent time alone with Silverie anyway. A few hours more should be fine.

「Then, shall we go around the swamp once more?」

「Y-yeah. Let’s do it.」

Silverie replied cheerfully. Together, we went around the swamp again, but this time we focused on searching for the Dark Zell while we hunted.

The moment monsters appeared I would defeat them in one hit. It appears that I’m getting back to my normal self. Ku ku.

After walking for a while, Kuro, Silverie’s familiar, started to glare into the long, dense grass.

Silverie and I readied our stances, while from within the grass, something began to wriggle out sluggishly.

It’s the Dark Zell. However, compared to before, the Dark Zell was clearly larger.

Just in case, I cast Scout Scope on it.

Dark Zell

Level 103

Magic power


Hmm, its magic power has increased considerably, while its level has also risen.

When I saw it yesterday, it attacked a Beast Zell. Could it be that this monster was defeating other monsters to raise its level?

「…So this is the Dark Zell?」

「Yes. Moreover, it looks like it has grown since I saw it yesterday.」

「A growing monster… It’s the first I’ve heard of it.」

The strength of a monster is determined by the dungeon it resides in, and neither have I heard of a monster that grows.

The Dark Zell’s body jiggled and trembled as it moved. In contrary to its innocent-looking behavior, only an unfathomable sense of dread could be felt. It seemed to recognize us as its enemies, as it took up a fighting stance when it saw us.

「For now, let’s give it a try, Silverie…」

「I know.」

Silverie replied as she brushed up her hair. Then, she positioned one arm before her, while Kuro coiled around it.

「…White Sphere, Highness.」

Together with the words that Silverie strung together, a ball of light appeared and swallowed up the Dark Zell.

The Dark Zell struggled in anguish. It looks like Silverie’s Soul-type magic was providing sufficient damage.

That being said, it still had a great amount of magic power. This monster’s fighting prowess is no big deal, but there’s no easy way to shave off its magic power. If Ain were around, it would be much easier though…

Ain has the ability to increase the effects of Soul magic. In addition, using her reduces the consumption of Gemstones to zero. To make up for that, the girl has a ravenous appetite for the Gemstones, which probably offsets the previous advantage, but it’s still easier to fight without concern for the number of remaining Gemstones available.

Therefore, though that is a useful ability for this kind of monster, it can’t be helped that Ain is not around now.

While sighing, I cast Time Square.

While time is stopped, I cast Red Sphere and White Sphere twice each.

The result is a Quadra Fusion Spell, Nova Sphere Double.

When the magic spells from the Red and Soul systems are fused, it creates a single blow that has an immense effect on monsters of the Soul system.

White flames engulfed the Dark Zell and burned it with thunderous booms.

「We’ll continue shaving away at its magic power like this, Silverie.」


The Dark Zell has dull movements. While Silverie and I stood from a distance to fire magic, it seemed to be at its wit’s end.

Its original magic power of roughly four million was quickly reduced to half, and the damage was still gradually accumulating.

Then, just as its magic power reduced to about a third, something strange began happening to the Dark Zell.

With a cracking sound, a fissure appeared on the Dark Zell’s body, and black mucus leaked from it to cover its entire body.

Then, black fragments began to flake off its body, as the Dark Zell pulsated. Silverie and I simply froze in place as we watched it.

Berserk mode. I thought that it was probably the case, but the Dark Zell had the characteristics of a boss.

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